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The other side of @minttinyhomes 24ft Rustic Tiny Home

The only time we've ever had "professional" quality portraits taken of the 2 of us was at our wedding almost 3 years ago.
We were nervous...we were dressed in fancy outfits...my hair was poorly ironed straight...Keith was wearing a tie (Dagwood was wearing a bow tie!)...I had a bunch of makeup paint slathered onto my face...and a whole wreath of flowers on my head...
Our wedding photos captured that day perfectly, but sometimes when I look at them, I don't see *us*.
When our friends @abbihearne and @callenhearne pulled up to our campsite in the northern swell a little over a week ago, I had been mountain biking all morning. Keith was out working in the desert. I was sunburnt and makeup-less and hadn't showered in days. Keith's hands were nearly black with a week's worth of dirt and grease from my busted bike chain. To top it off, there was a couple big holes in my shirt and I had chipped the corner of my front tooth off just a few minutes before Abbi pulled her camera out.
She proceeded to shoot just a couple minute's worth of pictures of us exactly as we were...greasy and smelly and covered in dog hair...barefoot with beer boxes and leftover pizza we picked up near a gas station the day before...dirt bagging out of our beloved van out on some BLM land...
And when she sent over those photos a couple days later, I kind of cried clicking through every single one, because all I kept thinking was, "look, it's really us...." 😏

My name is Emily. I'm from a tiny coastal town in Maine and always dreamed of traveling the world. Most likely I express gene DRD4-7r (see last post), associated with dopamine levels in the brain, curiosity and restlessness.
Four years down this beautiful bumpy road and I believe in Change from the inside out. I believe we can all live our dream with our superhuman powers of Focus and Action. I believe in our best friend, the curious question Why.
Who are you? Where are you from? Why are you here? What would you like to know about our journey and the collective vanlife movement? We like to answer questions bookmarked with #vanlifequestions. Thanks for being here. ✌🏽️ (update....Keep the questions coming all! We may lose service now but we'll answer them in upcoming posts. And check out what's been asked/answered before at #vanlifequestions.)

The perfect setup.
Photo by @kitkat_ch

Jungles & ukuleles with @blenderseyewear and their new tropical sunnies. 😍
I figure if I am going to spend a good amount of time working in Hawaii, I might need to learn something in my free time. Ukulele! I love it! For my fellow ukulele players... does anyone know any fun songs I should try and learn? Im a newbie. 🙋🏼
📷: @jenolemelemai

Tomorrow is my birthday and I turn 31. But I feel like I've grown more in the past five days than the three decades before. Taking a solo road trip in a beat up van was the best thing I could ever have done. I knew it wasn't going to be easy and the van wasn't reliable, and the so many other reasons why it might not work out. But I wanted to be uncomfortable, self sufficient and strong in my own self. What it's taught me is that it's a different kind of alone when you spend most of your time talking to yourself, a dog and even your adventure home. And those tough moments are better when you can sing yourself a little song, write in a journal or go on a walk. But mostly, I've learned that most people are good people and they want to help. There's a happiness you can give others by simply listening and letting them be there for you when you don't have the answers yourself. Because if we're honest with ourselves, we are really alone, and it's nice to know that there are strangers out there that want to share this world with us.

Haines has been home for a few weeks now. It's the longest I've been in one place for a year. Settling into a new routine of work, van living, and sharing space has been an adjustment. But working hard to play hard is one of the best parts of van life. It makes you appreciate days off life this one- where you can strap your skis to your back and see where they'll take you.

Rain or Shine 🔨


While the boys at work im attempting to do all the smaller jobs I can 🔨🔧 cant go pass this filter! #ethelsadventures #livinglifeintheslowlane #vanlife #campervan #renotime

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📸 Thanks for sharing @iexploretheplanet ❤️ Playa Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 🇧🇷 😍 Want to be featured on our account? Tag us in your travel shots! Show off your wanderlust 😉 ▫️
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- Jeudi 20 avril : Poudlard Express Bridge 🚂 ⛰⚡️❤️ notez la déception sur la 3eme photo... on a pas trouvé poudlard🏰☹️ et il fait toujours mega froid hein - #vanlife #vanlifediaries #jumpercampervan #jollyjumper #europetour #homeiswhereweparkit #homeonwheels #lifeontheroad #harrypotterfan

So happy that the sun joined us for a little while today.

So here is this finished product of Alison's Bike that I restored for our trip, the bike was sitting in a barn for over 25+ years and come to find out all it needing was a little buff😂 Super excited for our trip in two weeks can't wait to meet new people, see new places along the United States. Still got a few more things to do on #BatuskaTheVan but we are going all in! .
Comment any cool places/Veganfood/hikes/Local hangs you guys know of all along the coast of #California.. GO!! #Vanlife

She's a lovely lady ❤
#bff #bestie #roadtripbuddy #adventure #vanlife

Pit stop in Hope, BC on the way to Vancouver!

Aratiatia Rapids. Supposedly this is the biggest dam in Australasia but that water sure is Blue! #dam #rapids #water #travel #vanlife #backpacker #taupo #sweetas

The former Opsal Steel Building (1918) has come a long way from its ruin state (pictured) to the restored and current Steel Toad Brewery. Long live Vancouver's fast disappearing industrial heritage!
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"Adventure vibes." #vanlifers
📷 @johanlolos

Missed these sea salted caramel sunsets sooo much... and thanks little seabird ...for flapping across the water to take flight, just as I took this, and leaving your cool little wake behind 😁

#vanlife #mondayfunday #everydayasunset #thelittlethings

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