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My summer journey begins with a few essentials and a heart ❤️ full of adventure and of course a healthy chia ballz snack #beautifuldestinations The healthiest summertime snack is here. Coconut, almond butter, cranberries , orange honey and chia. No sugar added, no gluten and no dairy 👉get yours today at chiaballz.com and start the summer healthy or at the location👉@pasiondelcielocoffee @mendezfuel @juiceandjavaaventura @rootsjuice @puravida.miami @greenlifemiami @ygfarmersmarket
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Yo❤️️305 . Cuz it's the only place to parfaits . Come out to 66st and biscayne for you parfaits. And also @ygfarmersmarket #305

chia ballz the Super Food Super heroes. You want the energy and the strength of a super hero? Well , you got to eat Super food it's that simple.

healthy and beautiful smiles is what happens when you get a chia parfait .so good 😊 so good

Hey !if you AINT BALLiN'you STALLIN' time to ball out on healthiest snack on earth .gluten free , dairy . . The Chia parfait is basically the free-dom treat . It gives you energy , all the nutrients needed for your daily activities AND NOW YOU CAN GET it Anywhere in Miami.

CNN -chia news network I have found the 7 things every women needs and why these things give you the advance over men .

Come and enjoy our delicious one of a kind Dairy free , gluten free snack that will have you wanting more at biscayne blvd and 66st farmers market or www.chiaballz.com to order online

Come and get your chia ballz at the UM Jackson farmers market. 👋 HEY you! ....go to 👉🏼www.chiaballz.com

Chia ballz present the man , the myth the legend . Www.chiaballz.com get your ballz for the week

CNN news breaking news. Did you know ladies need 3 BALLZ and men only need 2BALLZ 😳find out why . Www.chiaballz.com #womensblogger #nutritionblogger

Im here to say women need more BALLZ nowadays with work, school , family and everyday stress life brings with it. I have found a QUICK👉SOLUTION for you ladies chia ballz. Come get your free ballz so you can have a moment of healthy fun in your week. Www.chiaballz.com #womenshealth #healthywomen #healthygirl #fitwomen #healthywife #fitgirls

There is an epidemic 😷 going on right now in America 🇺🇸 and CNN-chia news network is the first to report it. FINd out what the epidemic is and the solution. Before it is to late. YOUVE BEEN Warned 🗣

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