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"Despite the fact that the van life community ranges from young singles to married couples to families with small children to retirees...this ultimate quest for freedom is often chalked up to a “millennial trend.”
For the last eight months, my husband, myself, and our two dogs have called our big orange Ford E350 home, securing our own spot within this trend.
But if I’m speaking truthfully, I don’t like that word…trend. Because believe me when I say you don’t move into a van because it’s “trendy.”
Rosé is trendy. Those stretchy choker necklaces everyone wore in the ‘90s were trendy.
Choosing to give up a majority of your worldly possessions and the traditional comforts of a stationary home in order to live inside a moving vehicle is not a "trend ."
There’s a passion behind it that just isn’t befitting of a trend...
It is, in many ways, a movement."
I paired up with @teva to share all my super existential hippie views on van life's historical roots for their #OldSoulNewSole campaign. Check out the link in my bio to read more! 🚌💛😉

Come on in!

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This contrast is my life 😂


Paying it Forward. I was admiring the view from this vista when a nice hiker offered to take my picture. It was nice to be in my pictures once in a while on my solo rides. On my way back, I saw a cyclist lying back on the ground next to his bike. He wasn't injured, but he was bonking and feeling weak. I gave him my nutrition, and gave him some tips on how to better slowly climb back up the hill to the parking lot. He was pushing a very hard gear which gave me a clue that he was a newbie. Then we went the opposite ways. Sometimes it's the experience that makes an adventure great. The view is just the bonus. Can't wait to be on the trails again. #gravelbike #gravelride #ridingtrails #solorider #adobovelo #vanlifediaries #vanlife #sprinter #sprintervan #santamonicamountains

PICTURED: Me being peer pressured by the KuKu campers "Places to Moon" pamphlet...just some light reading material for the road. #kukucampersmademedoit #vanlife #sunsoutbunsout #bewildbenaked #nakedinnature #coloradobabes #icelandbabes #bunsaswhiteaspeaks #bigassglacier

Planning that next move to the crag. #nativevanlife

Rainy days in this bus are made for spending long mornings in bed, reading books and looking over past pictures.....anddd finding a way to wash our bodies.
This is from our time in Death Valley, California.

#rainydays #buslife #vanlife #homeiswhereyouparkit #roadtrip #deathvalley #california #travel #skoolieconversion #skoolie #vanconversion #inlovewithrusty #weneedashower

Check under the front seats or not? 😓 - did! Bottom of the seats had some rust but not too bad.. anything that don't cost a fortune but just cost some time & effort is alright 💪😉... will see what we saying tomorrow liftin up the rubber flooring to see what's underneath 💣🙈
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Miss Lilli and Gunnar. The finest van co-pilots you'll meet. (Besides Memphis) It was great having dogs on our trip as it helped me with not having my Schnoodle with me. 🐶 @buscation @vwsurfari #vanlife #dogsofinstagram #dogswhodrive #vandogs #poodle #vwsurfari #buscation

The bus is being serviced so running errands it is. ☆ saw this fence covered in shoes ☆

4,419 miles, two countries, eight US states, two Canadian provinces, nine different ski resorts and 24 nights sleeping in the van. Awesome trip! @klhblue @tpeherrmann @outsidevan #vanlife #sprinter #sprintervan

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#vanlife 🤙🏼
📸 by @everchanginghorizon
Owner of sick van 🚐 @adventuremandan

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