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los tres en el #vansusopenofsurfing

Scratch that last post... Huge Congrats to @cody_young_ on Winning the Pro Juniors at the #VansUSOpenOfSurfing!! Looking smooth and powerful out there killah! #Maui #NSB

Look familiar? Never miss an open, 10 year tradition. #usopen #vansusopen #tgif #redbull #vansusopenofsurfing

This is best thing ever!!!!πŸ˜‚ @kanoaigarashi and @joeturpel So happy to see he won the #vansusopenofsurfing so stoked for him and so happy to see this interview!πŸ˜‚ congrats kanoa!

Going to miss my mom when she goes home tomorrow! #vansusopenofsurfing #usopenofsurfing #huntingtonbeach #surfcityusa

Last day #vansusopenofsurfing #chillin βœŒπŸ»οΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ


Awesome to see the Gudauskis Gang do well at the Vans US Open Of Surfing this past summer. They are such great ambassadors of the sport. #patrickgudauskas #vansusopenofsurfing

2015 Vans US Open Champion brought it at this past years event. Contact me for your fast action photography requirements. #vansusopenofsurfing #hirotoohhara

Tatiana displayed keeping her eyes on the prize in our back yard this year. For your fast action photography needs, give us a call. #vansusopenofsurfing

WCT Women killed it in HB during the open. Let me know if you are in need of fast action sports photography. #vansusopenofsurfing

Our locals have continued to impress when the big show comes to town. Kanoa Igarashi rips on his home break. Contact me for your fast action photography needs. #vansusopenofsurfing #kanoaigarashi

An airshow of a different kind. This is more common flight which occurs on the shores of HB. Contact us for your fast action needs. #vansusopenofsurfing

All the hard work that goes into practice allows for the competitor to have fun and push the limits once the jersey goes on. Capturing fast action is what we do. #vansusopenofsurfing

Focus. Contact me for any fast action sports photography. We can capture that image for any of your personal or marketing needs. #vansusopenofsurfing

With chaos all around, Laura keeps it together. Let me take care of any of your fast action photography. Contact me for more information. #vansusopenofsurfing #lauraenever

Milkshake & a View πŸ˜‹

We can capture drama, even in flight. Kolohe throws it up in the air when points are needed. #vansusopenofsurfing #koloheandino

Keeping an eye on that critical moment. Laura's timing is spot on. Let me know if you need any pictures for what ever the occasion. We will capture it. #vansusopenofsurfing #lauraenever

Capturing the moment. It's in Kolohe's eyes. The focus. Just before the cover up. Contact me if you want me to capture the moment within a picture. #vansusopenofsurfing #koloheandino

When the finest descend upon our beach, we capture the most critical moments where they rip to maximize their points. We can capture that special moment. Contact me for your photography needs. #vansusopenofsurfing #patrickgudauskas

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