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Hello friends! 🙋
I hope you had a wonderful start in this new week 🌅
My day was really amazing 🙌 I had a great interview with the lovely Anika @anikabors 📲
Such a beautiful soul 💥
Please check Karen's @veganekochmanufaktur bowl - she made the Michistyle better than me 😁
My unperfect bowl today is made with spinach and mung beans pasta from @greenist.de
Now it's time for my evening routine, some ice cream and a phone call with my Mom 💙
So, I wish you a fantastic evening and a good night, my foodlovers 😊
See you tomorrow! 🙋🌉

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I’ve noticed some posts speaking out about women’s features that used to be undesirable which are now trendy. I.e: big lips, thick full eyebrows, big hips, full bubble butts. And it makes me think about how the media chooses to make trends out of our bodies. Think about that. Not hairstyles, makeup styles, or clothing styles…..our actual bodily features are either trendy or not. I don’t see the same pressure of trends put on men’s bodies. Men aren’t told that their naturally wide set shoulders are out this season. They aren’t told that the size of their thighs is wrong for the outfit they’re trying to pull off. They aren’t told that their lips or brows are the wrong shape for the rest of their facial features. -

The fact that the media can decide who is beautiful and who is not based on features that women cannot change easily (without undergoing expensive cosmetic procedures), is crazy. The fact that little girls who were bullied as children for having “big clown lips”, or having a “fat” lower body, or “big hairy caterpillar” eyebrows, are now seeing women pay exorbitant prices to get injectables, implants, and microblading is quite ironic. -

Women who are (acceptably) curvy are now on trend and seen as “real” women. And while I do like seeing more diverse bodies represented who haven’t been socially beautiful before, they’re only highlighted now along with the phrase “men like curvy women”, and usually represented in a borderline pornographic way. But really those women should have never had to be heavily sexualized to feel beautiful. -

Stop making trends out of our body parts. Stop dividing us into body parts. Stop sexualizing body parts. Stop telling us how much money we need to spend to be considered beautiful. Our bodies are not trends.

#GAINZ. Today was heavy chest and leg day, followed by pull-ups, push-ups and dips. My little homie @yenodnailuj asked me to do late night arm work with him. So here I am, late night in the gym lifting heavy again for the third time today, except I'm doing Tri and Bi routines. Video clip shows 150 and 170 lbs seated overhead tricep extensions. Let's get it. #ForTheAnimals @craziesandweirdos

💥How to GAIN WEIGHT (and muscle) as a VEGAN💥
🦄A lot of people eating plant-based struggle to gain weight. It's easy to lose weight going vegan, but how do you actually put on pounds? Let's go!
🐛The most important part is that you have to eat more calories than your body burns throughout the day. Calculate your TDEE and eat 300-500 (preferably 300 to stay lean) above that. For some people this is new so you gotta track the first 1-2 months so you get used to the caloric content of food (example: 100g uncooked rice = 350 cals).
🦋I highly recommend you exercise and consume sufficient amounts of protein so you're building muscle on top of your caloric surplus. (If you're not already doing that)
🐳Calorie dense foods are mostly fat sources (as fat has 9 cals per 1g versus 4 cals protein and carbs for 1g) so when in doubt: nuts, nut butter (my fave @eisbluemerl_naturkost ), Cocnut/olive oil, Chia seeds will all "save" your cals. Still watch out that you're not over consuming fat, but as we know vegans are almost always pretty low on fat intake😉
🦁Pasta, Dates, Oats and especially selfamde smoothies are a great way to "hack" your calories. -
🐥And eventhough beans & lentils satiate you a lot, they still are high in cals and easy to eat (a very important factor).
🐢So now you got everything you need to know to go and put on some pounds😉 If there is still questions left, feel free to send me a DM and I'll gladly help!
❓Do you struggle with weight gain or weight loss❓
Also make sure to share this with someone that could need this😉
Much love to all of you!
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I learn everyday. I mess up often. But I will keep going. I've mastered recently when you take away what nourishes our souls... it doesn't matter if we feed our bodies. We CAN NOT starve our souls and expect us to thrive. I will continue to make this life, this temple, this breath, this walk living art. Understand there's no separating the human being from the art and creativity. I love this life and looking like this is a side effect of a mind made up!!! #tierragoesgreen #VeganAF #blackvegansofIg #VeganFit #plantbasedvegan

Hey guys! @Conscious_Muscle is trying to expand his #sanctuary @lilyandfriendsrescue to 15 acres so he can rescue more animals! 🙌💕🌿🐄🐷 You can help by supporting his #gofundme or #patreon campaigns! Link in @lilyandfriendsrescue's bio 😊🌿🐷 "Right now we just don't have the land to accommodate many more animals or larger animals such as cows or horses so that's where you come in to play! If you would like to not only help with the rescues we are currently caring for but also contribute to the expansion and rescuing of even more animals please consider donating. If you would like to donate towards the sanctuary expansion as well as rescuing more animals please donate to the GoFundMe by going to 👉 www.GoFundMe.com/ConsciousMuscle (one-time gift) or Patreon.com/consciousmuscle (ongoing support). Link in @lilyandfriendsrescue bio! Even a dollar per month helps! Sending gratitude your way in advance, we are in this together 🌱🙏💚🐮🐷🐥🦃🐇🐶" - Jordan @conscious_muscle @lilyandfriendsrescue .
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Went all out here! Being vegan doesn't mean you have to be perfect and eat only fruits, and veggies. Sometimes you just need vegan pizza and chocolate salted caramel bars in your life! 😋🌱💪 shirt by @goveganrevolution

Results from one small cross-sectional study (link in the bio) suggested that a plant-based diet is the more important intervention than physical activity for blood pressure and arterial health.
The study compared sedentary vegans, endurance athletes (matched for body mass index with the vegan group) consuming a Western diet and running avg. 48 miles per week, and sedentary subjects consuming a Western diet. Blood pressure was significantly lower, and carotid artery intima-media thickness was lower in the sedentary vegan group compared to the highly active omnivores.
It is important to keep in mind the limitations of the study. Firstly, the study involved a relatively small sample size. There were 21 sedentary vegans, 21 marathon running omnivores, and 21 sedentary omnivores. The results have also not been replicated, but it is a surprising finding nevertheless.

Many people in America are avoiding papaya because papayas are one of the most common GMO crops!
Some of the crops currently approved to genetic modification in the US, are corn, soybeans, cotton, canola, sugar beets, alfalfa, papaya and zucchini.

Of the 30 million pounds of papaya produced in the US, 75 percent are #GMO papayas from Hawaii.

How To Choose A Non-GMO Papaya... Organic papayas may be hard to find, but when you chance upon any, grab them! Certified organic papayas are definitely non-GMO and the best choice as there are no pesticide residues. These PLU codes labeling might give you some clues!
If there are 5 digits in the PLU code, and the number starts with a “9”, this tells you that the produce was grown organically
If there are 5 digits in the PLU code, and the number starts with an “8”, this tells you that the item is a genetically modified
Avoid papayas that are from Hawaii as a majority of them are genetically modified. The only papayas from Hawaii that are not GM are their original, native papayas. So, if you’re in Hawaii, look for the Kapoho variety. They have a yellowish flesh, not pink like most GMO papayas.

Look for #papayas that are grown in Asia, Mexico, Brazil or Belize. Ask your grocery store. Papayas grow in abundance in these countries, and the good news is that genetic engineering are not practiced there.

The #nonGMO Maradol Papaya forms about 95% of the papaya production from Mexico. The Maradol papayas from Belize are marketed under the names of Caribbean Sunrise or Caribbean Red.
The Royal Star #papaya variety is also from Mexico. It is named such because when cut across, the core center is shaped like a star. #uglybynature
Source: http://juicing-for-health.com/choose-non-gmo-papayas


How does fruit smell so good! Fruits really remind me of nature's perfection.

Soooooo freaking excited. It doesn't matter whether I'm gone for three hours or three weeks, this guy is always the happiest little dude when I'm back home 🐶❤️😍 #ezekielbruce #homesweethome

After a fast day with a lot to do. It feels wonderful to finally be able to unwind 👌☮☯😇🌸💚 tea and Something easy to eat are what I need 😋👌☮☯ Peanut butter , Almond milk , Blueberries , Blackberries , grated coconut & Sunflower Seeds 💚👌🌱 #haritea #veganism #dirayfree #cureltyfree #veganism #veganfitnessfood #vegan #vegancommunity #peta #peta2 #djurrattsalliansen #animalliberation #animalrightsactivist #veganfoodporn #plantbased #plantbasedfood #ayuveda #veganlifestyle #veganprotein #vegano #veganfit #stayvegan #meatismurder #veganrawfood #cleaneating #swedishmodel #veganhotties

Living the Vegan dream in Las Vegas! Fresh Cucumber Juice, Fresh Apple Juice, Ice, Fresh Supergreens (Spinach, Kale), Fresh Lemon Juice, Chia Seeds. Feeling the insomnia today. Feeling much better with this pick me up. 😍Way better than coffee which only spikes your energy levels 😳
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Hamburguesa vegana👅✅ Tomate, zanahoria, piña, cebolla, mayonesa vegana (de soya), queso amarillo de tofu, y la hamburguesa de trigo😍 deliciosa
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Nothing better than enjoying a good protein shake on the Beach, kids and the whole family will love the chocolate-peanut butter, vanilla and chocolate flavors of our #AlmondProProteinPowder
Available on Amazon or through the link in our bio. ---------------------------------------------------
Nada mejor que disfrutar de un buen batido de proteína en la playa, los sabores de chocolate, vainilla y chocolate-mantequilla de mani de #AlmondProProteinPowder le encantarán a los niños y a toda la familia solo con probarlo.
Disponible en Amazon o a través del link en nuestra biografía.

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Run tell dat. #cashmeousside 😏👋🏽💅🏽🏃🏼

I learned a new arm balance today! I am absolutely loving this challenge💙 #koundinyasana for day 9 of #stealthylines -
Stealthy hosts: @the_exit_strategy @karramella1 @_catiko @catasana
Fab sponsors: @aquaburns @yogapaws @heal_meow @infinitystrap @liforme @shopsillyyogi

EVERYONE! This Buddha Bowl is the best thing I've ever eaten since I first tried Ethiopian food😍 Seriously never have I made such a delicious and filling meal from such a simple recipe!👅 This is just a huge bowl of plant-based whole foods that are good for you and leave you feeling satisfied. Yes, I ate that whole thing😎 Before I start ranting about how INCREDIBLE this meal is, (which although I made up the recipe, I definitely had inspiration from @forksoverknives and @engine2diet ), I'll just give you guys the recipe because this is one you're going to want to keep (and make a million times over)
- Golden Beets
- Tomatoes
- Strawberries
- 1 block extra-firm tofu
- Avocado - Quinoa
- Any greens
- Cilantro
- Black Pepper - Cumin
- Curry powder
- PB2 powder
- Sriracha - Tamari sauce -
Press the tofu to drain the liquid while preheating the oven to 425 Degrees. While pressing the tofu, prepare the beets by cutting off the ends, peeling them, and chopping them into small chunks. Place the beets in a steamer basket and steam until they're soft or tender. Next cut up the tofu into thin slabs and place in a single layer on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Sprinkle the tofu with the black pepper and cumin and place in the oven for 35-40 minutes flipping them over halfway. Next cook the quinoa according to package instructions and when it is finished add cilantro leaves to it according to your tastebuds. Lastly, to make the sauce just add PB2 and water into a bowl and mix until you get a sauce consistency and add sriracha, tamari, and curry powder according to your taste. Finally, on top of a bed of greens just add everything together and drizzle with the sauce! ENJOY😋
Seriously I promise it is so much easier than it sounds, just try it out for yourself! There is no oil, no processed sugar, and no added salt to this recipe and yet it was one of the tastiest things I've ever eaten. Buddha bowls are a vegan's dream because it's just mixing together a bunch of good stuff! So try it out for yourself and let me know how ya like (love) it🌱🥑#roadtorecovery

Shouting out the #amazing @mackkfitness for the sick workout! Huge thanks to #Arbonne for the extra internal support along the journey! #Phytosport #completehydration #decidecommittsucceed #workout #veganfit #veganlife #girlswholift #latergram #gettingstronger #healthyisthenewhappy

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