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Happiness is cheesy pesto pasta and garlic bread after an exhausting day 🌱 tesco now do their own vegan pesto which is much cheaper than the other one you can get! 🙂

Chips de Kale! Los compré porque me traen recuerdos :) .

There's something really weird about buying east London Kale chips right here in Santiago, but I have such good memories of this place, and some of my best moments either started or ended with a visit to Camden and/or InSpiral Lounge. I left London because I had to, had to leave the home I had made, give away a sofa I loved and basically all this things that I couldn't carry, not only I lost things, but I also lost the friends I had made, my co workers and the way I had learned to live. But sometimes we really have no choice, and we need to accept it. I came back some weeks later and decided I was not going to let my last memories of London be sad ones, and did a bunch of stuff in the free time I had after interpreting, and again, I walked along the Camden Lock all the way to InSpiral and bought a vegan sandwich I ate walking up Camden High Street, breathing in the fresh night air, and looking up the shops, knowing it could be my last time doing that walk. But a few years later I went back, on holidays this time, and took my dear friend @valetallica along to Camden, InSpiral and we bought some kale chips, making some new and great memories of my beloved East London and the Camden Lock 💜
#rant #veganrant #kalechips

I am completely vegan for me and my happiness alone! someone tonight asked if I used plastic because it’s made from petroleum (petroleum is TECHNICALLY derived from the earth which has previously living creatures buried in it... aka animal byproducts) and I just stared at him and said I buy secondhand and use a lot of glass and avoid plastic anyway. it’s really ridiculous that I can’t meet anyone new that has an interested or no response when they learn I’m vegan. just get over it, more steak and L’Oréal for you. #vegan #rant #veganrant

I get people who come to my page all the time who seem to think a vegan world would be wildly impractical and would solve no problems. I understand that people will always resist change, but how can someone honestly believe that, after all the content I and other vegans post and/or by common sense alone, veganism wouldn't work wonders for this human-dominated planet?
Here is just one example of how we could effectively end world hunger by refusing to support industries that take the lives of billions of innocent animals, make humans unhealthy, pollute the environment, and (as shown above) consume vast amounts of grain that could be used to feed billions of people. And to those who think there would be nothing to do with all the animals in existence right now: (1) veganism will not happen overnight. as demand decreases, dying (although very powerful and therefore subsidized, which they shouldn't be because they encumber the government budget to preserve an industry that is cruel to animals and even to its human workers) animal agriculture businesses will be forced to produce less and less animals to exploit. (2) even everyone did make the switch overnight, these animals all make great pets and when people expand their circles of compassion to include these animals, the world will realize just how adorable, intelligent, and unique they are.

The crazy part is that vegan food is delicious, healthy, and inexpensive-- the best way to achieve those things is to learn how to cook! which more people should really know how to do anyways, if we're talking about being "practical" here.

#veganrant #worldhunger #compassion

What a sweet little face, now imagine someone telling you how quickly they'd club him, skin him and cook him because he's just a stupid animal.
My furbabies are exactly that, MY BABIES...I was there the day they were born, I spent many sleepless nights nursing them, caring for them and I will cut anyone down who will try to diminish their value because they themselves are void of a soul.
#veganrant #furbabies #veganfortheanimals #bunnylove #Eddie

"Livestock is responsible for 65% of all human-related emissions of nitrous oxide – a greenhouse gas with 296 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide, and which stays in the atmosphere for 150 years." --FAO Livestock's Long Shadow: Environmental Issues and Options /🐄/ Although the exact numbers are disputed, one thing is for sure, animal agriculture produces a very significant portion of anthropogenic greenhouse gases and is responsible for a multitude of other environmental issues including deforestation, habitat loss, water consumption and pollution, soil degradation. So a shift away from farmed meats and dairy is not only a shift towards a healthier you, (and hope for millions of enslaved animals), but you heartily reduce your contribution to climate change!! yeaaaa pass the fruits and veggies please ... 😄🐳🍌🌏🐄 to learn more read this great essay by Stanford Law student, Adam G Bowling, titled: A Leading Cause of Everything: One Industry That Is Destroying Our Planet and Our Ability to Thrive on It (Link in bio)
#standingwithstandingrockforabetterworld #veganrant #flexyourpowertofightclimatechange
@patagonia_surf @loveavasol @mizulife @zealoptics @wavetribe @eco_flex @9for17 @changingtidesfoundation ✨photo and toss by Tahui💙

yesterday @bekarbogast surprised me by taking me to see baby cows. it was nice hanging out with these playful little ones, but it's also a reminder of what the dairy industry really is. these babies should be chilling in a field with their mommas, & by supporting dairy you're supporting this separation. ditch it. #veganrant #dairysucks #notyourmomnotyourmilk 🐄💕

Okay. I need to have a little bit of a rant so be patient with me. 🙈
But anyways I went to the doctors this afternoon as I've been feeling quite unwell over the past few days and thought my iron or B12 levels might be getting a little low. So I had a blood test and will get results in a few days so that was all good. HOWEVER. My doctor was all like "supplements don't work" he legitimately told me that I just had to stop "overthinking it and go and eat a piece of steak". He said to just "hide it in some lettuce or avocado so I can't see it". I started crying and saying how I'm just not going to do that because I don't believe it's right and he then LEGITIMATELY SAID that I'm just going through a "phase" and that they're just "STUPID ANIMALS" and that they're "born to die" and that its "not important compared to people dying from diseases or car accidents". This made me so so so angry because it's important to me and this is my decision and I would at least like him to respect that and let me start on some supplements and just see how much that helps. I mean I know he can't make me eat animal products and I'm not going to. My mum agrees with me. Because plant based nutrition IS SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to be enough and UGH HE JUST HAD NO RESPECT FOR MY BELIEFS. And I need to go back in a few days and I'm really hoping my mum comes with me again because I got so upset today.
#vegan #plantbased #rant #veganrant

#thedailyrant #vegandrama #veganrant #geturstuffrightman
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Not making fun of people who are vegan, just relaying some trouble!! Like and Enjoy 😉!!


Happiness is cheesy pesto pasta and garlic bread after an exhausting day 🌱 tesco now do their own vegan pesto which is much cheaper than the other one you can get! 🙂

Turkeys experience fear and love, just like our dogs and cats and even... Us. Why cause terror toward an individual simply because it is called a “tradition”? Chad and I began a new tradition a few years back of making a huge pot of veggie green curry on this American holiday. Honestly, even when I wasn’t vegan, I didn’t care for the food on this day... It has always just been about family time for me and so it just made sense to make something that could all be thrown into one pot and let simmer rather than spending so many hours and dollars on performing the entire “thanksgiving spread”. Did you know that many Native Americans see this holiday in the same light as the Holocaust? Continuing a tradition solely for the sake of continuing a tradition is... kinda what’s wrong in our society in my humble opinion. Too many people on autopilot with their ego blocking the off-switch... Today I am so fucking thankful for the clarity I continue to feel consistently increasing within my being on this journey through Life. Words cannot describe the appreciation I have for being able to trek this route which I am on. Being earned from enduring and continuing on through the depths of vulnerability, darkness, pain, loneliness, ridicule, and sadness, it is not easily found by many. It is not so much a chosen course by those who walk the path, but more-so, as with Frodo and the ring, it is rather an obligation fueled by the fire inside which was set aflame by life-changing personal experiences and insights. #consciousliving #relearninghowtobeahuman #accountability #whatistradition #starvetheego #feedthesoul #starvetheegofeedthesoul #consciousnessshift #wakeuphumans #veganrant #thanksgiving

Ok I’m aware this doesn’t look like anything special and it only took 10 mins to put together (thanks to batch cooking!) but I honestly told my boyf approx 1000 times ‘this is the best dinner I have ever made omg’ 😍🤤 vegan PB curry with coconut rice 😦🤤 I cooked my rice with 1 cup coconut cream and 1 cup water and omg 🤤🤤🤯 highly recommend

I don’t often make truffles so when I do you better believe I go OTT ✨ I had so many messages yesterday with what to do with my leftover coconut cream but my fave suggestion by @laurenilovecats was to do truffles 😍
They are so easy to make:
Mix 200g chopped dark chocolate with 7 tbsp hot coconut cream. Leave it in the fridge for 1-2 hours and then roll into balls! I rolled mine in cinnamon sugar, rose petals, cocoa powder & crushed peanuts ✨ 10/10

Seeing everyone’s seitan katsu from wagamama has made me so jealous so I decided to make one myself 😎 ficken fillet from Tesco & katsu curry paste mixed with coconut cream 💕 oh how I wish I had natural daylight all the time 😩

Cheesy tomatoey pasta using the new tesco goats cheese 🤤 not overly impressed with this goats cheese (it sort of tastes too creamy to be cheese but too cheesy to be cream) but it is good mixed into pasta 🙂

Could you kill yourself? Could you chase the animal down and rip the raw flesh from bone with your teeth without getting sick? We do not NEED meat. Is taking an innocent venerable life away so you can have a meal really worth it? Make the right choice. Animals are friends; not food 💚

Finished work earlier than usual today hence I did some actual real cooking rather than beans on toast 🙃 peanut butter curry which I have wanted to try foreverrr (any excuse to chuck in some PB) 🤤 inspo by @healthylivingjames who I really recommend checking out as his recipes are fab and I find they use really simple ingredients. I added chickpeas, sweet potato, brocolli & spinach 👌🏼

#thedailyrant #vegandrama #veganrant #geturstuffrightman
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Not making fun of people who are vegan, just relaying some trouble!! Like and Enjoy 😉!!

So disappointed in @pizzaexpress I used to love to come and eat here as I would get the vegan option and switch it to a leggera base (with salad) now for the 1st time I am told I can’t do that? What a joke, it’s hard enough to find vegan options when your out but places should be open to changing things up a little to keep customers happy esp if they have constantly done so in the past, seriously disappointed #veganrant #veganstruggles #dissapointed #vex #vegansofig

When they only have brioche so you get a burger sandwich instead 😂

Yes plz. TFIF ✨

I know been posting a lot today.. It's vegan rant day for me.. So as I last posted I was rather angry at @premierinn lack of #vegan food causing me with my headache to go out and look for food. Well thank you @marksandspencer saving me with sweet potato and chickpea nourish bowl, strawberries with water and @costa for this vegan Christmas cake slice. Even going downstairs to order chips from here telling me I have to wait 25 mins for a table then wait again for the chips to be cooked. Worse I don't even know if they cooking the chips in the same oil with all that carcass they cooking. Well anyway I've emailed a complaint for the lack of vegan options. I think I will do that to everywhere I go too. Yep. I'm gonna start standing up for Vegans. Let's make this global.

#veganseattoo #veganrant #standupforvegans #vegansarehumanstoo #makeveganglobal #standupforyourrights #veganrights #veganasf #govegan #nobloodnobones #chickpeas #salad #sweetpotato #strawberries #water #marksandspencer #costacoffee

I got to have a vegan rant. @premierinn where's the vegan options???! You are losing out on money here.. What's a vegan to eat???? 🤔🤔🤔 I'm gonna have to go way off the premises now. After a long journey when I could of kicked back and chilled. Sad times.

#noveganoptions #veganoptionswhereareyou #veganseattoo #smh #premierinnfixup #veganrant #youlostmyrespect #lol #menufullofmeat #notonit

Happy sunny Sunday morning. I promise to start taking pics of England soon, but I forget to notice the cool stuff as England is so normal to me. Until I find something to take a picture of, here’s a picture of some tourists in a basket near Nha Trang in Vietnam. Feeling so lucky to be living this life. Yesterday I was super grumpy and jet lagged, but today I am about to start making vegan bean burgers at 9am. If you weren’t already aware it is Vegan month. I know it’s cool to be like “I strong 💪🏼 manly man, I eat meat” but unless you’re out there with a spear, or bow and arrow there’s nothing manly about eating meat. You know your meat is pumped full of antibiotics because the animals are kept in such confined quarters that they are living in their own shit and disease is rife. If you really think eating meat is the right thing to do spend the dollar 💵 on visiting an organic farm and buying some meat where you can see where it comes from and still eat it in good conscience. You don’t necessarily need to go vegan, but you do need to be honest with yourself about where your food comes from. Peace ✌️ and love 💕

Basket of love ♥️I've heard a lot of people say that because they cannot afford to get organic, they don't get them at all. They can't afford to eat healthy. This is insanity. Whole Foods over processed trash every damn time. It's a simple choice, you will save money. You will live longer, and improve the quality of the life your life. #vegan #citrus #onions #apples #health #veganrant #wholefoods #plantbased #plantfaced

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