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Got this badass PopaRex Bottle opener today from @va_tactical! These colors are incredible! Thank you for the giveaway!! 👍👊 #vatactical #bottleopener
#craftbrewjunkies #poparex #titanium

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The #Glock18 is a selective fire variant of the Glock 17, developed at the request of the Austrian counter-terrorist unit EKO Cobra. Originally produced in 1986, this machine pistol–class firearm has a lever-type fire-control selector switch, installed on the serrated portion of the rear left side of the slide. With the selector lever in the bottom position, the pistol will fire fully automatic, and with the selector lever in the top position, the pistol will fire semi-automatically. The firearm is typically used with an extended 33-round capacity magazine, although other magazines from the Glock 17 will function, with available capacities of 10, 17, or 19 rounds. Early Glock 18 models were ported to reduce muzzle rise during automatic fire. Another compensated variant was produced, known as the #Glock18C. It has a keyhole opening cut into the forward portion of the slide, similar to the opening on the #Glock long-slide models, although the Glock 18 has a standard-length slide. The keyhole opening provides an area to allow the four, progressively larger (from back to front) compensator cuts machined into the barrel to vent the propellant gases upwards, affording more control over the rapid-firing machine pistol.

Beginning of my bottle opener collection #edcgear #edc #vatactical #wiseguytool #odingodofwar

This Fox fox-515 Terzuola collab rides nice in the pocket and what better to pair it with the Tsuba coin #foxknives #hostileintent #vatactical #usnstagram

Keeping that beard clean on Father's Day with a #Jurassiccomb 🔥 Shot by: @baneofthetaken
Quick Sunday work pocket dump of the new titanium from #kochtools and #vatactical.

@va_tactical for making badass edc gear! My modest collection so far, will be adding more soon for sure! Thanks @va_tactical for all the work you put in and epic pieces you send out 👊🏻🔥 | #vatactical #vafreedomgaw #edc #pocketdump #metalwork #custom #handmade #copper #titanium

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The #Jericho941 is a double action/single action semi-automatic pistol developed by Israel Military Industries (now: Israel Weapon Industries) that was launched in 1990.

It was first imported into the US in 1990 by K.B.I., Inc. of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It was later imported by O.F. Mossberg & Sons and named the Uzi Eagle and by Magnum Research, Inc. as the Baby Eagle until the end of 2008. Some pistols from Magnum Research are marked Desert Eagle Pistol. Despite these names being used in the US market, the Jericho 941 is not related to the IMI #DesertEagle other than its manufacture and design by IMI, and bears only a slight cosmetic resemblance to the larger pistol. From January 2009 until they ceased business in January 2010, K.B.I., Inc. (which also imported Charles Daly firearms) imported of the handgun as the Jericho. Magnum Research, now a division of Kahr Arms, announced a renewed importation of the Jericho.

In December 2014, #IWI US, Inc. announced they would begin importing both the steel and polymer versions of the Jericho 941 in early 2015.


I think the donuts for the PopaRex. Breakfast of champions shot by: @wildwolberine
Happy Monday! 😖
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