wow just WOW

These past couples of days have been so stressful honestly just been running around all day getting some last minute stuff I need for college fUck I only have three days left until my move in date and my anxiety is setting in yeehaw

L O L I hate overthinking like I always do it and I just need to stop but like I can’t ya know???!?

1 week until I move into my dorm ahhhh and look at this precious lil baby angel

lmao yikes totally forgot I have a physical today

ya they really need to have an American tour soon because everyone is dying over here like they have only been here once in the past year :,(

whoever took this picture: I hope you’re alive and still breathing homie

I wish they could just play some of their really old stuff like ASA or anything from poetry and fuel for just one live show. I know that won’t ever happen because of copyrights and shit but hey who cares about that right? 😂


I was reading this thread on Tumblr about why the guys haven’t released any new music yet and literally it was all speculation and rumors about the boys not being “into it” anymore and how Van has a drug problem lmAo but like we don’t know the boys personal lives and I do hope they are all doing okay mentally but it’s not fair to spread this nonsense when you don’t even know them personally. I just feel like a lot of people are going crazy with the wait and are jumping to conclusions!!

If this ain’t the cutest shit you’ve ever seen.

lmao honestly

Ladies and gents we officially got played by this man. Who does he think he is???!!😡😠 lmAo kidding but like I wonder what happened because I don’t think he would of said anything about August 7th if he wasn’t sure they would be ready. I just really want them to say something about the new music like they haven’t done any interviews since they came back (probably on purpose) but we are all totally in the dark and they deadass could release the whole fucking album tomorrow out of nowhere and we would have no idea but I still love them just becoming a bit impatient I guess.

Sadly I don’t think anything is going to be released today. Hoping they will surprise us all and actually release something but huh you sure like playing games @vanstagrammccannstagram

The photos from yesterday at Lollapalooza are absolutely breathtaking.

Van in Chicago last night holy shit he LOOKS SO GOOD!! Also their is a livestream of their performance at Lollapalooza on The Red Bull TV website at 4:30 central time!!!

I’m so happy the lids are back in America but I’m still heartbroken I couldn’t make it to the show tonight :,(

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