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🌱Kelp Noodles🌱
Hey guys! Hope you are a having a great start to your day 😊 Today me and my baby @_oliverrosales made these really cool kelp noodles for the first time!😋 We used:
✨ Kelp noodles ( 1 bag) ✨Salt ✨Lime (2) ✨Vegan basil pesto ✨Avocados (2)
✨Tomatoes (2)
✨Sprouts ✨Hummus @ithacacoldcrafted ( I rinsed the kelp noodles with water first then I marinated them in lime juice and added the veggies)

When there is no vegan option in the menu but you ask for it. Just amazing ❤😋👌 #pizza #food #foodporn #vegan #veganisim #vegano #veganfood #veganeats #veggies #goodchoices #healthy #health #healthyfood

Day two of healthy eating is going well, can't say I'm not already fantasising about the nachos from @trippy.taco though 🙈

🍒Did you know we are supposed to be consuming at least 5 vegetables and 2 fruits perday!! In order to have good optimal health and stronger immune system 👐 🍇🍓🍍🍉 Eat your fruits and veggies!
Picture by @alphafoodie

Have you ever heard of vegan -plant based labaneh?- if you haven't and you're looking for one, you should contact @atrameezproducts
and try their yummy Labaneh and other healthy products

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*Happy News*

Vegan Labaneh is now available!
To all the people who have lactose intolerance this Labaneh is for you! Made from fresh almond milk and rice poweder.

DM us to place your order, we 🚐

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Dinner done now off to see Black Panter! Taking a snack with me to make sure there's no temptation to get popcorn...
✨Dinner: sesame fried tofu, capsicum, mushroom, broccoli, peanut butter, and shirataki noodles
✨ Snacks: no sugar added chocolate (look at those macros!)

Keto day one is almost done! This was lunch which was really good, can't say I've ever eaten a whole avocado in one go before though!
✨ Breakfast: 'bulletproof' coconut oil coffee (side note, how good is coconut oil coffee?! I had such low expectations but it was so creamy!)
✨ Lunch: sesame fried tofu, one avocado, rainbow salad

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