I’m not interested in staying stuck in the limiting beliefs that anxiety has inflicted upon me for so many years. I’m interested in empowering myself to shift my focus, shift my experience with life, and shift the way I feel. How about you?

Although my garden didn’t turn out like I expected this year, it still makes me smile when I get to gather all that we managed to grow. I’ve learned SO much. What I want to do different next year, what I want to keep the same. I’m grateful for what we have received this summer so far and I can’t wait to see what my future gardens will provide. 🌱🍅🌻 #dailyharvest #gardeningbeginner

#ayurvedalifestyle recommends #vatadosha to eat warm breakfast.. so here we have gluten-free oatmeal with hemp, turmeric, walnuts and homemade jam of fresh black currant, thanks to @kungmyra 🦋😁 #brekkie #breakfast #frukost #livehealthy #noadditives #mizznadzstyle

How much sleep do you get each night? And how is the quality of your sleep?

I can’t stress enough how important good, quality sleep is for mental health. Our bodies need to rest in order to function at their best. Sure, some people can get less sleep and still function, but those of us who are plagued by anxiety, we need our sleep. Some of my WORST mental health days follow a night of poor sleep. Recognizing this helps me plan to go easy on myself on the days I’m running on too few hours of sleep. And it helps me to keep calm when anxiety starts to kick in.

So, keep your head up, and try to get more sleep - 8 to 10 hours if possible. If sleep is something you struggle with, check out my blog post on how to get better sleep (website link in bio).

Thx @pranilife and @dfwfreedayofyoga for the challenge. This is my first and remains my only purpose taken yoga pic. For me it was liberating. To practice on the terrace after a LONG day traveling from Dallas to Gaeta Italy. I don’t have an issue with my body but I never practice in just a yoga bra, and certainly didn’t intend to be photographed that way. Jet lag slashed at my defenses and I was able to just let my practice bubble up and join my arms to the sky. Italy touches a part of my soul that no other corner of the world can even fathom. Though I was high above the earth, having my feet touch tile connected to the stones of ages past left me feeling more rooted than I have ever felt. With no mirror to distract me I just let my body find the pose. How do you live your yoga? What does your practice mean to your life? .
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De belles trouvailles du @spa_eastman. Très hâte de les essayer, mais surtout de lire le livre, merci @vgoudreault de m’avoir fait découvrir @krystine_st_laurent 😍💜 #faitici #produitnaturel #ayurveda #ayurvedalife #nature #vatadosha #kaphadosha #pittadosha #balance #rituel #bienetre #bonheur #spaeastman

Finally starting to move some things into my moms studio space ✨🕉 #yogaspace #workoutroom

• Moving & Grooving •

Whenever I feel my mind and it’s thoughts start to ramp up, whenever I feel like there’s so much to do and no time to do it, I do yoga or dance or both. I call it getting my Vata wiggles out or adult recess.

Without my adult recesses, my worry prone mind would take over and I would get little to nothing done. Sometimes it’s a challenge to first get out of my head and go move my body, but over the years it has gotten easier because I know that I’m going to feel better and be way more productive.🤸‍♂️
Do you adult recess? If so what’s your go to movement?
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Kesän viimeisiä smoothiebowleja 🍌 Koska kun säät viilenee, mun ruoka lämpenee 🍵 Vaikka olen kyllä kesälläkin tunnettu siitä, etten havittele jäätelöiden perään ja juon veteni kylmän sijaan huoneenlämpöisenä 🍦Eihän kylmä edes maistu miltään...! 😏 #vatadosha

When you have over indulged on the weekend and you need to take it back to basics . Mung Dal Kitchari and organic Courgette simmering with cumin seeds. Both are tri doshic and healing to Vata Dosha. Both are easy to digest, allowing the body nourishment without taxing the digestive system. Anadi offers cooking classes, contact Rachel if you would like to know more about all the benefits that Ayurvedic cooking has to offer. #ayurvediccooking #ayurveda #vatadosha #digestivehealth #digestion #tridosha #foodasmedicine #food

We have all 3 doshas in us to some degree, but the sign of having Vata or a Vata imbalance is being cold all the time!
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Vatas tend to have trouble calming their mind when starting to implement yoga or meditation, but don't get frustrated or impatient! Eventually you will learn to master your air and find grounding balance!
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Vatas tend to have trouble calming their mind when starting to implement yoga or meditation, but don't get frustrated or impatient! Eventually you will learn to master your air and find grounding balance!

♻️ repost from @doctorrekha:
Vata is a mixture of elements Air and Ether. Think free flowing, light spirited, ever moving...a balanced Vata makes you a visionary, creative, dreamer who is full of ideas ☀️ The downside is - you start a million projects and leave them unfinished beacuse your mind is always wandering, moving from one job to another! ☀️ If you ask me, I am super vata, super creative & super unorganized with a super wandering mind ! 😂 I keep changing my mind, constantly wondering.. should I do this or that ? ☀️ Think Steve Jobs, think Sundar Pichai, think Amitabh Bacchan!

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