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This made me laugh a little too hard, but sadly it's true and I was just having this conversation with my cousin the other day. It's hard to remain calm when I'm minding my own business eating my fruits and veggies and someone comes at me demanding me to go eat a cheeseburger, a slice of bacon, or other decaying flesh. It usually turns into a pointless argument that I know will make no difference to a person who disconnects their meat from its source, but I don't blame them, because it's how we've all been raised to eat. All I ask is that you just let me be 😘. #veganism #veganrant

yesterday @bekarbogast surprised me by taking me to see baby cows. it was nice hanging out with these playful little ones, but it's also a reminder of what the dairy industry really is. these babies should be chilling in a field with their mommas, & by supporting dairy you're supporting this separation. ditch it. #veganrant #dairysucks #notyourmomnotyourmilk 🐄💕

"Livestock is responsible for 65% of all human-related emissions of nitrous oxide – a greenhouse gas with 296 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide, and which stays in the atmosphere for 150 years." --FAO Livestock's Long Shadow: Environmental Issues and Options /🐄/ Although the exact numbers are disputed, one thing is for sure, animal agriculture produces a very significant portion of anthropogenic greenhouse gases and is responsible for a multitude of other environmental issues including deforestation, habitat loss, water consumption and pollution, soil degradation. So a shift away from farmed meats and dairy is not only a shift towards a healthier you, (and hope for millions of enslaved animals), but you heartily reduce your contribution to climate change!! yeaaaa pass the fruits and veggies please ... 😄🐳🍌🌏🐄 to learn more read this great essay by Stanford Law student, Adam G Bowling, titled: A Leading Cause of Everything: One Industry That Is Destroying Our Planet and Our Ability to Thrive on It (Link in bio)
#standingwithstandingrockforabetterworld #veganrant #flexyourpowertofightclimatechange
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I get people who come to my page all the time who seem to think a vegan world would be wildly impractical and would solve no problems. I understand that people will always resist change, but how can someone honestly believe that, after all the content I and other vegans post and/or by common sense alone, veganism wouldn't work wonders for this human-dominated planet?
Here is just one example of how we could effectively end world hunger by refusing to support industries that take the lives of billions of innocent animals, make humans unhealthy, pollute the environment, and (as shown above) consume vast amounts of grain that could be used to feed billions of people. And to those who think there would be nothing to do with all the animals in existence right now: (1) veganism will not happen overnight. as demand decreases, dying (although very powerful and therefore subsidized, which they shouldn't be because they encumber the government budget to preserve an industry that is cruel to animals and even to its human workers) animal agriculture businesses will be forced to produce less and less animals to exploit. (2) even everyone did make the switch overnight, these animals all make great pets and when people expand their circles of compassion to include these animals, the world will realize just how adorable, intelligent, and unique they are.

The crazy part is that vegan food is delicious, healthy, and inexpensive-- the best way to achieve those things is to learn how to cook! which more people should really know how to do anyways, if we're talking about being "practical" here.

#veganrant #worldhunger #compassion

Chips de Kale! Los compré porque me traen recuerdos :) .

There's something really weird about buying east London Kale chips right here in Santiago, but I have such good memories of this place, and some of my best moments either started or ended with a visit to Camden and/or InSpiral Lounge. I left London because I had to, had to leave the home I had made, give away a sofa I loved and basically all this things that I couldn't carry, not only I lost things, but I also lost the friends I had made, my co workers and the way I had learned to live. But sometimes we really have no choice, and we need to accept it. I came back some weeks later and decided I was not going to let my last memories of London be sad ones, and did a bunch of stuff in the free time I had after interpreting, and again, I walked along the Camden Lock all the way to InSpiral and bought a vegan sandwich I ate walking up Camden High Street, breathing in the fresh night air, and looking up the shops, knowing it could be my last time doing that walk. But a few years later I went back, on holidays this time, and took my dear friend @valetallica along to Camden, InSpiral and we bought some kale chips, making some new and great memories of my beloved East London and the Camden Lock 💜
#rant #veganrant #kalechips

Okay. I need to have a little bit of a rant so be patient with me. 🙈
But anyways I went to the doctors this afternoon as I've been feeling quite unwell over the past few days and thought my iron or B12 levels might be getting a little low. So I had a blood test and will get results in a few days so that was all good. HOWEVER. My doctor was all like "supplements don't work" he legitimately told me that I just had to stop "overthinking it and go and eat a piece of steak". He said to just "hide it in some lettuce or avocado so I can't see it". I started crying and saying how I'm just not going to do that because I don't believe it's right and he then LEGITIMATELY SAID that I'm just going through a "phase" and that they're just "STUPID ANIMALS" and that they're "born to die" and that its "not important compared to people dying from diseases or car accidents". This made me so so so angry because it's important to me and this is my decision and I would at least like him to respect that and let me start on some supplements and just see how much that helps. I mean I know he can't make me eat animal products and I'm not going to. My mum agrees with me. Because plant based nutrition IS SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to be enough and UGH HE JUST HAD NO RESPECT FOR MY BELIEFS. And I need to go back in a few days and I'm really hoping my mum comes with me again because I got so upset today.
#vegan #plantbased #rant #veganrant

All animals feel pain, all animals suffer. We know this but still are selective with what species we choose to torture and kill, eating animals is a mainstream belief predominantly programmed into us from birth, and since our beliefs give rights to our behaviours you could therefore be unconsciously acting upon a dogmatic belief that another person chose for you. "But for the sake of some little mouthful of flesh we deprive a soul of the sun and the light and of that proportion of life and time it had been born into the world to enjoy." Plutarch #bevegan #vegan #dogsofinstagram #veganrant #speciesm 💕🐶

What a sweet little face, now imagine someone telling you how quickly they'd club him, skin him and cook him because he's just a stupid animal.
My furbabies are exactly that, MY BABIES...I was there the day they were born, I spent many sleepless nights nursing them, caring for them and I will cut anyone down who will try to diminish their value because they themselves are void of a soul.
#veganrant #furbabies #veganfortheanimals #bunnylove #Eddie

Again, I usually keep these posts to @rhyanxthexlorax account but this image fuckin broke my heart. Please don't contribute to this. Even if you don't go vegan, at least vegetarian? I just don't understand your logic if you see this and don't at least consider.

#govegan #vegan #veganrant #miniveganrant


Eternally in debt✝️price paid
Mercy 1 🙋🏽(won)
Meat 0 🙆🏽
Daily submission unto god & that's why I only consume life bc I am life. But don't u miss stuff? Hmmm 🤔I miss my grandma who's death was preventable like many of yours. #undoubtedly her #dietary habits contributed to self infliction a generational physical abuse ended there! I'm living truthfully bc even if no one believes truth is the real fact😤I became a real vegetarian aka #vegan to refrain from producing #death to myself & my #environment. If I am, there's no room to #debate bc so too r u & so God is. If you'll meditate on what is true u cannot agree to #disagree.. hell, you can't even disagree bc to say there is no God is to say there is no u.. that's foolish, like besides ur obvious makeup where TFFFF did u come from OR ANYTHING u see? #lifeisbutadream outside of the mind?! Ur 📲#RIH Steve's idea 💡facts are excuses the #unimaginative create instead of ideas😬Denial of truth only #deprives u from facts aka reality!I did too enjoy being a meat eater, I still say "my pleasure" out of habit from when I worked at #chickfilA in the south but killing any member of the kingdom is unkind #yesivebecomeTHATvegan #compassion 🙄#forallcreation 🐓🐖🐄not just ur pets🇺🇸 🐶🐱🐢🐍🦎🐠 #yesplantsarealive 😒I too am alive & I eat things that are alive to keep living #rawvegan Mostly 🍝🍜🍚🍞🙏🏽🆙so u know it's real lol any #rawcarnivores or is that nasty 😳 #petpeeve is animal discrimination of those who complain about being fat or those who ask me to dance at ur pitty party nah like if u wanna be fat cool but don't be fat & miserable bc u r not fat or cancerous or underweight or overweight you're just becoming those things..u 👏🏽r 👏🏽what 👏🏽u 👏🏽digest ☕️🐸 🥓🍤🍗🍕🍕🌭🍔🌮🥙🌯🍦🥛🍼🍳🥚🧀& not just by way of mouth, every pore & opening👂🏽♥️👁facts are stats yet truth never changes, it remains faithful depending on the intensity of ur imagination so seek truth from facts 😉 #mercyovermeat #veganpride #healthiswealth #lifeissweeter #veganrant have a limitless weekend everyone #plantstrong 💪🏽🌱

Super excited to be one of the people receiving the first batch of complement! @nomeatathlete_official and @teamlightdrop paired up to develop a supplement tailored for vegans. Its a B12, D3, and DHA/EPA formula all in one that can easily be taken orally or sprayed on food. Many people, not just vegans, are actually deficient in at least one of these micronutrients and could benefit from "complementing" their diet with this. Supplementing with Vitamin B12 can improve energy and brain function, Vitamin D is important for immunity and bone density, and DHA/EPA are important for improving fat burning, increasing metabolic rate, and protecting against disease. Is it possible to get an adequate amount of these things in a whole foods plant-based diet? It absolutely is if you live in a predominantly sunny area and make a conscious effort to consume fortified foods, but I'd rather take the easy way out and effortlessly cover all my bases 😉. #vegan #complement #nomeatathlete #supplement #nutritioncoaching #nutritionfacts #plantbased #healthytips #healthylifestyle #supplementation #mindful #vegansofinstagram #plantpowered #vegetarian #micronutrients #eatclean #eatmoreplants #veganaf #supplementfacts #fitfam #fitlife #b12 #veganrant

A strange addition to my local supermarket's morgue section, a lambs stomach. Seriously though what sort of sicko thinks 'Hmm I really fancy a lambs stomach for my dinner today!' Im disgusted that it's all out on display like it's okay! Wouldn't a vegan supermarket be so nice so this meat eating culture isn't rubbed in your face so much.
#meatismurder #veganrant #supermarketmorgue #eatclean #plantbased #plantpowered #veganmovement #crueltyfree #compassion #govegan #forhealth #fortheplanet #fortheanimals #forabetterfuture

. so now I have your attention, quick rant. People drink cows milk, right? These cows are abused, they're repeatedly impregnated because guess what? They don't produce milk if they don't have babies. These babies, if they're boys, are then taken away to be sold as veal. So congrats vegetarians, you're directly supporting the meat industry 🎉🎉 The girl cows are then raised to become dairy cows. Guess what happens when the cows are too physically exhausted to produce milk? Yup, killed for beef. So again, congrats veggies 🎉

There is so many options available that don't require abuse of animals, yet they're seen as odd. You like almonds? Guess what, you'll like almond milk. You like oats? Ditto, oat milk.

Basically, rat milk is for baby rats, yeah? Dogs milk is for... Baby dogs. Cats milk for baby cats. Elephant milk for baby elephants. Pigs milk for baby pigs. Cows milk?? Yeah. Baby cows. Not humans. 'Oat milk is for baby oats, you sick fuck!!!' said nobody, ever.
So stop sucking on the titties of large mammals, adult humans don't need breastfeeding.
Yet, vegans are the weird ones apparently?

Congrats and thanks if you read to the end of this rant!
#dairyisscary #milk #oatmilk #dairy #cows #govegan #vegan #veganrant #milkisgross #notyourmumnotyourmilk #veggie #vegetarian

I need a shower but hey :) So lately I've been thinking about trying to eat better, because I've noticed I have been eating lots of junk and I'm starting to feel as gross as the food I eat lol, so hopefully before the end of this month I will have transitioned back to a plant based lifestyle, I'm not calling myself a vegan, I used to be one, but I noticed that some vegans are so cruel to other vegans who aren't doing it "right" which I don't think is right because I thought we were all supposed to stand united and support each other, not put others down just because their standards aren't the same as yours. If we all just work together in unity over fighting off animal cruelty in peace not with hate, it would be a lot better. #sorrynotsorry #sorryrantover #rant #veganrant #plantbased #healthyliving #peacenotwar #unity #vegansofig

Hi fellow vegans (and anyone else interested in avoiding animal products) I've been seeing a lot of people complaining about deceiving labels so thought I'd just share this and remind everyone to check the ingredients list, because the meat and dairy industries are extremely sneaky, disgusting and barbaric and try to trick us anyway they can. I'm sitting at Discount Tire and looked over and saw the coffee creamer said non-dairy. I was pleased to see that maybe the world is changing after all, but my intuition told me to turn the container around and read for myself. Sure enough it has sodium caseinate in it; a milk derivative and it evens says "contains: milk" 🙄 what kind of loophole did they have to get through to be able to tell such a blatant lie? This is just one reason why I don't trust the FDA to tell me ANYTHING about health. Because their "facts" are often lies based on how money they will receive for putting the information out for the public to get brainwashed into believing. These industries make me so angry 😡#veganrant #meat #dairy #animalproteincausescancer #theydontwantyoutoknow #theysayitshealthy #lies #readlabels #whatthehealth

• ᴛʜᴇ ᴍɪɢʜᴛɪᴇꜱᴛ ᴏᴀᴋ •

Alright, time to get real here, guys. This is going to be a bit personal. Bare with me, because I'm hoping that maybe some of you can either relate or at least sympathize... I just got back from a lunch my husband, son, and I had with my parents at a Chinese restaurant none of us had been to before. My husband, after having only just before we left for our lunch watched Okja, ordered wonton soup. After the waitress left our table, I asked him why he ordered that, and he said, "Wontons aren't meat. They're those crunchy things, and the soup is just broth." I explained to him that Wontons are dumplings with meat inside, and he had to admit I was right after looking it up. Despite this, he still finished his soup appetizer. One step forward, two steps back... Lunch was fine. My husband ordered a vegetable dish, while I ordered veggies with tofu. Then, at the end of our meal, the waitress brought out small bowls of ice cream for us all (including even our 19-month-old son, Xander). Xander and I obviously didn't eat ours, as we are vegan. But Shaun, my husband, immediately ate his and then the remaining two we didn't eat! He justified this by saying he felt bad that there would be three uneaten ice creams at the table. Because, you know, no point in feeling bad for the actual mother cows who lost their babies in order to live a life of torturous servitude making the milk for that ice cream or anything.
My mom then tried to encourage me to allow Xander to eat his ice cream because, "He'll like it, and it'll feel good on his teeth that are coming in." I said rather grudgingly, "Wow, Mom, it's like you didn't even watch What the Health," since I had told her she needed to see it (which she told me she did). It also made me wonder darkly just what my mother could be doing behind my back with Xander when she babysits him. It turns my stomach.
I tried having a discussion on the way home with my husband about eating animal products, and it ultimately ended in him stating he would never stop, but that he would not eat as much as he used to before he met me, because he's very much into health himself (continued 👇)

Yesterday at work, someone told me "I forgot you eat weird food." When I spoke of cashew milk ice cream. How is what I eat weird when you compare it to feasting upon the roasted carcass of a battered and tortured animal? I don't judge meat eaters, I don't give them a hard time for eating that stuff. Why can't they do the same? #veganrant #veganrants #veganproblems #veganism #vegan #veganisme #vegandiet #veganlifestyle #veganandmisunderstood

cw for a rant about animal rights.
oh yeah, its SO MUCH better because i killed the prawns after they were living a nice life in the sea.

fuck off. hunting for food doesnt make you any better than other omnis. you may actually cause hunted animals more pain at the point of death if you dont have the right tools. i cite man vs wild with fucking bows. but i mean shooting them from far away and missing the head also is fucked.

#vegan #veganrant #rant

Since becoming vegan I have encountered some very strange behaviours.
People acting like I am wrong for choosing not to eat meat or any other animal products.
I've been called wierd, anorexic, a hippy, I've been accused of contributing towards the eradication of animals in general, seemenly if it was up to me cows wouldn't exisit anymore. A lot of people pretend to want to know what it is "all about" then if you try to explain, every attempt to explain, even simply, is shot down.
On the other hand .... I have had some dear friends and family who have not asked me why? But they have accomidated my needs and provided me with food ect that I can enjoy.
That is called "support"
I wish people wouldn't be so quick to slander other people's morals or life style. I am a better version of the person I was before I was vegan. Let's get one thing straight.... It's not like "I can't have" animal products " I don't want" them. I hope my friends that seem to have a problem with my choices can try to understand how it feels to be treated that way.
If you want to eat meat ...that is your choice, I will not try and change your mind.
Live and let live.... #vegan #veganrant #pleasedont #haveaheart #compassion #mean #dontbemean #letusbe #notpreaching #sorrynotsorry #fuckyou #whatever #lifestyle #personalchoice #poweredbyplants #herbievore #sorry #wow #life #liveandletlive #dontknockit

😂😂but seriously, don't be a speciesist- let's save ALL the animals. Animals are not here to be our food, clothing or entertainment. #veganrant #veganasshole 🙄

Did you know over 60 BILLION animals are slaughtered every year, almost 6 billion A MONTH, just for human consumption. That's a lot of death on this Earth, when meat, and dairy are absolutely terrible for you, and the alternatives give you life, and happiness. When a miserable cow, pig or chicken gets slaughtered, that negative energy doesn't just evaporate, energy is transferred, into your body.. When i first got a dog, and still to this day, I have people pulling over off the street to pet him. I have big buff guys coming up, and asking to pet him. People go to Zoos to see these magical animals. It's clear to me that almost every human loves to interact with animal life, but when it comes to eating them, it's no fucking problem.. And if you don't give a fuck about animals, that's cool. But how about the Earth? The Earth is being completely destroyed because of #factoryfarming, as well. Why is this so hard to see? Cause everybody's doing it?
#veganrant #annoyingvegan #govegan #wakeuppeople #vegan #ignorance #ignoranceisbliss #stoptheignorance #life #death #energy

It's insane to think that animal abuse happens everyday. For decades, animals-sentient beings that feel the same emotions as us- have been mistreated by human beings.
The problem is ramped. We abuse those without a voice to be heard. We exploit those that experience happiness, fear, anxiety, joy just like we do. They have experiences, they love family members, and they experience grief of a loss one.
Animal abuse is real. And you and I should care. It is protected with laws like this (pictured). It is systematic problem that abuses/exploits animals and people's health. .. Respect life. Not only human life but ALL life. Do it for compassion. Go Vegan.☮️ #govegan #vegan #veganlife #veganrant #compassionovercruelty #closeallslaughterhouses #chooselove #veganfortheanimals #meatfree #respectforalllife #vegansofig #makethechange #veganpower #compassionateliving #consciousliving #woke #thirdeye #loveallanimals #differentbutequal #earthlings #animalsdontwantodie #animalrights #animalactivist #bepresistent #keeponfighting #animalliberation

I just finished watching Cowspiracy. The amount of statistics shown, telling us the truth about the agriculture and how many gallons of water it takes to produce meat and other animal products. -
/ "Did you know that it takes 660 gallons of water to produce one quarter-pound hamburger. That's the equivalent to being able to shower for 2 MONTHS!
/ The transportation and energy sectors are understandably given a lot of attention because of the terrible impact carbon dioxide is having on our planet. But animal agriculture produces 65% of the world's nitrous oxide, a gas with a global warming potential 296 times greater than Co2 per pound. Yet all we hear about is fossil fuels." - cowspiracy.
Even though I AM vegan, I am shocked to still find out these facts about how much our planet is in danger, how much we are destroying it due to livestock being the #1 problem, and also about how cruel and hypocritical some people out there are, I'm not scared to speak my mind. Some people say us vegans "show off", some people say we are missing out on "these good foods". Nothing tastes as good as vegan feels, it is amazing of how much you actually contribute to the planet, the animals and a cruelty free lifestyle. Open up to the truth, because it's come to a point where we actually have to inform people, actually make them open their eyes.
- "And if you really have a problem watching it, but you have no problem eating it, you know, why the disconnect there?" - #jameswildman -
That's just my rant for tonight. #cowspiracy#cowspiracydocumentary#forksoverknives#rant#veganrant#veganrants#postoftheday#imavegan#vegan#crueltyfree#freefromcruelty#saynotomeat#weloveanimals

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