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Sisters Day Out! Karishma & Kareena Twinning in white Sneakers! #DoubleTap for them pretty gals @InstantBollywood ❤❤❤

How many likes for popular fitness model Sapna vyas Patel?
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It's the day! 2 days after his birthday❤😍🤗🔥
@varundvn yes, today is my birthday 🎉 I wanted u to wish me since past 2 years.. and I never got a reply..😭
It's a humble request to all my dear followers just to tag Varun below in the comments as many times as possible and make my wish true...😩❤
We love you Varun Dhawan and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME😁❤✨🥀
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To tell u all I'm also a Jacqueline fan I used to have her fan account @jacqueline.edits if you guys don't mind can u pls tag @jacquelinef143 and ask her to wish me?
Pls @jacquelinef143 it's my birthday can u wish me pls?😭❤
#jacquelinefernandez .
@ishita1987 mam, @laali_dhawan mam, @jaanvidhawan mam pls can u wish me?❤😍😩


My lovely Indian friends whom loves varun ,this is a little gift from me to you &his fans 😍😍😘😘😘
_hope you like it ....Draw by me 😎

#varundhawan #varundvn #bollywood #indian #india #movies #arts #drawing #london🇬🇧 #london #uk🇬🇧

I never saw a hotter woman wearing a yellow eyeshadow 💛💛😍

Good night everyone ❤

Omgg, so pretty💯❤
I just can't get over #badrinathkidulhania promotions and her lovely outfits 💕😖
Well, for all those who are discriminating Bollywood actresses ..You guys should stop this! You all know that all actresses are super talented!
Many of you'll have been saying that shraddha is the best and after hearing that all the Deepika lovers say Deepika is the best! Well I just want to say! All the actresses give their best! It's up to you who you make your favourite actress? I love Alia and Anushka and I never say that they r the only ones who r the best! They are many actresses in Bollywood giving their best and they also deserve to be a part of Bollywood!I don't really want to hurt anyone's feelings but am just talking truth! #aliabhatt #bkd #varundhawan


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