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3 years tomorrow in this beautiful city.....views like this on our street on a clear day after a dump of snow is one of the reasons why I love it #kits #blueskies #vanniversary #happyheart #homeawayfromhome @philt2013

#Vanniversary Roo Crew (+ @damegalli too)

I’ve been lucky enough to spend the last 2 years working with these amazing people 🖤 I wouldn’t be here without you all!!! Thank you for continuing to inspire me everyday and thank you for the endless support you’ve given me over the years, you are an incredible group of people and I’m so thankful I get to call you guys family ◾️◽️◾️◽️🏁 @deathbeforeketchup @northwestcitizen @x.siren @theetreebeard @the.slamurai @minnie_mieks_mama @ajshannon97 @radagastthehippie @tsantos1121 @oliveitxo @khy_ell @rcampione666 @zackattackg #vansfam #bleedcheckers #vanniversary #rootedinretail

Happy 1st Vanniversary to us! .
A year ago today we hit the road to explore all 50 states of the USA!
43 states, and nearly 50,000 miles later, we're still out there rollin' in our mini-van/first home together!
To think of all the fun new experiences we've had across this great wide country, is pretty damn mind blowing!
There's still plenty of fun to be had, but right now let's pause a minute to try and soak it all in. #vlahoparound
#unpreparedtravellers #travel #usa #usaroadtrip #roadtrip #roadlife #ontheroad #travellife #adventure #thesamplelife #minivantravels #nomad #instatravel #travelphotography #travelling #traveller #travelgram #travelbug #sunshine #homeiswhereyouparkit #vanniversary #views #minivanlife #California #coast #bigsur #sunset #anniversary #epic

🥀 all thorn no rose #vday #spuncreative #vanniversary #RTJ

New espresso machine - wedding anniversary gift and care package to Kauai from my practical and loving husband @tor.johnson.photography 😄 I was like, "What? No diamond ring??" And he said, "You cain't drink no diamond riing!" He knows what's really important to me. 🐶❤️☕️>💎 #Vanniversary #AnniValentinesDay #espressolovers

Got home from work early this morning to a beautiful bouquet. Today marks 3 years with an incredible partner who I couldn’t be happier to venture through the horrors of daily living with! Happy #vanniversary @mbarschow 💞💞💞💞

Happy one year Vanniversary to my girl Blue Ivy 🚎 A year ago today, I picked her up in Portland, Maine during a blizzard. This map shows the 29 US states, two Canadian provinces & ~10,000 miles though which Blue Ivy & I road tripped in 2017. Blue Ivy is currently wintering near San Diego where we will reunite in 10 days to celebrate our #vanniversary by adding Mexico, Arizona, Nevada & Utah to the places we’ve visited together 🚎🌿💙
#anniversary #blueivyvan #blueivy #vanlife #vanlifediaries #vw #vanagon #westfalia #westy #camper #camping #roadtrip #wanderlust #adventure #travel #happiness #explore #volkswagen #van #homeiswhereyouparkit #map #livelife #ontheroad #katescrittervan #canada #usa #🚎

Celebrating our ten year vanniversary at the place where it all started #vanniversary #cumberlandbrewery

It's our 100 day vanniversary!!! Time is flying by! 3 border crossings, 6 States, 12 National Parks, 15000 kilometers/9300 miles, countless times getting lost, 1 dig out, 1 broken window, 1 smoking inverter, and too many pictures to count (including this one, our first time in costume in 8 years). We are just passed half way through our time in the U.S and are looking forward to the next leg of the trip. There's been alot of challenging moments, but no shootouts yet🤠
#100daysfulltimeroadtrekking @roadtrekmh

Yesterday was our 2 month vanniversary! We popped up to Nazare to watch some of the @wsl, now we're heading back down south. Living this lifestyle has come easy to us, though it's had its ups and downs. Going home in April will be nice but it's going to take some getting used to! Here's to #vanlife (for now) ✌
#marcellethevan #vanlife #surf #portugal #bigwaves #nazare #bigmama #wsl #worldsurfleague #freedom #vanniversary #instavan #vanlifeeurope #travel #minimalism #stealthvan #wildcamping #vanlifecommunity #veganvanlife #vanconversion #selfbuild #furgovw #outdoors #vanliving #vandwelling #nomads #wanderlust

13 years ago today I first moved to this sexy pile of concrete. Post-Minnesota me is now a teenager. #vanniversary #radventures #vancouverisawesome #hollywoodnorth #luckynumber13

There are photos like this all over my van. I have them because my favorite thing about travel is the people I meet. I love making friends. I love going to new places where I don’t know anyone, because it forces me to reach out to new people. I love it when a friend of mine invites me to a party where I won’t know anyone. I’ve always loved the process of getting to know someone. I’ve been moving my entire life, it was the only way I could have friends when I was a kid. However, I’ve realized that the more I move, the weaker my connection with those friends are. Last year was tough for me because I started to feel like an outsider to groups of friends I’ve had for years. I was out of the loop.

I realized that because of my impermanent location, I wasn’t getting enough time with friends to catch up, and I wasn’t there when major life events happened. Consequently, I wasn’t as close to them as I wished I was. This is part 4 of the vanniversary series, maintaining friendships. It’s really just an excuse for me to show off a bunch of photos of cool people I love that I’ve met throughout the years. Link in bio. #vanlife #vanniversary #friends

Vanniversary part three. The Tower world chewed me up and spit me out. Physically, mentally and financially, it exhausted me. I lost over $200k during the time I worked on cell towers. I nearly died. Was regularly injured, including once getting hit in the head with a 20ft steel beam. I did little climbing, and only had three months of true adventure travel. I call this part of living on the road because I was rarely anywhere for very long and spent a third of my time in my truck, a third in hotels and a third on couches.

In between the hard times of Tower Work I kept finding myself back in South Dakota remodeling houses and apartments. Little did I know that when it all came crashing down around me, I’d find I was actually pretty good at remodeling. In this piece I’ll tie up the loose ends of the saga of the Tower world and how I managed to start Nomad Construction, a 100% viable and fun way to fund my travels. At the end I’ll introduce the topic of my final two stories. Link in bio! Leave a comment if you enjoy...In the photos I’m bouldering in Rocktown during a rare break from Tower Work, working in a burn house in Brookings, SD, enjoying a casual Friday on a tower above Alabama, surveying my Grandpa surveying our work, and riding the ferry out of Torres Del Paine in southern Patagonia. #towerclimber #vanlife #bouldering #torresdelpaine

My sweet three year Vanniversary is today. He's up on the market and may be soaring with a new family making more memories and adVANtures soon. Today will forever be one of my favorite days - the day that made me a home owner and set me free! I will love you forever, sweet Spirit Bird!! #vanlife #vanlifers #advantures #fordeconoline #1985 #homeiswhereyouparkit #vanniversary #love #roadwarrior #spiritbird

I’m sure if you’ve known me for very long then you’ve heard me talk about working on cell phone towers. I think the story alone could fill a book. I can’t promise it would be riveting in any way, but so much happened during those two years. I cycled so drastically through income and poverty trying to keep my head above water. I was really convinced that the industry was my answer to self-funded international climbing travel. The years I spent working on cell phone towers were undoubtedly the most stressful years of my life. I’m still feeling the financial pains of the industry. In one story, I nearly die by the fault of poor rigging from a different contractor. Still to this day I have an occasional nightmare where I didn’t save the rig with seconds to spare, possibly saving my own life, and the lives of 8 other employees working on and around the Tower that day.

In the next story for my vanniversary series, I just do a simple breakdown of a few of the complications with a summary of my initial employment, and how I ended up owning Nomad Tower and Wireless for a year and a half. I’ve got three more stories to share, one more in relation to finding my employment niche and how I’m finally content with how I fund my travel. The last two will touch on a crux I never imagined would complicate travel so extensively, but has come to play such a huge role in the way I’ve grown as a person throughout the years.

In the photos you’ll see a panorama of a Montana sunset from a couple hundred feet up a tower. Me sitting on a frame I would soon remove entirely from the the Tower high above the Dallas skyline. Myself and another climber working on mini link dishes in the plains of Texas. Me with my former staples neon wayfarer sunglasses taking a break on an Alabama Tower. And lastly an antenna frame in front of the trucks for scale. In the time I worked on cell phone towers, I lowered and raised between 50-100 of these frames with no prior experience. Please follow the link in my bio to read the next story. Thanks! #celltower #towerclimber #climbing #vanniversary #vanlife

One year ago I arrived in Vancouver with my hoooman. It's been awesome! 🎉🇨🇦🐾 #vancouverisawesome #wearestaying

Today is a very special day. The three of us, Canada, one year! #vanniversary ‼️😱🙈😍 #vancity #anniversary

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