Would say transformation Tuesday but it’s Wednesday lol🤷🏼‍♀️ the picture on the left was this year 2 days after my birthday, the clothes that I had ordered didn’t look right on me and I legit had a mental breakdown over how I looked 😭😂 on the right is this morning after breakfast ( I don’t know why I take progress pics after Iv eaten but ah well💁🏽‍♀️😂 after my birthday I’ve been slowly reducing my calories and increasing the amount of running which I am doing, I am currently 10 stone 13.6 so Iv lost around a stone since February/ March which I’m pretty pleased with and it’s motivated me even more to get to my goal weight of 10 stone 👅 •

I sadly was a victim of “ going vegan makes you lose weight “🙄 that isn’t always the case ( or it wasn’t for me anyways ) eating at a calorie deficit is the way to lose weight and fat no matter what diet you are eating! I still follow a vegan diet as it is still the healthiest diet you can follow and for the animals 😁 some people may lose a lot of weight on the vegan diet, but you still need to ensure that you are watching what you are eating if you are wanting to lose weight 😌
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Don't freak out, but oil on your face can be a good thing. If it's the right oil, it not only moisturizes but heals as well😊 Our Coconut Almond Face Oil can diminish those dreaded crow's feet and smile lines while, in conjunction with the other products in our Beauty Collection, improve and heal your acne and eczema🙌🏾
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Today’s first grade school lunch ☀️🌸🌷🧚🏻‍♀️🌼🦄🌈❤️: rice cooked in garlic and veggie broth 🍚, a kale salad with nutritional yeast and hemp seeds, baked tofu, a @gogosqueez apple and banana sauce, a @madegoodfoods granola bar, water, and a @honesttea juice. .
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Good morning,loves!
Since, the bralettes started to be so #trendy between this year and last year. I haven't stopped wearing them. I love how comfy and elegant they can be! I mean, let's be realistic. As many of you all know, I have small boobs and for some reason I was never able to get use to have a bra on. I felt my boobs were not comfortable at all. So, for all my ladies that like to feel completely comfy and sexy... guess what?? I get most of my #bralettes on @winkgal_official - they have different colors and styles. And dont forget to sign up with your e-mail to get some good discounts. More pictures coming soon!

@drschollsshoes X @urbanoutfitters Originally sandal 👡

Good Morning, Babes! 💕

Today I thought that, instead of sharing a picture of my porridge (it's in Stories, if you want to check), I could share something I've never shared before in this account: my face.
A bit info about myself:
- I'm spanish & 39 years old. No, I don't fear to become 40 years old in a few months.
- I moved to Sweden almost two years ago (with my three cats) for love 😍
- I love watching birds, and sometimes I "talk" to them 😂

That's all for today, would you like to see more posts like this or should I stick to food?
Hope you're having an awesome Wednesday 😘
Hoy he pensado que, en lugar de compartir una foto de mi desayuno (la tenéis en Stories, si la queréis ver), podía compartir una foto de algo que nunca he mostrado en esta cuenta: mi cara.
Un poco de información sobre mí:
- Soy española y tengo 39 años. No, no me da ningún miedo acercarme a los 40. - Hace casi dos años me mudé (con mis tres gatos) a Suecia por amor 😍
- Me encanta observar a los pájaros y a veces "hablo" con ellos 😂

Eso es todo por hoy, ¿os gustaría ver más posts de este tipo o me centro en la comida?
Espero que estéis teniendo un miércoles estupendo.

Too beautiful that deep black color to not have an extra picture of it 😉

Whole Food Plant Based Snack
Time for a snack 😋 fruit is just an amazing snack with all its water 💦 fiber 🌿 vitamins✨ minerals 💫 and antioxidants 🌈
1 small banana • 1 kiwi • 4 large strawberries • 1 orange • some green and purple grapes
Calories: 268
Fiber: 9g
Water: 360ml
What do you think about fruit as a snack: Yay 😍 or Nay 🙅🏼‍♀️ ?

Lunch today 😋 found this soup in Sainsbury’s today #bol #bolfoods #soup #sweetpotatosoup #cauliflowersoup

|| COFFEE FOR DAYZ || Finally went to @editionroasters and their coffee is sooooo good! They even have Japanise-Nordic fusion-snacks including a cool little tofu number ☕️💖

This was an amazing buddha bowl 😍
Ovenbaked potatoe slices spiced with turmeric, pepper powder, salt & pepper 🌶 roasted chickpeas, fresh carrots 🥕 & a diced avocado 🥑 topped with some hummus and of course some chili‘s - not in the picture, but I always eat at least 2-3 Indian chilis to every meal haha 😅
✘ ✘ ✘
. [DE]
So einfach, aber doch so gut! 🤤 Ein leckeres & einfaches Mittagessen. Ich hoffe ihr hattet auch was gutes 😋
Habe heute übrigens den Gewinn von @klaraslife bekommen. Das Buch von @lenaliciously - werd ganz bald was daraus kochen, so viele tolle Rezepte in dem Buch. Ich weiß gar nicht wo ich anfangen soll! 🎉
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Mon petit gâteau d'anniversaire pour la Petite Chloé ❤

The beauty of flowers in incorporated into everything we do.

This is what vegan muscle is all about! We love a classic Mopar and this beautiful Cuda is all the reason you need to know why! Welcome to the club @former_human and thanks for the submission. We’l be getting some stickers to you as soon as we get them sorted and please keep us updated! If you want to drop some specs in the comments or give us a little background, that would be amazing!

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