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The look I get when Stephen tries to convince me to get a puppy when I want a kitten 😂✨ Let's settle this below.. Puppies or kittens?

Good morning beautiful people!! Today we woke up to news that our YouTube channel is getting featured on the trending page (rising creator) in the USA. Crazy stuff. So I just want to take a moment to thank every single one of you that has watched and supported us. You are incredibly appreciated ♥
But for now we are heading to the beach and avoiding the onslaught of troll comments 😆 love you all x
PS. New video is up - what we do on rainy days in the van!

Climbing for a better view, felt amazing to be the only ones out here.

...to be a classic in a world full of trends.

If you didn't see my live stream of the draw, WILL FLETCHER from San Francisco, CA, you've won yourself a van!!! Please contact me ASAP! You have 5 days to get in contact otherwise I am going to have to redraw... Again a huge thank you to everyone who bought a print and got involved, it's been a really amazing experience to see the amount of stoke in this community!
I also have an update for the prints as I jumped the gun a little yesterday. I have almost all of them printed now, but your payments for the shipping won't clear into my account until Friday this week or Monday next week, and I'm actually too broke to send them before that money clears... I just want to be 100% honest here, that's the way life is on the road sometimes and although it is a little embarrassing to admit, it's my situation. So I apologise but the prints will be delayed about a week, and I will ship them as soon as the money clears.
Much love to you all!

We've stumbled into a few weeks of work on a sheep ranch here in Nevada.
Haying ewes, watering cattle, walking fence lines--we're winterizing pastures and bedding down livestock before the cold weather moves in and it's time for us to run south.
There are times for work and times for play. For us, those extremes come in spurts, periods of intense labor followed by bouts of non-action. We're ready for a rush of good old-fashioned work on this idle bus, especially since we know there's a stretch of good, silent idleness waiting at the end. Bring on the sheep! #hoboharvest #idletheory
#sheepofinstagram #farmliving #ranchlife #vanlife #vanlifestyle #nomads #worklifebalance #campervan

People ask me all the time if I get lonely. I think that all depends on how you define its meaning. It's hard to be lonely with a dog that I talk to frequently and one that I share meals and stories. And it's even harder to be lonely when there's a community of inspiring nomads who remind me to keep going. And during those moments, when all I do is sit and think? Well, those are welcome times, a happy reprieve. Because one day, somebody will be sitting in that passenger seat. And I sure hope I remember that it's okay to be doing what you love to do with or without somebody.

These dogs aren’t our whole lives,
but they certainly make our lives whole.
Sponsored by @zukespets #zukespack #letsgozukes #livelifeoffleash

Our daily routine 🌊🏄🏻🏄🏻‍♀️🌊


Sunrise #vanlife

P I C K U P O N E 🎨 By @mariahreading Mariah picks up trash every time she visits wild places. She then recycles that trash by transforming it into incredible pieces of art, recreating the location she found the trash. Love how she lives the Pick Up One lifestyle. Makin an Impact is a beautiful thing. #pickupone #dogoodlivegreat

🖤BONNEVILLE SALT FLATS🖤 It was so cool to feel like you were on ice and yet not be cold at all. SWIPE to see Gab’s drone video as well.

Working in putting the windows into my chevy express high top van! #Vanlife #Vanbuild

Apparently after you spend a month in the #vanlife in the #vanofgort the rules when you return home no longer apply. Kiva the diva can now sleep on the couch and no one kicks her off #doglife #mastiffsofinstagram #divadog #houseofgort #findingjoy #griefchangesyouandalltherules🐶 #thebeautyofgrief 💗

Had to get away from the city for a weekend 🏝 📸: @aterryberry

My awesome Welder, Cid, sent me this. he's working on cutting space for the windows to go into. Yeah, its gonna be a one-of-a-kind customized High top van. Excited to get them finished and move on to the next step! #Vanlife #vanbuild

Agradecido por un día más de pura gozadera, haciendo lo que más me gusta a un lado de la persona que más me gusta :) @graciesva. 😘 📸by @triston.filippi.photos . Pegue cuasi nocturno a Gods Own Stone (14a) ya quiero regresar por ella! @five_ten_mexico @fivetenmexico #fivetenmexico ---------------------------------
#redrivergorge #vanlife #vanlifetrip #rockclimbing #climbing_worldwide #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #escaladamexico

#diy #vanlife #offthegrid chow down little buddy.

An epic #oktoberfest story. Starting from 11 in the morning till 12 at night, from getting lost at the Fest, and then jumping on a wrong train, getting locked out of the van in the cold. It was worth every second even though the north German was embarrassed to be there 😜😜 #campmonker #vanlife #campbycamp #hackpackers #eurotrip

#VanlifeSisters Day 2 @ ELIZABETH BEACH, NSW. Beers, beach & whale watching. Will try upload a whale video later on if I can find one that's not too wobbly and out of focus. N 23.10.17 🐋🍻 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
*All photos are taken by and are the property of either Bobby Oblak or Niki Tiffen unless otherwise specified. Please give credit if using or sharing.*
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Wondering what I've been up to? We're moving yet again! We're busy packing, selling some stuff and getting things in order, so the hunt for a bus was put on hold. While we found a Ford that was promising, there were too many uncertainties with its condition. We don't have the time to fix a whole bus up, with this being a military move, so here's hoping it goes over well!
#moving #move #militarymove #vanlife #militarylife #packing #cardboardcastle #traveling #texasorbust #movingtotexas

A beautiful day comes to an end.
We are heading up north to Oregon.
#california #USA #travel #vanlife #driving #sunset #bodegabay #travelerslife #van #chevyvan

Hey y'all, if you're unaware me and @sirjwalk have embarked on the journey ownership. @jessejames.espresso is the name, coffee and Jaffles is the game.
We'd love some love so follow the links and follow ya boys. Facebook coming soon... #vanlife

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