Headed to @santapodraceway Yesterday morning for doorslammers complete with a boot load of vegan treats. I could cruise about in this one every day. @calecosse’s chevette is one of my all time favourite cars. Completely stock and why change it when it’s so good?

For all you vegans out there - New Range Rover Velar Vegan seats ! 🌱 #JLR #vegan #fabric #vegancar #loveit #work

La lamborghini huracan performante est une dinguerie

She’s now legal so time to take her out for a nice day 💚😎😁🚙#vegancar #smartcar #love #vegan #newforest #ecofriendly #eco #lovemycar

A dedicated vegan #vegan #vegancar #brisbane

Time is running out to pre-order your @leilanimunter and @venturinimotorsports Daytona car. The production company has given them until tomorrow to fulfil the given number of pre-order or production can’t go ahead. Look how much you kitty will love it! Do it for him/her if not for yourself! The world needs this! We’ve got diecast McDonald’s cars, Burger King... all that shit! Let’s get a vegan one!

The amazing @leilanimunter is having her @venturinimotorsports Vegan Strong car made into a 1:24 scale diecast, but only if they get enough pre orders. Go support this amazing cause, which gives tens of thousands of @nascar fans free vegan food by placing an order today at vmsonlinestore.com.

Thanks for the new wheels @ricepowa
I am SOOOOOOOOO freakin happy. I can’t believe I own a new car. Life is so good.
Swipe 👉🏼 for pure goofiness.

Finding a car was such a challenge because not wanting to have cow leather/wool interior was the biggest hurdle for me. I went to 6 dealerships, was mocked at some and Anthony was the only one who took the time to check PETAs website and confirm with his managers that I wasn’t buying something against my morals.
I can’t thank him enough for making this who experience so amazing and if you are in the market for a new/used car: go see him @boltonhyundai . He worked out an amazing deal for me and actually gives a shit about his customers.
#veganmobile #vegancar #hyundaielantra #happiestgirlintheworld #freedom #independentwoman #adulting101

Keep it weird, Grandview #grandview #vegancar #cars #saturdaythings

Sorted a minor starting issue on the 2000 this morning. For a fifty year old car he really is pretty amazing. That M10 engine is sweet and even the 3 speed zf gearbox puts a smile on my face. I’ve driven modern autos that haven’t got a clue what gear they want, but this is right where you want it, when you want it. Yea maybe I’ll slowly collect the parts for a manual swap, but it’s not really necessary.

This is what vegan muscle is all about! We love a classic Mopar and this beautiful Cuda is all the reason you need to know why! Welcome to the club @former_human and thanks for the submission. We’l be getting some stickers to you as soon as we get them sorted and please keep us updated! If you want to drop some specs in the comments or give us a little background, that would be amazing!

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