some good vegan finds I found on this trip! portabello mushroom and avocado wrap + fries 🌯 sweet potato avocado sushi 🥑 and from this cute little cafe, vegan pizza + salad + boba tea!!!🥗 this trip has been a blast!! i’m super ready to go home tho too because i miss my friends, routine, and I am super extra sunburnt 😂


tomato sauce ✔️ vegan cheese ✔️ mushrooms ✔️ and buffalo tofu ✔️🤤😍 shared this with my sister and we still couldn’t finish it 🤢 but now we have leftovers for tomorrow!!
my fam and I are on vacation and we just made it to myrtle beach!! i’m so excited for beach sunrise runs, swimming in the ocean, getting taaaaan, and scoping out places with good vegan options (like this one!) :))) 😎 hope everyone is having a good week so far!! ❤️

Toddler smoothie bowl! Adults can eat this too 😉 Kids need healthy Calories more than anything else. If you’re feeding your child a range of whole plant foods they WILL get the protein, the healthy fats (no olive oil doesn’t count) and healthy complex carbs (yes sugar from whole fruit is good!) plus the majority of the vitamins they need for the day (even Omni kids don’t get all the vitamins they need through food, so it’s not a “vegan thing”) This bowl has everything!
•1/2 avocado 🥑 •1 banana 🍌 •1 large handful spinach
•1 date
•1/2 c frozen mixed berries • 2/3 cup coconut water • splash of Ripple vanilla pea protein milk
•Ripple vanilla pea protein milk and chia seed pudding (ask for recipe)
• pumpkin seeds •plain shredded coconut (not sweetened)
•ground flax
•organic raisin granola •almond butter •organic graham animal cookies ( like 2)
•drizzle of agave nectar
She ate the crap out of it!!! 😂😋🙌🏼 and in a time when you’re having picky toddler phase these bowls and smoothies are amazing for getting in a shitload 🤭🥑🍓🥥🍌of vitamins. 🤫🌱#vegans #vegansofinstagram #veganswholift #veganmoms #plantbasedkids #vegansofwisconsin #plantbasedtoddler #toddlersofinstagram #plantpowered #plantprotein #smoothiebowl #greeneating #clleaneating #eatplants #peoplefood #govegan

Realized I never showed a closeup of my little boy here on IG, so here he is! 💙 He was super sleepy and uncooperative so we didn't get any good face shots. But he was wiggling around and showing off his hands and feet!
Our next ultrasound is in 2 weeks at 18+6 for our official anatomy scan. Maybe he'll be willing to show off a cute nose and mouth then. ☺

So peaceful. 😻

breakfast this morning was unsweetened coconut yogurt + chia seeds + cinnamon + frozen blueberries + weetabix + grape nuts!! 😋 grape nuts are SOOO good for you; just 1/2 cup has 90% your daily iron intake so they’re perfect for runners/females/vegans/ANYONE :) mix in yogurt, smoothies, have as cereal, etc
hope everyone’s having an awesome memorial weekend! 😚

Not as exciting as finding out the sex of our baby but we also had #huhot today. 😋 We were the first ones there so the grill was squeaky clean (something I normally try not to think about lol). #veganlunch

vegan sushiiiii 😍 sweet potato avocado spicy roll + cucumber alfalfa sprout roll mmmm!
currently taking a week off of exercise, next week cross training and lifting, and then i’m diving right into summer training!! let me know if you’d wanna see my workouts each day, pre/post workout meals, etc! 👇🏻👇🏻

I'm officially a #boymom💙!! #itsaboy!

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