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Does anyone else feel like doing this, with all the flu viruses that are spreading around!! 😷😷

Eosinophilic Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis (EGPA), previously known as Churg-Strauss Syndrome, is an inflammatory disease of small and medium sized blood vessels. The lungs and skin are commonly affected but it can affect other organs including the heart, kidneys, nerves and bowels.

Behçet's disease, or Behçet's syndrome, is a rare and poorly understood condition that results in inflammation of the blood vessels and tissues.

What is Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis?

GPA is a type of primary systemic ANCA associated vasculitis (AAV). It is the most common type of this group of vasculitis diseases. It usually affects the kidneys, lungs, ears, nose and sinuses. GPA is characterised by inflammation of the small blood vessels including the capillaries.


Our love/hate relationship with prednisone!

Anyone else??

Happy new year! ❤️
In 2018 never forget.....

Merry Christmas Vasculitis warriors! ❤️🎄

Heading into the week ready to face it head-on, and with a smile. 💋 Tomorrow, marks the 8-year-anniversary of the passing of my father. 💋This year, I feel my mind is in a better place than ever before. So, tomorrow I will do my best to honor a man who faced every day with a smile and child-like sense of joy, by smiling 😁 and being mindful of the blessings in-front of me. 🙏 If you have a moment visit @vasculitisfoundation & make a donation in “honor of Ilya Peckerman”, which will be matched dollar4dollar by my family. We@are honoring my dad + supporting the #vasculitiscommunity by creating the Ilya Peckerman Vasculitis Teaching Fellowship Program her in NY. #bethechange #adaughterslove #childlikewonder

Let’s DREAM BIG together !! @adele365 is dreaming about complete remission for vasculitis patients and praises research + vasculitis community for her optimism. ❤️ What’s your #vfdreambig #dreambigvf vision. Click link in bio 🔗 and share your dreams with all of us! ❤️ Together we can do anything! #victoryovervasculitis

Live to Inspire and DREAM BIG. This is @pamelapekerman and her Big Dream is to create a program that educates primary care doctors on vasculitis, so that we can get early diagnosis & early care for vasculitis patients. 💋 Her father passed away in 2009 from wegenera, but Pamela often wonders what if her dAd did get answers sooner? She is turning her what if’s into why nots and BIG DREAMs, by joining @vasculitisfoundation (initially as a volunteer, now board member) & creating #Shop4Vasculitis . All donations via this #giftsthatgive program support the long term funding of the Ilya Peckerman Vasculitis Teaching Fellows Program (📎 in bio for all details). 🙏 Shop. Support. Dream Big. ❤️ Pamela’s family is also matching dollar for dollar all donations made via this holiday campaign. ❤️

Art, vasculitis and me!

We love @ben_wilson_1 BIG DREAM for the vasculitis community. More doctors with base knowledge about #vasculitis so that we can get early diagnosis and connect to proper treatment. 🙌 Help us make your BIG DREAMS come true but sharing your own dreams + donating to @vasculitisfoundation, the world leader and advocate for the vasculitis community, for over 30 years. (Link 🔗 in bio) #dreambigvf


I’m Unique. I’m Rare. A signature and unique piece of jewelry for a unique community of women and men. @kavalisjewelry created this collection to benefit @vasculitisfoundation #shop4vasculitis 💋 Click link in bio to shop this piece & support creation of the first vasculitis Teaching Fellowship program. Learn more at wwww.Shop4Vasculitis.com 💋#victoryovervasculitis #vasculitiscommunity

There are 20 different types of vasculitis each type an extremely rare disease in its own right! ❤️

Aspire to Inspire. 💛 We are so close to crossing the $10,000 mark on #GivingTueaday !!! And thanks to our generous matching donor, that amount will become $20,000. 💛 Help us DREAM BIG for every member of #vasculitiscommunity . Click link 🔗 in bio and make a donation for a better future. 💛

We are SO excited that in honor of #GivingTuesday a generous donor has offered to match, dollar for dollar, all donation made to @vasculitisfoundation. 🙌Turn you $1 into $2 and help all of us Dream Big for #vasculitiscommunity 🙏 Click link 🔗 in bio. #vasculitis #vasculitisawareness

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