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Happy international Dance day 🌍
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Свечусь от счастья))) счастье-выбор! 💕 #varna be happy 😀 #mutluolun

Hello and Meet_Bulgaria!🇧🇬 #14 Located on the outskirts of Sofia lies Boyana Church, an old Medieval Orthodox Church, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and a living testimony of the Bulgarian contribution to European Culture. The church comprises of 3 buildings constructed in the 10-11th, 13th and the 19th century respectively and decorated with murals. The 13th c. paintings are an early example and predecessor of the icon-style painting which was later adopted and widespread in other European countries.

The oldest church, also known as the First Church or the East Church dates back to the 10th c. It was originally built as a chapel, entirely of brick, in the shape of a Greek cross with a dome. The church bears the decorative elements of the period - beautiful brickwork with rows and patterns outline the blind decorative arches on the outside - there are 3 of these on both the north and south facades, central arches are higher than the side ones. Light reaches the inside of the church through several long narrow openings in the dome and walls to reveal the murals. The whole inside surface of the First church is painted with murals. A second layer was applied during the 18th c. therefore the original frescos can be seen only in few places where the upper layer has been removed and shows what is underneath.

The Second 13th century church was built as an extension of the First church. This is a 2-storey building with a direct access from the old church and annexed to its western wall.

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А на мене ми е кеф

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Ко речи..? #Horizont #Varna

Perfect mood. #varna #sunset #model #poppyappeal #hill - Follow for more from @k.dachev

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