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Dinner plans. A box of @the_tofurky_company feast, and the very delicious stuffing from @acebakery. Also a no sugar added blueberry crumble vaguely based on a recipe @drpamela.rd posted not that long ago. I'm cooking the #tofurkey in the #instantpot and basting it in gravy and oil and sage, so we will see how that works out this time.
Special thanks to the now dead @vwordmarket for dinner tonight. The good part about being vegan and formerly running a vegan grocery store is that it's easy to eat everything left over if you want to. Also happy that most of it went to or will be going to people that aren't us. Next the rest goes to charity.

So diva cups and tampons are heading to the PeriodProject, diapers are going to go to the diaperbank (except for the size fives which we will keep for our son) and the rest of the food will probably go to the Parkdale foodbank because I know they could use it. (donate to them too if you can, they're tiny but serve a large population.)

Carbonara may be one of the most difficult recipes to vegan-ify, since every major ingredient in the sauce is off-limits. That's right: That delicious bowl of pasta carbonara that you're looking at is completely vegan. By eating lots of the real deal and getting mighty crafty with an array of unlikely ingredients, @dgritzer managed to create a vegan carbonara that captures the essence of the original like no other: It's silky and rich, unctuous, and studded with meaty bits, with the sharp, lactic tang of Pecorino Romano (but, of course, no actual Pecorino Romano). Get the #recipe at the link in our bio. #SeriousEats #VeganExperience

Da arte de juntar os restos: lentilha, quinoa, tomate, alho poró e pimenta dedo de moça! #veganemcasa #veganexperience #vegan #govegan

Orecchia d'elefante per cinghiali #saturdaynight #veganexperience #friends #lightfoodgoodmood

Candid moment captured. 📷by my love @kikiiwaikikii #blackandwhite #portrait #veganexperience

Lunch today is penne alla arabbiata with dried olive/miso/Rosemary dust. All recipes on @seriouseats #veganexperience

Barcelona express. #Veganexperience #vegantrip

This is our Vegetarian Sisig Goodness! Please help us back our Friends @monksmeats to reach their kickstarter goal to create the first Smoked Vegan Delicatessen and Kitchen in NY! Any contribution helps! See link in profile! #kickstarter #veganexperience #vegetarian #lumpiashack

Спустя почти 4 месяца осознанных метаний насчёт того, что может и что не может входить в мою диету, сегодня я наконец-таки поняла, зачем нам нужна еда. А еда нам нужна для поднятия-опускания энергии. Я очень легко (легче, чем предполагала) и быстро перешла от традиционного питания к веганскому, и это невероятно помогло мне пережить тот период, когда я занималась тем, что ежедневно высасывало мою энергию (универ). И не только помогло, но и позволило мне активно заниматься моим духовным развитием.
Сейчас, когда я снова почувствовала прилив сил, я могу обернуться и оценить свой уже имеющийся небольшой опыт ☺ что мне дала веганская диета?
🍓я чувствую своё тело, чувствую его потребности и то, чего ему хочется в данный момент;
🍓я полюбила утра, ровно как и полюбила физ.зарядки. встаю рано, без будильника, просто потому что выспалась;
🍓моё сознание стало более чистым. вернулось творчество. легче работать, творить, изучать новое и контактировать с миром;
🍓мой рацион значительно расширился. запомните, веганство - это не отказ от чего-то, а, ноборот, открытие для себя множества новых полезных продуктов;
🍓ну и конечно же, изменение одного аспекта жизни тянет за собой сразу целую цепочку других изменений. а так как еда - это фундамент, пересматривая свою диету, ты неизбежно пересматриваешь всю свою жизнь целиком.
#vegan #veganexperience
Продолжение под след.фото⤵


We invite you to experience some of the best and newest additions to the vegan dining scene of Barcelona, Amsterdam and London. Our focus is exclusively on delicious and healthy plant-based dishes, lots of fun and exploration! Make your reservation now and benefit from our current special offer ! #vegan #veganexperience #veganfoodtour #healthyfood #nutricious #realfood #barcelonatours #londontours #amsterdamtours #barcelonavegan #londonvegan #amsterdamvegan #exploration #holiday #thingstodo #nextstopbarcelona

For the record, I enthusiastically accept baked goods as gifts. Especially if one of those baked goods is a chocolate croissant from @tbcvegan. 😍😍😍😍

Stay happy, stay healthy with this delicious vegan chia pudding made with coconut yogurt and almond milk ! #vegan #realfood #goodfood #govegan #veganexperience #tourism #citytour #barcelona #london #amsterdam

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food ! A rich and creamy cold avocado soup for you to enjoy! #govegan #vegan #nutritious #veganlifestyle #avocado #avocadosoup #barcelonatour #londontour #amsterdamtour #tourism #veganbarcelona #veganexperience

Da arte de juntar os restos: lentilha, quinoa, tomate, alho poró e pimenta dedo de moça! #veganemcasa #veganexperience #vegan #govegan

Managed to light up the new bbq for the brief window of rainless time tonight. A couple of different kinds of Yves veggie burgers.

Bye folks! It's been a lovely few years, but we're closed and happy about it. 👋
Wondering where to get #vegan stuff in #Canada and missed our last newsletter? We've posted a blog with a few suggestions. Link in profile. #vwordmarket

Pleased with #breakfast. Tofu scramble, kale, corn, mushrooms, hashbrowns, and toast.

Bom dia! 🌸

Deixa eu contar um negócio pra vocês: no próximo dia 03/06 estarei no @paratyecohostel ao lado da minha querida amiga @camilasecches participando do Jantar do Conhecimento, em um bate papo onde partilharemos nossas experiências nessa linda jornada de nos tornarmos veganas. Sempre acreditei que quando dividimos nosso aprendizado multiplicamos possibilidades e nos ajudamos mutuamente. Há sempre algo novo a aprender com as pessoas que cruzam nossos caminhos.

Não tenho dúvidas de que será uma noite muito especial e todos vocês estão convidados a partilhar dela conosco!

Got some cheese delivered from #secretvegancheeseclub this week. Looking forward to digging into this sunflower kimchedda.
If you're in #Toronto and area you can join secret vegan cheese club on Facebook.

🍃#Aquafaba 🍃
Sabe aquela aguinha da caixinha de grão de bico pronto que a gente compra? Ela batida na batedeira por alguns minutos e acrescentando açúcar fica esse "chantilly" delicia vegano que chamamos de Aquafaba e atualmente existem muitos livros sobre seus usos, grupos no face da galera compartilhando receitas que deram certo ou não, águas de outros grãos que também viram a tal da Aquafaba como da Ervilha também, e muito mais.
Simplesmente incrível!
#govegan #chemistry #quimica #frombeans #beans #chantilly #veganexperience

A unique environment that almost feels like an encounter with nature, where healthy, nutritious culture infused dishes are all waiting for you to be discovered ! Experience Barcelona, Amsterdam and London the vegan way ! Now is the time as current promotions are available ! #veganway #veganlifestyle #vegantours #barcelonatour #londontour #amsterdamtour #veganexperience #tourism #stayhealthywhiletraveling

NO HAPPY ENDING! Vegan Dinner take away from the #templeofhackney :popcorn (seitan), mac and cheese, and the best seller burger of the place. Organic salad from my fridge.

My experience: I have been waiting for a long time to try their food but I never wanted to queue. I love their gothic aesthetic and the concept of a vegan take away. Finally, the place was empty and I bought their star foods. I had a terrible experience, even though initially it was an ok flavor, soon it all brought me back 25 years ago when I stopped eating meat! I really felt the same revolving feeling of discomfort of being eating an animal and wanted to throw up. That sick feeling sticked for at least 24 hours. It is way too similar to flesh or I may have forgotten and it is for me. I wish the next step in vegan food in UK is fresh, organic, unprocessed healthy food and lots of raw yummy food. Just something to consider before going here, if you enjoyed meat this place is perfect.
I gave the pasta to Oskar, he tried and didn’t go for it.

#Sushi bowl for #lunch. And not even just because I'm perrenially lazy. On purpose because toddlers eating sushi is messier than just leaving things like this.

Damn this was good.
What is it? Cantonese-style tofu, pine nut, and jicama lettuce cups. San Choi Bao veganized by @seriouseats and @kenjilopezalt. I will make this again, and I will make it fucking pretty next time. I made hoisin sauce for this (recipe for that is also on serious eats.) Also, this is one of only 3 ways I will eat iceberg lettuce.
Okay, go make this and be happy.

Ficou monocromático mas ficou delícia: lentilha, chutney de abacaxi, quinoa com cenoura ralada e falafel!!! #vegan #veganexperience #veganemcasa

Viciada em abacate!!!
#veganemcasa #veganexperience #vegan

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