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Death feels no love can exist for him, but he finds a curious doe, Life, and feels the love he thought was impossible. He protects her from rain, follows her, and watches her. When she decides it's useless following the herd, she turns to him. She reaches to him, but Death, knowing the consequences, tried to say no. Life reaches out again, and touches him. It seems okay, so he hugs her, but sadly it drains her life, but she knew it would. Life dies in the sad, hurt, yet still loving arms of Death. He lay her body on the soft grass of the fields she was raised in. Death hugs her one, last, heartbreaking time, but knows he can not stay, or her body will perish in moments, so he flies away, having to suffer even further for he can't even cry about the love he lost, or the life he ended... A philosopher once said "death gives meaning to life" because with death, life is invaluable. I don't mean to make mistakes. I prevent doing it, but in the end I harm somebody. What's the point?

"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I have ended up where I need to be"- Doug


The Border Of Love

peek a boo

collab with @wavy.mp4 , should we do more?



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