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I got all set up in Tahoe before realizing my heart is back in Mcminnville with Greg, so I'm on my way. Thank you Ashley for making my brief stay so special. I love you.
I can't wait to see you @hobogreg15. I was fooling myself thinking I could get all the way back without you.
P.S. as soon as I get my heart in order, I'll be posting new hats to my etsy. But first, love.
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Hoje foi dia de boas vindas também!
Tiramos o banco do meio e agora o banco do carona gira!! Escritório do Micael e espaço pra bomba d'água prontos para serem finalizados! Aeeew

Para quem quiser colocar a base giratória, trocar os bancos ou fazer mais alguma alteração é só procurar o Demis na Procar. Fica no Rio, em Vigário Geral, pertinho da Av. Brasil.
Chegamos de manhã nesse calorzinho carioca e a tarde já estava pronto!! Não ficou demais?? #motorhomebrasil

Credit ➡️@life.on.bus - Here's the inside of the bus everything was converted using donations or left over from my old apartment. Also meet Jerry, Chevy and Bear. ✌️🚌
📸Tag us for feature and fun
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🇪🇸 📍 TARIFA, SPAIN 〰☞ 🇲🇦 Morocco (finalement)
🇫🇷: 7h du matin, il fait encore noir, le réveil sonne. Le vent est tombé, on se prépare à nouveau pour la traversée. L'excitation de découvrir un nouveau pays, un nouveau continent avec notre Keekoh favoris bat son plein. On est tous fébrile à l'idée de ce grand moment qu'on attendait tous avec impatience.
Des fous rires, des sourires, des moments croqués sur le vif, sentir vraiment qu'on réalise notre rêve de vivre en van et par dessus tout avec des gens qui comprennent un peu le délire dans lequel on s'est tous embarqués.
Le Maroc, ça commence maintenant. Tu nous rejoins curieux?
- 🐪🏜🌊🙄
☞ www.instagram.com/detourlocal
🇬🇧: 7am, still dark outside and the alarm clock rings. The wind has fallen, we are preparing again for the crossing. The excitement of discovering a new country, a new continent with our favorite Keekoh is in full swing. We are all excited at the idea of ​​this great moment we all looked forward to.

Funny laughs, smiles, moments sketched on the spot, we really have the impression to realize our dream of living our travel adventures in a van and above all with people who understand a little our delirium in which we all embarked.

Morocco, it starts now. You join us curious?
☞ www.instagram.com/detourlocal

@saxon__wilson on some over head waves on a log shredding @rainbowfins @nobody_surf @surfingworld @vanssurf

Just last year, Adam had never even tried surfing. When we decided to come out to California, he was so excited to try it. He just had a feeling he was going to love it. Neither of us grew up near the ocean, but we’ve both always been drawn to it. But while I tend to fear it just as much as I enjoy it, I suspect Adam was an ocean dweller in another life. He can spend hours out there, taking a heavy beating from the waves. He doesn’t care that he’s not a pro, he just likes being out there. And I think that’s really important. It’s never too late in life to discover a new passion. And discovering a passion doesn’t mean you have to be the best at it. Sometimes it’s just about doing something you love, and being in the moment. 🏄🏻‍♂️

Yes I’m a girl. Yes I’m building out my van solo. & Yes I used a sewing tape measurer once in times of improvising. Most people look at me and question if I know what I’m doing. And I get it. Sometimes I don’t. Most times I do. But I bet you wouldn’t believe that last year I worked construction in Hawaii remodeling an entire apartment. 👷🏻‍♀️👸🏻👩🏻‍🏭 📸 : @a.strayproject

Home is not a place, it's a feeling ✨ 📸 : @van_traveller

Western Sahara wonderland ✨🇪🇭 there's something so magical about Africa and the people that call this place home. We took this shot of Ivy when we first entered the Sahara, which is the worlds largest desert. It's almost the size of the USA! 😮 #slownsteadylivin #twosoulsonevan

It's been a year of letting go. Letting go of comfort, letting go of desire, and letting go of things going how I'd like them to go. By letting go, new things began to grow. I had to be okay with silence, time alone, and boy, just so much more time in general. Can you go to a place of comfort and resist its pull? Can you find your true self when others tell you how to feel? Only by putting yourself in those moments will you really know. 📷 @travywild

Most Asked Questions 💬
I saw another account do this and thought it would be a great way to answer some of our most asked questions.
1. How much did we spend on the van? Honestly, we have no idea! We weren’t limited by a specific budget so we just built as we went along and spent what needed to be spent. We saved money by researching every tiny little process. We lost money by being too ambitious and buying wood too early on only to have it warp and become unusable in the heat.
2. What are your main tips for doing your own conversion? If you think you’ve given yourself enough time, double it! Everything takes so much longer that you think. Have an idea in mind for the layout, but don’t get hung up on the specifics. All vans are so unique, they’re curved, they’re uneven, and when it comes to building, the measurements often don’t match the plans. Our advice is WING IT! Now I know this won’t appeal to everyone, but our approach was to just build as went along and let it evolve. It worked!
3. How do we make an income when on the road? Well, we don’t. We aren’t full time vanlifers, in the week we work full time jobs from home and then we hit the road at the weekends (almost every weekend) and holidays.
4. What van is Yosemite? Vauxhall Vivaro, L2 H2.
5. Where did we get our ‘mountains are calling’ cushion/pillow? Red bubble.
6. What Fridge do we have? Waeco CRX 80.
7. Do you we have a blog, you tube, or website? Nope. We only kept track of our build through instagram.
Guys, we’re always happy to answer questions, we asked lots when we were building so please feel free to drop us a DM. Sometimes comments get missed so we’re sorry if we don’t always respond.

Big bend surprised us. We had no idea that there was such a neat national park here in Texas. The dinosaur fossils were a great start to our visit and the views from the hikes werent bad either. If you ever decide to drive across this giant state make sure you drop by this incredible place. 📍Fun fact: 75 million years ago the ocean cut through north america and big bend was a shallow ocean before the dinosaurs came along. The ocean carved out the rocks and landscape and created what you see in the photo today. Nature is rad. 😎🌱🌳🐊

It’s Friday and we’re super excited!
Today we are bringing you closer to our #balkancamperscrew .
Thanks to @mihabakaric you can be a part of this amazing renovation project!
Stay tuned on our channels and see how this van takes someone on a true #vanlifeexperience :)
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Últimos días en Santa Teresa 🏝
Lasts days in Sant Teresa 🏝

Roadie life. Got my van, bikes, surf and pow boards, what else could I possibly need? (Maybe a dog!) #hancrystalsolo #vanlife (and my husband!) #spakisinjapan🇯🇵

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