Breakfast all by myself.
Quiet reflection.
Excited for all my kids have in store.
Excited for time to help more people through fitness.
Sad that I don’t get to spend all day with my two.
While each day was far from perfect they are my world. They are the reason I carved out my career and business so that it could be flexible. This quiet house while a little sad is also a testimony to God’s love and favor. I am blessed abundantly.

Exercise is not just for your body... but for your mind.
It is a treat.
Builds confidence.
Clears your head.
Brings endorphins that improve mood.
Helps flush out anger, depression, anxiety and lots of other negative emotions.
Train not only for your body... but to treat your mind.

Pink Out for my girl @mythinkfit we love you sister and we are pulling our strength to lift you up! #fight #strong #pinkout #vary8

☀️☀️ 🕶👙We’ve We’ve got SUMMER on our minds… bathing suits, sandals, shorts, pools and beaches. 👙🕶☀️☀️
Get summer ready with the amazing Vary-8 fitness class!
Lean out and get strong! This is an 8-week program that will help you achieve big things — Strength Training, HIIT, Barre Method, Pilates, Power, Athletic Training and innovation all rolled into one! No two classes are ever the same keeping it fresh and focused. Your enrollment includes a meal plan and accountability. All classes are held at the Farmers Branch Community Recreation Center.
Class times:
5:30am M/W/F
8:00pm T/Th
New session starts Mon. 5/21
Wanna Join?
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You won't want to miss this one-of-a-kind event! Great for all fitness levels. Call 972.247.4607 or stop by the Farmers Branch Rec Center for details. Register online at farmersbranchliving.com #fbtx #farmersbranch #fitnessintensive #getfit #fitness #workout #mealprep #exercise #iworkout #vary8 #findyourfitplace #wellness #health #healthy #summeriscoming #lift #nutrition #gym #mealplan #motivation #fitnessphotography #strength #maketimeforyou

January 1st to April 6th.
Ab definition {hooray!}
Bloat went away {hallelujah!}. What did I change?
I dialed it in using the 20-Minute Push meal plan >> The "Push Back on Sugar" version which will launch in May. It erases 3 foods and poof!
I still eat ALL food groups.
NO starvation.
I honestly never feel deprived.
I still drink wine.
I still eat carbs.
That happened in about 3 months.
I promised you I would share the journey. So here it is.

If you aren't a member of the 20-Minute Push online fitness studio and nutrition plan... then you gotta give this a shot.

In May we are PUSHing back on sugar.
We are following a simple and easy plan and exercising in doable amounts. << all 20 minutes meals and workouts. {remember my Sugar Detoxista? Yup. like that. But now you get a virtual fitness studio}

Imagine what YOU can do in 30 days?
Wanna PUSH? -{ignore the seriously goofy face. lol}

Nike Lunch & Learn
Ummmmm yes please!
#nike #fitmom #trainer #vary8

So awesome seeing the Blue Moon bright and early this morning on the way to Vary-8, should have snapped a pic. Leaving class and getting the start of the eclipse and rushing home to get ready for work but took time to stand in my driveway to watch this rare amazing sight. As I was in my driveway a lady that runs laps around the park every morning across from my house stopped in my driveway and said "Are you watching the moon?", I said, "Yes, I am." So there we stood and stared at amazement and wonder at the moon together till the full eclipse happen. Two people, not knowing each other from atom but having the common background as to where we live. Always wave and say "Hi!" Y'all! #superbluebloodmoon #rareevent #vary8 #nofilter #notthebest #iphone #closetnerd

Those that spend more time slightly sweaty than not... you can feel me on this. I wear way too many layers... and I’m cold. Like too the bone. Spring... can you pretty please show up early? XOXO, From the sweaty girl wearing lots and lots of sweaty layers. #dontmatchatall #sweatyhair #afterworkoutglow #fitmom #fitpro #vary8 #cowboysfit #strength #momswithmuscles

WORKOUTS #9, #10, #11 of 156:
Vary-8 Brutal Basics x2, Vary-8 STEEL Endurance x1 + a mini goal workout solo (which I'm not counting towards my 156). Feeling good.
Feeling sore.
My abs are sore. The holy grail of soreness.
Feeling awesome.
Snuck a quick hop on the scale yesterday and I'm down a pound from where I was last Friday... but won't officially count it yet. My weigh-ins are on Fridays. My progress pics are on Fridays.

It's important to set metrics of success for yourself otherwise how will you know how far you've come...? The results are slow. Well... real sustainable results are slow.

I haven't done measurements yet... but I will get that knocked out tomorrow.

My message to you today is FIND YOUR GROOVE. If you aren't consistent for a period of time with workouts and nutrition... it will be darn near impossible to find the groove. I'm there. It was brutal for a few days (with food)... but I'm there finally!

I had one angry day where I was just kinda crabby. That was the detox-ing talking. And now I feel more steady.

AND the great news is that Evan Henderson is doing the food part with me! Normally I go solo on the food thing. He does his thing... I do mine... but he is with me and that does wonders for motivation and sticking with something. So thank you babe! We are in this together! {P.S. I'm obsessed with these pants. Lululemon. Seriously you get me and my shape. I've never had Lulus before... but my Vary-8 girls surprised me with an amazing gift card for Christmas and I snagged a few pairs. The rise is perfect, the compression is right and the super soft seams make them the BEST! Now off to teach at Cowboys Fit}

#bikinibound #beachtriplooming #vary8 #goals #fitmom #cleaneats #fitfam #findyourfitplace #bootygains #yearofthebooty #bootywhisperer #allisoncallsmethat #lol

Working toward some goals today... more pull-ups, speeding up my 1 mile run and building quads. #fitmom #goals #fitlife #vary8

Massage and healing time! Ahhhhhh! I used to think massage was indulgent. Now I know it is 100% necessary for recovery and muscle repair. #fitmom #sportsmassage #strengthtraining #recovery #takecareofyourself #fitnesslifestyle #vary8 #soretodaystrongtomorrow

Oh meal prepping how I have missed you. 💁‍♀️
30 minutes well spent this afternoon... >> Pulled the meat off of two unseasoned rotisserie chickens (one in the fridge for salads, 1 in the freezer to stay fresh)
>> Washed all kinds of fruits and veggies for snacking (celery, bell peppers, strawberries, blueberries, cherry tomatoes)
>> Made protein balls for after school snacks

The short-cuts... I know it is cheaper to chop and wash it all myself... but sometimes the short-cuts are money well-spent... >> Bought already washed spinach and butter lettuce for salads
>> Bought already chopped and frozen sweet potatoes for hash
>> Bought those rotisserie chickens I mentioned above
>> Bought already washed and chopped baby carrots
>> Snagged some hummus singles so I don't have to scoop servings and dirty up little containers
>> Bought frozen "riced" cauliflower

My meals for the week:

Brekkie - sweet potatoes, eggs and spinach
Morning Snack - berries and almonds
Lunches - kitchen sink salad (like throw in all the greens)
Afternoon Snack - veggies + hummus
Dinners - Roast with cauliflower mash, Quickie Kale Chili, Salmon & Lemon garlic green beans, Fathead Pizza
After Night Workouts - macrobar *** ALL of the above take less than 20 minutes to prepare! Well except the roast... that is a crockpot meal... but the prep was less than 20 mins.

Simple ya'll. I have a formula. A method to my madness. And it is gonna work to help me shed the Christmas fluff and get myself back to abs and lean city. Just have to stay the course :) What are you dishing up this week? #fitfood #findyourfitplace #vary8 #foodprep #absaremadeintjekitchen

Happiness is a journey, not a destination; happiness is to be found along the way not st the end of the road, for then the journey is over and it’s too late.
The time for happiness is today and not tomorrow.
Yes, today.
This is the day.
This is the hour, the minute for each of us to sense the fact that life is good, even with all its trials and tribulations, and perhaps even more interesting because of them.
Every day you wake up is a day to celebrate.
Every day you are gifted is an opportunity to make your health a priority.
Stop waiting for a Monday or a new month or a sign.
Today is the day.
Today is YOUR day!

#fitmominprogress #vary8 #mondaymotivation #everydayisanewday #strongereveryday

There are only certain people in the world who get it. That drive that gets you outta bed before 5:00am comes straight from the depths of your soul. 5:16am on my drive in to class this morning. Hell yeah I'm an Independent Woman. #findyourfitplace #vary8 #pop2K #earlybirds #fitfam #fittribe #mypeople #drive #goals

Ain't NO shame in my #momshorts game, y'all.
Yes, I'm 37.
Yes, I'm a mom.
Yes, I wear short shorts.
If you've followed me for a bit, you know I've come a long way.
I've lost 110 pounds.
I've transformed my body.
But my journey has never been about being skinny.
My journey is one of self-acceptance; learning to truly love the skin I'm in.
Y'all, I'm there.
I love how I feel.
It's amazing.
So, yes, you better believe, mama is rockin' the booty shorts like it's nobody's business.
I've squatted and lifted and lunged my way to these strong legs, and I'm going to proudly show them off. 💕💕 Life's short.
Do more of what makes you happy. 💗

Shirt: Stich Fix
Bralette: The Twisted Chandelier boutique
Shorts: Lucky store Galleria
Headband and Earrings: Wal Mart

Leg credit: 2- day fix extreme/Hammer and Chisel and Meghan Henderson #vary8 bootcamp
#shesgotlegs #quadsquad #leggoals #neverskiplegday #dropitlikeasquat #fitmominprogress #feelfoodfriday

The best sunrise leaving bootcamp this morning! #nofilter #sunrise #farmersbranch #addisontx #vary8

Not rain
Nor lack or sleep
Nope. Nothing.
Can make me miss a Monday.
Thanks to my #fittribe for braving the storm to help me celebrate my birthday 🎉. #vary8 #iheartenduranceweek #youvsyou #ionlycameforthecake

Bootcamp girls unite! Great workout song!! #vary8 #tribeup #emeraldcity #vitruvianpark #ladieswhoconcert

Never miss a Monday! On 4 hours of sleep, Monday was brought to you by- Ropes Stations!! #ropes #vary8 #outofbreath

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