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Sometimes you just need a vegan cheeseburger ✌🏻@joustro_ @feedtheearthlings #connectfour #vegan #vegansofqueensland #vegansofig #weganskie

Was craving a smoothie bowl this morning for the first time in a while, and @kimnatcafe definitely produced the goods. 🙊

This Coco-Locco bowl was 👌 💚🌱☺️🐰 #veryhappybunny #vegan #smoothiebowl #sunshinecoast #vegansofthesunshinecoast

Spiced things up and went for a burrito bowl instead of a fajita bowl. So much variety here! 😂
#glutenfreevegan #veganprotein

Nuts + seeds are a perfect source of healthy heart fats 🥜❤️
📸 @fit_pham
#thanksdoc #getdoctored #eatlikeadoctor #thedoctorskitchenau

Pancake stack with tropical fruits, coconut yoghurt, passionfruit mango compote & salted Caramel coconut ice cream 😋
Open until 2pm today ✌️


Amazing all u can eat vegan indian buffet with amazing flavours and food making you come back a few days after 😩 but after one plate you're a goner and after the second half empty plate you feel like you can't eat for another century 😭😷

*Pre-Christmas Sale* Signature Compassion sneakers!
One of my favourite times of year. Christmas decorations around town, carols in the air.
Joy and hope fills the faces of all the little ones at this peaceful time of year.
To help spread love and the vegan message we are giving away a very special present to you all of $50 discount per purchase. Merry christmas xxx
Photographer/director: @vfl.vegansforlife
@kenscurls @brandonjared @officiallyindi
The boys are wearing @vfl.vegansforlife and @earth_forever and @inthesoulshine taken on location @world_vegan_day_melbourne fashion show which was organised by @stylerunwayau
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Loving this plant based prickly magic 🌵🌵🌵via @pinterest.
#thanksdoc #getdoctored #eatlikeadoctor #thedoctorskitchenau

Don’t assume vegan food products are always healthier 🤔 Processed vegan foods, like any processed foods, can often contain saturated-fat-laden palm oil and coconut oil 😱 Try to stick to whole foods that are nutritious like carrots 🥕🥕 and hummus, nuts and dried fruit 🍏🍑
Get some docspiration from the Doc’s range of cruelty free Vegan menu like the Doc’s Black Forrest Fruit Salad & Almond Coconut Yoghurt 🙌
#thanksdoc #getdoctored #eatlikeadoctor #thedoctorskitchenau

Thinking of going vegan? 🤔 Take a read of this week’s Doc blog to get the full scoop on why it could be better for you >>> LINK IN BIO 🙌🙌🙌
#thanksdoc #getdoctored #docblog #thedoctorskitchenau

Have you ever tried Almond Milk? 🥛✨ It’s refreshing and purely vegan 🙏 Our Docs incorporate almond milk in many of the #glutenfree #dairyfree #vegan menus and it’s:
low in calories ✔️
contains no saturated fat or cholesterol ✔️
good source of vitamins A and D ✔️
naturally lactose free ✔️
#thanksdoc #getdoctored #docblog #thedoctorskitchenau

Shout out to my friends that survived the hate campaign, because I know at times some of you really didn't want to. I'll never experience this kind of prejudice, but I'm doing my best to listen and find where I can help.

The SSM vote has to be Nov 27 or Dec 7 so I'll be sending some emails and talking to both my MP and Senator this month, especially as QLD get to vote on the lower house next week.

The state election may not be the key to getting the bill through Senate, but it's an opportunity we have to apply pressure to the parties in general before the bill is introduced.

Think hard, and check your vote reflects your values on Nov 25:
1/ Greens
2/ ALP
3/ LNP
4/ One Nation Party
#votegreen #marriageequality

Nuts + seeds are a perfect source of healthy heart fats 🥜❤️
📸 @fit_pham
#thanksdoc #getdoctored #eatlikeadoctor #thedoctorskitchenau

Q&A: Three answers to my commonly asked questions on Instagram! Or just three facts about me if you're new here. 🤷🏼‍♀️

1. I was born and raised in Gladstone, QLD where I've been living for the past nine months (so that's "why Gladstone") but I have been between Brisbane, Melbourne and India over the past eight years.

2. I'm starting my MA in International Public Health next year because my BA and work experience are in international relations and community development, I didn't study marketing or writing!

3. Despite being a relatively clean eating vegan for four years, *actually* following the science and eating a true human diet - a wholefoods plantbased diet low in saturated fats or refined foods - is all it's cracked up to be. I'm a walking example of the health benefits WFPB eating promises. Now my long-term chronic illness is manageable enough for me to consider working and driving again, so yes I RECOMMEND IT.

So that's three answers to the questions I get in my inbox about where I am, what I'm doing and how my health is going. If you want me to do a real Q+A send through some more Qs and I might answer them in my story!

PS. I'm starting a "monthly favourites" series in my blog newsletter to share things I'm listening to, watching or reading. You can sign-up at the link on jaclynmccosker.com because I'll send the November favourites out soon! 😘

Tuesdays = delivery to all Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast areas 😍📦✨
Wednesdays = delivery to Ipswich and Toowoomba areas 💪💪💪
Don’t forget that if you’re collecting from our HQ at Carina or The Compounding Lab at Albion for ***free*** your order is on its way!
If you didn’t already know, the Doc’s boxes are sustainable, compostable, and recyclable 🙌♻️ We’re doing what we can to reduce the carbon footprint and help the environment for the sustainable long term.

#thanksdoc #getdoctored #eatlikeadoctor #thedoctorskitchenau

PSA: Coming your way tomorrow… the Doc's ultimate revitalising clean green juice that is packed with restorative antioxidants to re-boot and re-energise your system 🙌🙌🙌 It comes perfectly paired with the Doc's Tomato + Spinach Omelette in this week's Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Healthy Balance, Pescatarian, Vegetarian breakfast menus 👨‍⚕️🍏
#thanksdoc #getdoctored #docblog #thedoctorskitchenau

The Doc’s plant-based diet can have a powerful effect on your health and well being 🌿 particularly weight loss because it involves more fibre from plant-based foods ✨ Take a read of this week’s Doc Blog >>> LINK IN BIO.
#thanksdoc #getdoctored #docblog #thedoctorskitchenau

Pancake stack with tropical fruits, coconut yoghurt, passionfruit mango compote & salted Caramel coconut ice cream 😋
Open until 2pm today ✌️

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