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Van Build Transformation 😱
Tag a friend that would love this! 📷 by @thevandreams (check them out!)

Rest stoppin' on the road trip home from San Francisco 🚐 BTW I am laggggggging on switching the #quadruplets to bigger kid rear-facing #carseats 😩...which ones do you like that are narrow enough so you can sit 3 across in a van?! 🙏😘#monstervan #vanlifediaries #sprintervan

Todo lo que necesitamos está en esta foto! 👆🏻Tenernos el uno al otro, el bus, la playa, y por qué no una cabañita frente al mar? 😜🌊 // Here is everything we need! 👆🏻The bus, the beach and of course each other!! But what about a beach hut?? 😜🌊

Hello from the Alps , here you find lots of water, sun, happiness, healthiness, joy and good life.😃
I'm blessed.
سلام از دل کوهها، اینجا پر از آب، نور خورشید، خوشحالی، سلامتی، لذت و زندگی خوبه و من به خاطر این همه نعمت سپاسگزارم.
زندگیتون پر از شادی و سلامتی😘

At 2am, camped in these thick eastern woods, I was in the midst of a deep sleep when what startled me but a crash kerplunk bang on the fiberglass roof of the bus, just outside where we slept.
I saw the shadow through the canvas fabric, a dark pointed snout and little wee claws and knew right then that a possum was out there, climbing the roof, sniffing out all the ripe treats hidden in Sunshine.
So I grabbed a book and threw it at the canvas and its pages hit the floor like a falling branch into a pile of leaf litter. The possum climbed for refuge into the patient branches of the old tree above. Relieved, and still half asleep, I rolled over as though I'd never been woken in the first place.

Adventures are better with friends and family 😃❤️ We are heading out for another adventure so please forgive the lack of posting. #campingwithdogs #herpnwlife #outdoorwomen @adventurewoofs

"I like my view from my new mobile office! 👌🏼🚐💻😉"
Great view by @jack_dran
Thanks for TAGging us #Vanlifers @vanlifers

Question time! It's the official beginning of our three weeks off this summer! I'll still be working but my schedule is open so we can work anywhere. If you've got any recommendations for places to camp or eat or visit along the coast from Portland to San Francisco I'd love to hear! Well be making our way down the coast from Seattle, spending some time in Portland, then slowly driving down to San Francisco. Yay!! PS this is us!
#wanderingphotographers #alabamahillscalifornia #vanlifediaries #camperlifestyle


The #view from today's parkup. The Rangers are out in their droves on Dartmoor now the tourists are here. The Rangers are moving us vanners on, twice now in a few days. Might leave Dartmoor if it happens a few more times. God I hate England, it's so anti vanlife and narrow minded! 😞

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Scenes of summer

Summer evenings by the canal 🌸🌺 #vandownbytheriver

Freshest of fresh organic potatos, from Tjøme. Harvested: This morning. Best before: a few hours.

The swagon made it to Badlands! 🚐

In the last few weeks, we've made a small effort on our website. We started out our journey with such good intentions nearly two years ago. We had a strong drive to blog weekly - to share our experiences in more depth than just a photo on this here app. We wanted to show you the beautiful places we call home for a night, a weekend, or a couple weeks. We failed pretty miserably and stopped after about 4 posts. But we've picked it back up again and are easing our way into it now, starting by answering the questions we receive most often, and then documenting those beautiful places I was just mentioning. So, without further ado, click the link in our bio to read all about adding a third seat to the van, where Juniper sits, and how we keep her safe while traveling. I know, it's boring for most of you, but it's literally the question we get asked the most so I had to write it 😂 there will be more exciting posts coming up, I promise, so subscribe to the newsletter to stay up to date.

NUMINOUS: "Describing an experience that makes you fearful yet fascinated, awed yet attracted- the powerful, personal feeling of being overwhelmed and inspired". We got some announcements to make!! First of all, we are changing our name to @thenuminiousproject . Secondly, The Numinous Project is also the name of our new blog that we are launching tonight! The blog will mainly be written in Swedish, but there's a translated version for y'all foreigners too 🌈 Link in bio folks!🦄// Doris The Dodge

So peaceful... Then not even two seconds after this shot Aspen dog tackled me cause I was in between her and a lizard. 😂

Today we finally went and collected the material for our cushion covers! We have covered the cushions with netting to make getting the covers on and off much easier. We have just gone for a calico at the moment which we will be dying a mid-grey colour, went for this as the fabric for all the cushions was less than £20 and it is our first time making cushion covers! This way we can check our design and needlework skills and when we have some more funds will get something a bit more fancy and there will be less risk of screwing it up!

Annoyingly the calico we got is not preshrunk (makes sense with the price!) So I have cut all the templates with a 2 inch surround to allow for shrinkage and still enough space for stitching. It does also mean that they all need washing and ironing before the making can begin, time to get the washing machine on!

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A few more snaps of our stay here in Sacile, Italy 🇮🇹❤️🏞🍇😇 Having an amazing time riding our road bikes in the mountains and indulging in the delicious food! #melons #fruit #bliss #grateful #vanlifediaries #adventuretime #travel #summer #love #vegan #thankful #thetimeisnow #vegancouple #blessed #whereiridemybike #vanlifediaries #adventuretime #lifeontheroad #downhill #dh #lenzerheide #switzerland🇨🇭 #france🇫🇷 #lacblancbikepark #lenzerheidebikepark #Italy🇮🇹

A temperature spectrum represents the light color of LEDs. Traditional incandescent bulbs shine with a yellow/orange tint around 2700K (as in Kelvin). Light becomes whiter as the temperature approaches 5000K. Above 5000K, light becomes bluer.

The LEDs I've got wired here in the living space are ~6000K (the slightest blue tint). They originally came with the Ford Transit van I bought to illuminate the cargo space. From Day 1 I loved the color. But only yesterday did I decide to use them to light the space permanently (because of their rectangular shape). #notwaitingtolive #themoreyouknow #ledlighting #interiordecorating #interiordesigns #tinyhousemovement #tinyhouseliving #homeonwheels #homeiswhereyouparkit @ford #transitvan #vanlife #vancrush #wanderlust #nomadlife #optoutside #justdoit #diycampervan #diysolar #vanlifediaries #reformlife #sprintervan #roadtripusa #rvlife #mobilehome #ohiogram #leftcoast #eastcoast #fbn10k #thecreatorclass

Wholesome fun today.

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That time we had the whole place for ourselves!
Col de Bavella - Corsica - France

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