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That one friend who always has to have the top bunk 😏 @hydroflask

#vanlifequestions How do we find campsites? Locating home for the night is an art, a mix of local tips, serendipitous stumbles, logical plans, settling for Walmart, or intuitively stealth camping in the city.
We use the All Stays Camp & RV app and a paper atlas for the glorious times we are beyond service.
I’ve been traversing our photo archive. This moment I remember so vividly.
Pacific Northwest. Getting dark. Exhausted. Nowhere to sleep. The only option was to return to a State Park and no doubt be busted by a ranger.
Corey growled, something about this being why we need to plan better.
As the journey would have it, back in the parking lot we crossed paths with a young man. He offered some fresh snap peas and invited us to sleep on his property. That night, we shared stories and tea and I remember looking into his clear blue eyes and feeling like we were friends from long ago.
If there's one thing the wandering wise road has taught me, it's that there's no such thing as coincidence. There are too many so-called coincidences to be random. We are right where we need to be, always. Magic is always just a perspective shift away.
Join us at @outfound_series next month in Hood River, Oregon where we will be hosting a vanlife workshop diving into the nitty gritty and beauty of vanlife. Workshop is Saturday at 2 PM. 30% registration code MYOFFICE.

Last night's storm descended without a whisper of a warning. It was 2am, and wind and hail rocked the bus till it felt like we'd tip right over.
Ah, and you know, here we are, 7am, wrapped in blankets and frying eggs and laughing about the leaks in the fiberglass roof, wringing out the soggy sheets we'll sleep in again tonight.
The rain's still falling lightly outside. We'll probably call it a town day and attempt some long-neglected tasks (read: laundry...it's been a month). Maybe, in the wet, we'll muster the motivation to repair the cracks in the roof so we aren't soaked tonight. Or--better yet--we'll gas up the tank and outrun this godforsaken storm.

Ellie is trying to tell me to take a break….Who wouldn’t want to work from this office? Some days the bed stays in bed mode all day and I work from the lounging position. The nice thing about having Ellie with me that she always ensures I take the necessary breaks during the day. Having Ellie in the van pretty much eliminates the possibility of getting lonely… that and the fairly steady stream of people wanting to catch a glimpse of the man living in his van. The other day while I was at the gas station a man pulled up on the other side of the gas pump with a slide in camper rig and said, “Hey! Down by the river aint so bad is it?” And you know what he’s right it really ain’t so bad. Since I started living in the van you start to develop a bit of a sixth sense about other van people and you can tell who the full timers are and who the weekend warriors are. Each type of van person has their own goals in entering this lifestyle but one thing I have noticed is that the full time van dwellers have a drastically different personality and demeanour as they go throughout their day. They just seem to always be in a constant relaxed state and lack the rushed and frantic attitude that many of the weekend warriors seem to possess. I know a lot of this has to do with the overall freedom and flexibility provided by living in the van full time but one thing I would recommend to all the weekend warriors is don’t be afraid to not plan everything out and just let the experiences and opportunities in front of you shape the next chapter in your adventure. Living the van life is about allowing yourself to loosen your grip and let go of the everyday routine.#homeiswhereyouparkit #comeswithaview #vanlife

10 minutes prior to this photo, we walked by a campsite and this dog was on a leash and Char tried to say hi and the dog bit him, then the owner yelled at us about not having our dog on a leash (in national forest land, no leash laws), and we walked away laughing because it wasn't the first time tourists tried to tell us how to enjoy our public lands 😂 also - Charlie is fine, clearly. Team #livelifeoffleash

One of our must haves for our travels: SUP boards! We're super stoked to paddle all the lakes and rivers along the way!

Busy, busy times! I love being productive and getting shit done but the last weeks were crazy. But I love to study and work for things I am passionate about - wouldn't trade it for anything. Leaving the city for a long weekend get-away is always great. Early morning hikes with the puppies, exploring, playing and bonfires. Sounds like an amazing weekend to me. What are your plans for the weekend? (We have a public holiday tomorrow that's why we are already talking about the weekend - gotta love Austria for the public holidays 😋) #bluemoonthecrew .
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These breakfast views aren't too shabby👌🏽📷 @mitch.cox


It's all part of the journey ✨

Those summer evenings...it's happening ☺️☺️

#tbt to a very cold morning with a very bad dog.

These beautiful stones spread upon the desert sand were once an ancient + mighty tree; simple yet profound ~ a wondrous example of earthly alchemy.

Penelope likes to be beside the seaside. As do we (have to take advantage of our 4 1/2 minutes of Northern sun!).
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Sometimes finding housing was the most stressful part of travel therapy. Read my latest post about the different ways I was able to find housing before transitioning into van life. Link in bio ⬆️

Im officially naming our Yamaha TW200 the Grippopotamus or Grippo for short. We got a little in over our heads yesterday. What our hiking app said was a moderate trail with easy access turned out to be a 14 mile drive that took over an hour just to get to the trailhead. We took the flakwagon halfway up the mountain on a dirt road and decided it got to rough for the van and gave the motorcycle a shot. The bike handled like a champ and crawled up terrain that Jeeps were struggling to make. We finally made it to our trail head at 11000 feet and made the 2 mile hike down to the falls. Getting back up was the hard part. We were both sucking wind and had to stop for many breaks. But the views and adventure were well worth it and we are becoming more and more comfortable in our boots on the bike and in the van.
. .
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Spent the day exploring the Hoh Rainforest on the West side of Olympic National Park. This place was bursting with life- Tall trees grew on fallen spruce nurse logs; shelf fungus nested on tree trunks; plush moss covered bark; and ferns, clovers, and fiddleheads blankented the ground. The air was cool and moist adding another layer of magic to this special place. Could have spent forever on those trails... #pnw #hohrainforest #olympicnationalpark #washington #nationalparkgeek #ferngully

What has my traveling van life teach me? That doors close all the time and we should not keep staring at them - because there are so many others opening at the same time.
My door for Colombian visa closed last week. I was sad at first, staring at the closed door - but there's an open window to Ecuador, right? The van breaks down. Computers stop working. Your best friend leaves you. Somebody you love dies. You are scared. Your money runs out. Your plans don't work out. All the doors just seem closed.
They never are! Embrace the change, feel the Life moving through you. It's just that: a beautiful, flowing, ever-changing Life. Open - if you are open.

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Yesterday's wind would've been much worse than just a little bit of a bummer had we not had Vinnie to protect us from getting blasted by the sun and the sand. Still couldn't help grinning like a fool though as we watched the sunset from inside. We'd taken advantage of our morning and paddled the awesome rock formations by our beach and [skinny] dipped well before the wind rolled in. 💃🏽 And now we're off again and this is officially the most incredible feeling! Whether we're on the road or in our house, I hope we always remember how easy it is to roll with the moment and go wherever the wind takes us.

A little Bit fun in the Dirt today 😁

Two more days and we're back out there. No more sidewalk views and familiar places.
Just us, giving life back to the van and learning how to roll the new curtains right ! It's kinda strange that it only took a few days for the whole interior not to "smell like us" anymore.
It makes you aware of the great fragility of such a tiny environment, constantly evolving depending on what you do with it.
Soon enough our home will smell like bread and coffee again 😏

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