Revelation // Things are often not as they seem. This beautiful serene sunset scene for instance; it was from my vantage point in the middle of a freeway median next to my van after I had a major tire blowout that took me off the road and shook things around so much my little pup nearly got hurt where he was lying and I was in the middle of nowhere without a spare because I'd already had one flat tire during my SoCal trip.
I managed to finally get home safely, only to have more big shaking occurrences, including the suicide death of a friend, and the insanity in VA. It's been a rough ride the past several days. It seems eclipse season is doing its thing, shaking up the status quo, revealing what has been obscured from our view, bringing a balance in power. If it seems impossible, like you're all alone, it's too much, it will never change, there's no hope... Remember, everything is not always as it seems. Just wait, the truth will be revealed.
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"Today marks the midpoint between the last week's eclipse and next week's. These are complex days. Dense with the personal homework assigned to us. Loaded with the personal significance of each mission. Ladened with the opportunity to set new patterns for ourselves, our work and our lives. Whatever we do during eclipse season has an incredible staying power attached to it. We cannot control what happens, but every time we choose our integrity over our fear, we choose what is life-affirming over what is life-constricting. Every time we choose our integrity over our fear, we choose what is growth-enhancing over what keeps us bound up and unable to access our agency. Every time we choose our integrity over our fear, we choose to commit a little bit more to our path and divest a little more energy from what prevents us from fulfillment."
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Panic stations! We found #rust patches under our old plywood floor! Have we bought a doomed van? This was a real scare for us and set us back weeks researching the best way of dealing with it. We opted to cut the rust out, patch with steel using tack welds and rivets and finished with anti-rust paint and caulking on both interior and exterior sides.
At this stage we had to work with what we had. Remember, there is always a solution just do your research. If you're thinking of buying a pre-owned van privately however, I would stress the importance of being able to inspect the ENTIRE vehicle before you hand over the cash!
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Some days it's Milky Way on the Sea to Sky. Some days it's coolant all of a sudden pouring out all over the road and tow trucks. Say what you will about owning a vanagon, still wouldn't trade her for anything. She teaches great patience. Although I was stoked to get to Tofino and get out in the water today, paddling out will be that much sweeter when we get there. #westylife #gertiethevan

Last night was a bit soggy... Note the stream of water cascading off our awning (all the better for rinsing dishes, it turns out). Van life in the rain is kinda a drag, no matter how many cutesy "look how cozy it is to sit in the van during the rain" photos you might see on Instagram πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ at least our bikes are getting a wash, though, right?!?! #vanstrife @the.real.vanlife

On set filming "Chance the Camper". Ok. Truths. It's not really a set. I'm at Algonquin Park. Camping. And we're just using a regular camera to film. And my director and producer is my daughter. BUT she's awesome and I do want to show you all what Camper Magic can be done to a plain- ole -Jane -Dodge -Caravan! There is nothing however, my daughter can do to edit out my derpiness. So I guess that's going to have to make the final cut. Coming soon to a YouTube channel near you ! (#vanstrife!) I don't even have a YouTube channel!!!! Somebody stop me before it's too late!!😜#camper#campervan#minivancamper#minivancamping#vanlife#vanlifediaries#campingcanada#nomadic#nomadiclife#travel#dodgecaravan#nomad#simplelife#campingwithdogs#explorecanada#solotravel#campingwithdogs#customcarpentry#homeiswhereyouparkit#campervanlicious#vanpireinc#campingwithpets

When you both swear you'll remember the trash on top of the van/Training for Tokyo 2020 #sponsormetokyo #sponsorme2020 #sponsorme2x4 #literallyanyonesponsorus #vanlife #vanstrife @tokyo2020

That feel when you zip tie the front of your van on and can now fly to the g dang moon πŸŒ™πŸŒ@leathermantools sponsor the cause!! #sponsormezipties #sponsormeleatherman #anyonesponsorusplz #fullsend #vanlife #vanstrife

Contemplating life and caffeine after a long day on the road. For a series of misadventures and a few laughs follow @vanstrife69 #fullsend #vanlife #vanstrife

Coming in hot horn blasting because it's stuck that way #fullsend #vanstrife @jerryoftheday #vanlife #himom

As often happens between race days, the van has descended into chaos. It's hard to stay organized when you're focused on racing, recovering and prepping your bike for the next day. As long as all the things you need for racing stay on top, it isn't usually a problem because it's such a small space that reorganizing it is pretty quick!
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One time, I thought my van looked cool...then I pulled up next to this Westy #vanstrife #vanvy

The glamorous side of #vanlife as a mountain biker... Scrubbing out your wounds in the park bathroom πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š

Ready for take off #toyotavan #vanstrife

BUSTed πŸšŒβš οΈπŸ”§
ol' girl scooted up into Los Padres chuggin' rull slow kept us safe during Eypytian locus plague middle of the night baby wipe emergency gotta adjust the points on tha carbs <--- #stranded #busted #swarm #vanlife #vanstrife #babywipes #skinnydip #ojai #roadtrip #camping #olgirl

We've got some work to do!
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Breezy ALMOST made it to Sylva, but just outside Asheville she decided she needed to chill out for a bit with her top off. Also her heater core exploded. Oh well. Someday we'll be on time for something. #vanstrife
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It is a bit premature to share but I am just so excited for all the progress @o.menou has made on our little Chewie! Summer 2017 will be one for the books. Just a bit more #vanstrife before we make our way up the West Coast!

Poor little Great White in the impound lot 😞😞 part 2 of the vlog is up (link in bio) if you're curious how she ended up there and how we got her out! Spoiler alert: it was a really crappy day 😀😭 #vanstrife

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