classic not-good-for-you-but-vegan chocolate chip cookies❣first time trying them out this month and already baked them four times
⁃1/2 cup sugar
⁃1/2 cup soft brown sugar (whitworth’s brand, found in danube or hyperpanda)
⁃1/4 cup muskovado sugar (waitrose or whitworth, danube or hyperpanda)
⁃2 tbs sea salt
⁃1/2 cup coconut oil
⁃1/4 cup unsweetened non-diary milk
-1 tsp peanut butter
⁃1 1/2 cup flour
⁃1/2 tsp baking soda
⁃3/4 cup chocolate chunks (i use weinrich’s fine dark chocolate and cut it up at home. found in danube and hyper panda)
⁃preheat oven to 180 dg celsius
⁃mix all sugars, salt and coconut oil in bowl
⁃add milk and peanut butter; mix until smooth
⁃add flour and baking soda; mix until doughy
⁃add chocolate chunks to dough
⁃chill for 30 mins
⁃drop dough on baking sheets using scooper
⁃bake for 10-15 minutes
*inspired by @tastyvegetarian's recipe
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We all need to do our bit to be environmentally aware, save water and energy, reduce waste and plastic, recycle, consume less and the most important is to go vegan! The earth cannot sustain the abuse any longer. Our seas are filled with rubbish and plastics, forests being chopped down at a staggering rate, to make way for farming to feed livestock! Going Vegan is the best thing to do if you care about the environment! We do our bit at The Natural Kitchen. We have a zero waste policy, you order we make it! We use delivery boxes instead of paper bags, recyclable glass bottles and jars, we are happy to recycle your unwanted empties and working on sustainable packaging for our new lines. Go Green Saudi 💚💚💚💚#happyearthday #earthday #govegan #riyadh #healthyriyadh #sustainability #riyadhvegan #veganriyadh #veganksa #vegansaudi #saudiarabia

Haraq osba’o - one of my all time favorite recipes 🤤 video link in my story x
حراق اصبعه من الوصفات المفضلة عندي! يصيييححح! رابط فيديو الوصفة بالستوري.
YouTube channel: Sukkari Life

@saraladiescafe has many many GF options. I had this amazing vegan apple muffin and it really beats every other apple muffin I had in my life. The only problem is that their menu changes and they bake different products everyday because they have approximately 300 products. So, I was lucky today when I found 1 vegan option. Thank you though @saraladiescafe

Anyone? #qandevegan

شكرا لكم انكم موفرين حليب صويا thank you for having soy milk it means so much to me 💗

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