Just when I thought breakfast sandwiches could never taste the same as they did in my pre-vegan days, @justforall prevailed
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📍: Providence, Rhode Island
📸: @veganeats_rhodeisland

When you have 500lbs of leftover mashed potatoes from a party, naturally you make a lentil gravy and roasted veggies to pair with them. Even the fur babe wanted a bite of this heaven 🐶😋

With my nutrition studies, I've come to discover that certain "food trends" actually come from strong reasons. Let's take for example vegetable milk. The market has exploded in the last years, every decent supermarket has at least one option, coffee houses have started to use them for lattes and capuccinos, you can order them everywhere online.
The main reason this happened is the lactose intolerance that's been more and more diagnosed so people needed an alternative to dairy milk. 🥣

Even for people who tolerate lactose, the reason I would recommend cutting on dairy products is that milk prevents many antioxidants from doing their job, minimising their health advantages. So adding those fresh berries to your breakfast müsli or granola with milk / yogurt is, besides taste enhancing, quite pointless.

This unfortunately applies to salads with yogurt dressings or vegetables gratins. For me the hardest thing is to cut on cheese. But making efforts! 🙈

Now I have my breakfast granola with almond milk. This way I can get all the antioxidants in seabucktorn, which is an immunity star thanks to its very high vitamin C content. Perfect for this (already too cold) weather. ⭐

Pay attention to labels though, most vegetable milks are sweetened or contain some weird ingredients that makes them way worse than advertised. Making it homemade is actually super easy - I first tried it 4 years ago using @simplegreensmoothies tips!

Alexandra is VERY EXCITED it’s #meatlessmonday 🙌🏻 #plantbased

kale and broccoli stir fry with chickpeas and zucchini/ crispy tofu/ boiled potato/ avocado and sesame

Do you meal prep for the week? If not, here’s a great lunch idea that will save you time and money. 👍
I love my mason jars, and use them for everything from matcha lattes to storing dry goods. Have you ever used them as to-go containers? As I move away from plastic, I have discovered how perfect these jars are for taking my salads with me. 🙋‍♀️
Today’s #veggiepalettized Taco Salad was created using @thevegansix’s original image, featuring a layer of beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, radishes, green onion, romaine and avocado. [Don’t forget the @sietefoods chips!] The trick to a good mason jar salad is to layer your foods from heaviest to lightest, and add your dressing/fats right before you eat. 👌
What’s your favorite way to use mason jars (comment below)? Need some additional inspiration? Check out “50+ Best Ways to Use Mason Jars” in the link in my bio. 👆
I hope you all have a fabulous week. Give someone you know an extra hug just because. 🤗

Even with my partner in crime passed out on the couch, still managed to make some pretty legitimate protein fudge brownies last night. #VeganBrownies #VeganProtein #VeganNoms #Vegan #NomNomNom #BakingAtNight. #BobsRedMill #HempHearts #ConsciousMuscleProtein #FlaxEggs #Bananas #EnjoyLife #VeganChocChips
Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Brownie Mix
Two bananas
1/4 c melted earth balance soy free butter
Two scoops conscious muscle choc protein
Three tbs hemp hearts
2 flax eggs
1/4 c Enjoy Life vegan dark choc chips
Oven at 325
Mix everything, pour, 30-ish minutes to bake. And TADA!

Today is one of those perfect fall days for a comfy homemade soup, isn't it? @vegannest will be creating some delicious foods for us at our Holiday Market on December 2nd at The Higgins Armory in Worcester. I am so excited. Nicole and Victor are a beautiful part of our vegan community and I am really proud to have them in my life. They do so much for others to help them do well in this world <3 And they feed us well!

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Inhale tacos, exhale negativity. Namaste 😌🙏🏻
Its monday but not to worry, we have tacos. I vote for #tacomonday 🌮
PS anyone else over-stuff their tacos? Every damn time. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Grilled cheese kinda morning ☀️

Breakfast on the go! 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻I often wish I wasn’t such a busy vegan, that all my breakfasts could be served in a picture perfect bowl, but most of the time that’s not the case. And that’s okay, because I live in a wonderful city and I have an amazing job and I’m grateful for what I DO have. Plus, breakfast tastes the same out of a mason jar! 😊

We dreamt that we could bring you the finest Belgian dark chocolate spread, and here you are drooling over this spoonful of Lekkco. Dreams do come true. #HowToLekkco #SomethingDelicious

Who's in the mood for some miso soup with veg?? 🙋🍲 Just add hot water & enjoy 👌❤️🥕🌱 #TsubiSoup #Misotastic

i had to post something before my trip to London aka the vegan paradise so get ready for this NEW RECIPE on the BLOG, for which you can find the LINK IN MY BIO :)) It’s a pumpkin pie spiced porridge and really, you don’t want to miss it. So comforting and delicious, I hope it makes up for my absence on this account... 😬 Love you guys 💓

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Chocolate BOMB 🍫✨Super fudgy brownies topped with nutella, freeze-dried raspberries, almonds, and #PEAKZ ❤️😱 We wouldn't have it any other way! 😋 #AfternoonDelights #MondayCure

Insan hicbir zaman noodle yiyemeyecek kadar tok olamaz ☺️ Isterseniz fotograftaki gibi ekstra kizarmis tofulu veya sadece bol sebzeli sicacik enfes noodle burada sizi bekliyor 🌱❤️
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