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"Not only must we be food, but we must be good for something" -Henry David  Follow @VanLifeDistrict for more 🚐...
#TheProjectVanLife inspiring VanLifers
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It's okay to feel different, to dance to the rhythm of your heart drum.

Remember, you are not responsible for what other people think.

Breathe. Let go and lean into the moment exactly as it is and you will make space for joy, compassion and gratitude to move you. And slow. Down. Stillness and silence are gateways to all we are. #notetoself

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We're **GIVING AWAY OUR VAN** but be quick... I have only released 400 prints for limited edition, and whoever buys a print will go into the draw to win Frankie our van!!! Once those 400 are sold out there are no more chances, that's it, that's all. You have a choice of 3 of my favourite images from this trip, and at an absolute steal of a price of $25! That's a 1/400 chance of owning this amazing home on wheels for only $25! For each print purchased you will receive an epic 8x10 inch print for your wall and one entry into the draw, or buy all three prints then you have three entries, it's that simple! For more details and to purchase a print head to my fresh new website - link in bio
Also if you're not in Canada, no stress, you have until April 1st 2018 to claim your prize so that's 5 months to book flights, plan an epic roadtrip, enjoy the vanlife, sell the van, and have all of your expenses paid for right there! A free trip of a lifetime!!!
So tag all of your adventure buddies and start planning your roadie destinations 👌
But like I said, be quick because once these are sold out there will be no more chances!
Good Luck Everyone 😃🎉🚐👌🙌
*** POST UPDATE: I've had 180 orders and over 250 prints sold! If you want to be in the draw hurry because all the prints are almost sold out!!!***

Chasing views and grinding brews. Who wants to join us here for coffee?
📸 : @roamingwithrob

Three things I do every day that make me feel happy:
1. Spend time outside. (usually in the sunshine) Not doing anything in particular. Just being, breathing and admiring 🍃
2. Listen to or read books! Just started on Abraham Hicks again 📖
3. Send loving evergy and blessings to all people I encounter ♥
What are the little things you do everyday that make you happy? I would love to know!! 👇

Who thinks it is time for Mili to learn how to drive the bus? 🚎🙋🏻🙅🏻‍♂️
Quien opina que ya va siendo hora de que Mili aprenda a manejar el bus? 🚎🙋🏻🙅🏻‍♂️
📸 : @panamericanbus
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There are some decidedly un-glamorous aspects to van life. Little messes seem like big messes because there's so little space. The floor is always dirty (seriously). Gray water needs to be emptied and clean water refilled. When you need to empty trash you have to go searching for a dumpster. You can't wake up in the morning and crawl out of bed into the shower - you have to put on clothes and walk or drive somewhere, which means getting up earlier for work than we used to. The bed is super hard to make. We have to pull quarters out at the bank and do laundry at a laundromat. We can't stay parked anywhere for too long and sometimes get hassled. Don't be fooled by all the pretty pictures. Living in a van takes work, though admittedly everything I've just described is inconsequential compared to how much effort many people around the world have to go through just to survive.

Van life is also very rewarding. Our bank account climbs each month with no rent or utilities to pay and our school loans are going down. We talk more because we can't isolate ourselves in separate rooms. We often park overnight at the hospital so it doesn't take me as long to get to work. When we go on road trips we don't have to pack and we never forget anything since the whole house comes along. We watch less TV because we don't have internet access 24/7. We've made new friends with other folks who are interested in van life. We've come to appreciate sunny days in a whole new way.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend no matter where you live or what you live in 😊

Bacalar fue definitivamente uno de los lugares más lindos que visitamos! 🐳
@lastitasbikinis //
Bacalar was definitely one of the most beautiful places we've ever been! 🐳

We woke up to fog rolling through the trees and birds literally chirping and it was so freaking cute even though we nearly froze our butts off because someone *cough Beau cough* unplugged the space heater 😂🤣#WHPperfectpair


Ela chegou e só rolou uma limpeza e já fomos dar um passeio com ela 😍
Escolhemos um super Pigalle para estreiar uma janta na van 😋
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Afternoon clouds at Lake Argyle. 👌

Rest days are great. No need to run the fan when you get fresh sea breezes rolling in. #california #vanlife #vanlifediaries #travelcalifornia #redwoods #hwy1 #oceanviews #seabreeze #truenorthcustomcampers #canonusa #chevyexpress

You & me by the sea 🌊 @lauraalycebell#CaravanningQld #Carafans

Weekends at Winnie in Woombye ☕️👌 #wearedrifters

One year ago today, we drove into Siloam Springs, where we lived for 3.5 years during college. Much of Siloam looks the same, but there's also big changes. New library where the hospital was, new hospital, another Walmart, more shops on Main Street. We visited @tcscreenprinting and other friend's along Main Street. Nostalgia + catching up. Went to our favorite restaurant, the Wooden Spoon for dinner. We arrived 10 mins before they start serving dinner and ended up waiting an hour and a half. So worth it. We are enjoying our cushy life of staying with Jill and Stuart, but miss #vanlife a little. (10/21/16) #siloamsgotit #siloamsprings #northwestarkansas

The Swiss army van also sides as a Hot Air Baloon launcher! 🎈

Kitchens always open! Quick stop for Sandwiches and coffee headed for Regina
New blog post, link in Bio

roof rack installation was a success! we've been waiting for this day for a long time. now we can move forward with mounting our solar panels.. but first we're going to finish the walls tomorrow. thanks, @voyager_racks

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My last night at Folly Beach. I love the name, the place and the people. It's given me the perfect place to end chapter one and rest. Tomorrow chapter two begins. (Zach, almost! )
#southcarolina #follybeach #ontheroad #sunset #ontheroad #iamhere #naturalbeauty #vanlifediaries #ocean

• Ferias • 🎉🇲🇽🎇.
Les feux d'artifices c'est bien mais toute la nuit 3 jours de suite alors que tu dors dans un van...on vous laisse imaginer 😂.
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