EASY 3-INGREDIENT BANANA PANCAKES (VG + GF) 🥞 ☀️ Who doesn't love pancakes right?! EVERYBODY does! The sad thing is that they are probably not the healthier thing for you to eat vey often. SO I put together this 3 ingredient - supper easy recipe AND pretty healthy too! 👏🏻
Manipura | Solar Plexus Chakra
I am confident in all that I do
I respect myself and I deserve a wonderful life
I chose health, healing and happiness
I act with courage and strength
🧡 OATS are an amazing gluten-free whole grain, that is also a great source of important vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. They are loaded with dietary fiber (containing more than many other grains) and have a range of healthy cholesterol-lowering properties. They also lower blood pressure, improve health function, help reduce hunger and increase feelings of fullness, and can reduce constipation.
💛 FIBRE - getting enough fibre in the morning will not only keep you regular (YAY!), but it will also slow down your digestion so you’ll feel fuller longer (double YAY)
🔥 Pitta food - Element - fire - Energy - hot + dry 
Soothing for: Pita 🧡 & Vata 💙
Aggravets: Kapha 💚

✨NEW BLOG POST✨ Review of Iceland's No Bull Bleeding Burger 🍔 would you give it a try? Read my thoughts on the blog ⭐️

One of the last photos from my #london #vegan trip, but tomorrow is the Scottish Vegan Festival at Corn Exchange so there will be plenty of pretty vegan food photos coming your way! I was disappointed I didn't get to try the chocolate peanut butter tart on their testing menu at @wagamama_uk noodle lab, but the hubby was mighty pleased to try their matcha and mango mille feuille. Yes, I was that dedicated I brought it on the plane all the way from London to Edinburgh! 😍😂😝🌱🌿💚🙏 Try veganuary.com or challenge22.com #nomnom #wagamama #noodlelab #veganlondon #veganfoodshare #vegans #crueltyfree #makeadifference #gamechanger #vegansofig #vegansofinstagram #vegansofinsta #jointhecompassionaterevolution #plantpower #plantstrong #whatveganseat #dairyfree #lactosefree #lactoseintolerant #strengththroughcompassion #edinburghbloggers #veganblogger #edinburghvegan #scottishvegan #veganeats #govegan #goveganscotland

What are your plans for this weekend? I'm going to celebrate my love b-day💏💖

Buddha Plate🍴🌱
Delicious plate with a large scoop of brown rice, combined with purple broccoli, sweet roasted red peppers, cabbage and mushrooms! Vegetables are from a local farm in Sussex. 🍄🥦🥒🍚🌶
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There’s an age old debate as to how people like their ANZAC cookies - some like it firm and crunchy and others like it soft and chewy. How do you like yours? . 
Visit the blog for the full recipe.

Finalmente veio o 🌞 e as smoothie bowls! Esta levou duas bananas, morangos e leite de coco caseiro (receita no blog). Como topping a minha receita secreta da granola (que foi a degustar no Workshop Probióticos) e sementes de cânhamo @iswariofficial ❤️ Relembro que hoje é o último dia em que vão ter direito a oferta de três barrinhas raw + 10% de desconto em todo o site (com o código OKSI e em compras de valor superior a 40€). .
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I am the ancient well of wisdom
Come drink from my waters
Come take your fill
Not in tiny dainty sips
But in full-bodied joy
And innocent delight
Of the heart

I am the crimson fire of passion
Come dive into my flames
And rise from the ashes reborn
Not in small tentative flutters
But in wholehearted abandon
And free flowing flight
Beyond the sun

I am the ancient standing stone
Beneath the full moon
Come rest your cheek upon my coolness
And know the gentled peace of your belonging
Not in fear or hesitation
But in sweet surrender
To the vastness of the night

I am the power of wildness
Come dance in my ecstasy
Until you disappear
Not with controlled steps of caution
Or terror and shame
But with the widespread wings
Of formless flight

I am the darkness of the void
Come love within my mystery
And know the earth’s secrets
Not through conditions and limitations
But in wise and ancient knowing
I am Mother of All
I am Crone

This @nipandfab stuff is brilliant! It’s transformed my skin in under a week! I had really dry skin after coming back from Portugal and it’s glowing again now 🙌🏼
It contains glycolic fruit acid to exfoliate and you add 2 drops to your evening serum or night cream. It’s smells divine and the best bit it’s cruelty free and vegan!!! Oh and almost forgot to mention it’s currently on sale for £4.95 (from £19.95) 😵stock up!!!! ✌🏻💚🌱
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Spent the day in the garden today, was a good time. Keen to plant some fruit and veg now!!👏🏼 Swipe for some before and afters 👩🏼‍🌾

Low key mad at past me for not doing her coursework sooner but at the same time not mad because you need to be kind to yourself... anyway here's some fruit for this sunny day 💜

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Frühstück mal draußen ☺️☀️🙌🏻 Den Beeren Protein Shake gibt es bei mir jeden Morgen! Früchte dürfen aber auch nicht fehlen :) Hab gelesen, dass man Obst am besten morgens essen sollte. Weiß sonst einer was davon ? 😅
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A little while ago I learned about blue light and how it can really mess with our sleep. For most of history, people rose and slept with the sun. Their circadian rhythm was effortlessly controlled by the light of the sun and moon. After learning about this I set myself a nighttime routine which involved switching off all my electronic devices (phone, ipad and laptop) an hour before going to bed. However, this practice didn't last long and I found myself back in the trap of scrolling on my phone late at night and watching movies on the laptop in the hours leading up to sleep time.

Now, we’re exposed to artificial light at all times of day and night. Our electronic devices emit blue light, (which only occurs in nature during the brightest part of the day) which has been found to affect our cortisol patterns, melatonin, circadian rhythm and our sleep cycles.

Bad sleep can severely impact our overall health, so ensuring I'm doing what I can to get a quality nights sleep is a big priority for me.
These cute @baxterblue_ glasses are designed to protect our peepers from damaging effects of blue light and I'm excited to see how much of a difference they make to my sleep.
If you work behind a computer, if you're a bit of a screen-o-holic, or you suffer from headaches, tired eyes, blurred vision or restless sleep, then definitely check out @baxterblue_
On top of supporting our eye health, @baxterblue_ provide a person in need with a pair of glasses with every purchase. This is love! 🙏💛
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Good morning everyone! 🌈🤩
It’s days like this you appreciate living at the seaside! How lucky we really are to be on such a cool part of earth! ☀️⚓️
Just hopped out of the most refreshing shower! I said I was going to wear a dress today but tbh it’s not for me and I’m not feeling any of the ones I have so I’ll probably need to go shopping.. what a shame. 🙃
Still using these bad boys from @botanicsuk, I used the scrub in the shower and topped up with the toner and got rid of any lingering mascara with the micellar water! You can find these in @bootsuk 🌈🌸
Now I’m all florally and cool, the toning water is good for that! Oo I should put it in the fridge! 😍😍
Anyway I’m rambling! Have a lovely day friends, water your plants too cause they’ll be needing a drink in this heat! 🌱🌸🌈

Hi, everyone. Today, it isn’t a meme nor a recipe video that I’m sharing. Lately, I’ve been thinking about my role as an individual and a vegan. I know that I am doing my part by introducing my kind of vegan food to the world, making everyone see that it’s more than what anyone would expect. I have veganized many dishes, and in the process have helped a lot of people go vegan. I have received so much love and respect from all of you like I could have never imagined. So, for that, I want to thank all of you. I intend to continue to do what I have been doing for the past two years, sharing more easy vegan recipes with you that you can recreate at home and enjoy. However, apart from talking about food, I also want to share clips and videos about veganism that I feel have helped me and a lot of people get inspired and appreciate this way of life a lot more.
But knowing that some of my followers are vegan and some are not, I have decided to create another account where I share messages on veganism that are not food related.
This clip is an example/ a preview of what I'll be sharing at @dailyveganclips
I created @mymeatlessmeals for everyone and anyone who eats or wants to eat meatless meals, hence the name.
I became vegan because vegans in my life are very kind and compassionate towards me. They respected me enough to let me make my own decision. They never forced nor guilt tripped me into becoming vegan at all. And personally, I feel it is important that I do the same.
This doesn’t mean that I am any less passionate about the cause than any other vegans. I just choose to do this in the way that I know works for me. So, if you’d like to watch more videos like this one, follow @dailyveganclips and let’s connect there as well.

Follow us @vegans.insta for future post
Credit: @mymeatlessmeals
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Tofu Toast (cooked in tumeric & chili), salad packed with vitamins and sauerkraut for acidophilus. bifidus, and probiotics to keep my tummy in tact... You know all healthy and balanced and that. I am LOVING being able to eat outside in the beautiful sunshine too - synthesising me some vitamin D! ☺☀💛💐

Od dwoch dni trwa biedronkowe Wege szaleństwo 😂😂🌱. Dzisiaj zastałam już tylko tofu i pastę z nowej tymczasowej oferty Biedronki. Mam nadzieję że produkty wejdą na stałe do oferty 😋😋🌱🌱🌱. A Wam co udało się zdobyć ♒❓❓❓❓
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