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So incredibly happy to be a part of such an amazing cause, supporting everyone currently fighting cancer! If you didn’t know, October is Brest cancer awareness month. Therefore, #Womensbest will be donating a % of all sales today to a breast cancer charity 💗 If you were ever thinking about trying out their products today is the day 🤗

Baking soda will balance your body's pH level by neutralizing any acidity. This also helps keep a healthy bloodstream and reduce your risk of any illness.
Dr. Volney S Cheney stated “In 1918 and 1919 while fighting the ‘#flu’ with the U. S. Public Health Service it was brought to my attention that rarely anyone who had been thoroughly alkalized with bicarbonate of soda contracted the disease, and those who did contract it, if alkalized early, would invariably have mild attacks. I have since that time treated all cases of ‘cold,’ influenza and LaGripe by first giving generous doses of bicarbonate of soda, and in many, many instances within 36 hours the symptoms would have entirely abated. Further, within my own household, before Woman’s Clubs and Parent-Teachers’ Associations, I have advocated the use of bicarbonate of soda as a preventive for ‘colds,’ with the result that now many reports are coming in stating that those who took ‘soda’ were not affected, while nearly everyone around them had the ‘flu.’ In the 1920's almost everyone knew the trick to curing or preventing illness with baking soda. Since then modern medicine and products all over the market advertise there strength when one of the best cures is right under our noses. ..
The method is very easy and safe. You just need to dissolve the recommended amount of baking soda in a glass of cold water and drink it

Day one: Take a total of six doses of half a teaspoon of baking soda in one cup of water. Take at two hour intervals.

Day two: Take a total of six doses of half a teaspoon of #bakingsoda in one cup of water. Take at two hour intervals.

Day three: Take only two doses — one in the morning and another at night.

Continue taking one dose in the morning until illness is cured.#uglybynature
Source: http://www.organicandhealthy.org/2017/01/how-to-fight-colds-and-flu-with-baking.html

@biancataylorfitness doing booty work in our classic slate grey leggings that are restocking this Friday 10/27 at 12pm pacific. We are thinking of restocking this color in classic and heart booty cut. What do you guys think?

#vegan #veganfitness #veganbodybuilding #veganbooty #mondaymotivation #motivationmonday

I've been asked a lot if I plan on competing again in the future, and if I do plan on it, will I use AAS again?

My honest answer is, I do not plan on using them ever again BUT I will compete again in the future. A few people have motivated me a ton over the last few months and convinced me that I can be still be a great bodybuilder without them. Those individuals are:
Now, I'm not against people using them at all. People can do whatever they want with their bodies and it's not up to me to convince anyone not to. But I feel now more than ever is a great time to show others that just because you don't use them, you can still be great. Sure, I won't be nearly as big as I was here on the left, but I still love myself no matter what and I owe it to myself to push along this new path in and life and show what the human body can be capable of on its own AND do it as a #vegan (almost 7 months strong now)

I appreciate those guys that I've tagged above. Know that the journey you guys walk does make a difference, even in a guy like myself 😊#jifitness ---------------------------------------------------
For workout programs, apparel, and more visit my website www.jifitness.com
Questions about coaching and training? Email me:

Brown rice, steamed bok choy, black bean sweet potato patties and avocado is easily one of my favorite dinners. Topped with everything but the bagel seasoning cause it's bomb! #yesiliveinthisshirt #socomfy

✨I'm working on myself, by myself, for myself 🌛Let's talk about body image for a minute. If you don't already know, I'm "bulking" which means I'm in a calorie surplus (eating more calories than I require to maintain my current weight) in order to gain strength, build muscle and be able to lift heavier weights in the gym. I have a pretty fast metabolism so this requires to eat a LARGE quantity of food 🌮🍫which can sometimes result in bloating, water retention and my body looking fairly different from day to day 🤷🏻‍♀️ It would be so easy for me to feel discouraged by this and experience feelings of insecurity but I'm so focused on getting stronger and building more muscle that it honestly doesn't bother me. I'm so zoned in on improving my life and being BETTER than I was yesterday, not looking the same as I did yesterday 🙅🏻 #selflove #gimmealldafood

This is what "just a little snack" look like
Having appetite between two meals, we are often grabbing a "little snack" unbetween, but it's striking how different the calories can be depending on our choice. If we're struggling with getting enough calories, we should chose more often the foods on the right side (like dried fruits and nuts). Is our goal to lose weight? Then we should eat more snacks like the ones on the left side (fruits and veggies), because they have a very low calorie density.
"Ich nehme mir nur mal eben schnell einen kleinen Snack"...jaja, das kennen wir doch 😬 So eine Hand voll Snack kann kalorisch gesehen sehr unterschiedlich ausfallen. Das Volumen ist bei allen Snacks jedoch nahezu identisch. Falls du Probleme hast, zuzunehmen, solltest du vermerkt die Nahrungsmittel auf der rechten Seite in deine Ernährung oder als Snacks zwischen Mahlzeiten einbauen, denn so konsumierst du viele Kalorien und musst dich nicht vollstopfen. Ist dein Ziel Fett abzubauen? Dann sind die Nahrungsmittel auf der linken Seite, Obst und Gemüse, deine besten Freunde in Sachen Snacks. Hierdurch bekommst du viel Volumen auf wenig Kalorien, d.h. du wirst satt und bleibst locker im Defizit ☺🌱
Für welchen Snack würdest du dich jetzt entscheiden? (Ich würde die Datteln oder gefrorenen Trauben nehmen!🤗)

What would your Grandma think is Vegan? 😂


Today I trained Ropes, Bi's Tri's & Back circuit and finished w/ Abs 💪🏽
Then went for a 5km walk in the beautiful sunshine! 🌞

Been gettin sick pumps lately with a change in aminos. This is before the gym. Meant to do a after. But the pump went to my brain and I forgot. #pumped #gainz #gainz #cannonballdelts #deltoids #shoulderday #liftheavyshit #ogfitness #vegan #veganbodybuilding

Superset for BACK thickness - - -
Start with a cable row on the high pulley, make sure you don't rock back and forth with the weight - - -
Then grab dumbbells and go for bent-over rows - - - -
For both exercises, keep a strong scapular retraction (chest up, shoulders back) - - - -
Pull through your elbows to minimize the use of the forearms and biceps - - - -
8 to 12 reps on both, for a total of 4 sets each.

Cado-cado-cado-HARD! That's my chant whenever I enjoy one of my all time favs, avocado 🥑 toast with baby spinach and a whole lotta siracha drizzel. And of course some freshly ground salt and pepper to top of the deliciousness 😋 I don't have to tell you the many benefits of enjoying avocado..... dry high in antioxidants, fiber, potassium, vitamins, and the good mono saturated fats that help lower cholesterol and inflammation.....not that you would have to worry of any of these problems if you are on a whole food plantbased diet 👍🏼
If you'd like to witness a body transformational journey on a 💯% plantbased diet..please join me..
👉🏼 @plantbased_omie 👈🏼
#plantbasedfood #vegan #veganjourney #plantbased #plantbasedweightloss #veganweightloss #veganbodybuilding #meatfreeathlete #plantbasedathlete #plantbasedmuscle #wintercut #motivation #grateful #hustle #carbup #ctfu #eatwhatelephantseat #eatwhatgorillaseat

What dinner looks like during midterm season 🤓💪🏼🌱 How’s everyone’s week going?

It's not always about smashing your workout and crushing every move. .
Some days, like today, it's about laughing about how damn uncoordinated you are, smiling through the struggle, making modifications just to finish, and being proud of yourself for showing up. 🙌🏼💪🏼✌🏼
#sweatyselfie #nevermissamonday #mondaymood #postworkout #mondayvibes #noexcuses #beproud #justdoit #modify #homeworkout #gymselfie #nogymnoproblem #healthyishappy #squatsfordays #burpees #hiitcardio #homegym #nightworkout #smilemore #gymwear #gymclothes #vegansofig #veganbodybuilding #healthyweightloss #ww360 #toneitup #deathbykayla #sweatwithkayla #teamaspireforhigher #teamgratefullyfit

When your taste in clothes matches your taste in coffee which matches your taste in men 🤷🏻‍♀️🖤

Ya'll fuckin disgust me. Eating mean is nasty as hell! Why do you need another being to filter your nutrients?! Might as well be eating dog shit. The conditions that those poor animals live their tortured lives in are beyond appalling, then ya'll put that in your mouths and bodies?! 🤢🤢 Yah fuckin gross. Watch Earthlings and tell me that you ain't destroyed by it. Go ahead, I'll wait. Not to mention how unbelievably SELFISH it is to be a meat eater. You benefit from the horrific life of another being that wants to be happy and free just because you think it tastes good. You are fucked in the head bruh. If you don't want it done to you, don't let it happen to other beings.•

#vegan #veganaf #veganism #veganlife #veganveteran #theveganveteran #veganforlife #veganfortheanimals #voiceforthevoiceless #defendthedefenseless #veganfit #veganfitness #fitvegans #veganswholift #veganmuscle #veganbodybuilding #vegainz #stopeatinganimals #stopeatingmeat #denvervegans #vegansofcolorado #plantbased #plantbuilt #plantbeast #vegano #roadto165 #thefutureisvegan #govegan #savetheplanet #knockitoff

"Πρέπει να απελευθερώσουμε τον εαυτό μας, από την ελπίδα ότι η θάλασσα θα γαληνέψει. Πρέπει να μάθουμε, να πλέουμε και με τους δυνατούς ανέμους" -Αριστοτέλης Ωνάσης
•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••“We must free ourselves of the hope that the sea will ever rest. We must learn to sail in high winds”
-Aristotle Onassis

❓Do you train? Are you dedicated❓Need to increase muscle mass in the gym in the most natural/organic way possible ?We want to take your training to the Next Level!!_______________________________
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Contains no Synthetic additives or processed sugars or contaminants🚫 __________________________________
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I slacked Sunday on my #foodprepping and was a bit off today because of it so I really wanted something rich and fun for dinner tonight. Coconut fried tofu on soba noodles with peanut satay sauce and baked bok choy with sweet sesame soy sauce. Gonna be a great week.

#vegangains #veganbodybuilding #plantbased #plantfueled #gains #chef #prepping #prepper #asianfood #inventionkitchen #tofu #learningtolove

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