Vanguard Audio Labs microphones V13 & V44S have been my choice for drums! The V44S sounds great as a room microphone in a XY configuration or as a OHs! The V13 I love using in front of the drums, as in this picture, or as a crotch microphone, to get this punchy full of body drum sound! @vanguardaudiolabs @msonicbaltic @retrosonicproaudio

Our patented V34C “LOLLI” capsule on an Old modded MXL 441. Our LOLLI is compatible with most mics that use a M21x0.5 threading and makes your pencil mic a dual-pattern, 34mm large diaphragm condenser! The LOLLI comes with our V1+LOLLI and V1S+LOLLI pencil kits - follow the link in our bio to learn more!

Shout out to @vanguardaudiolabs for the follow! #VanguardAudioLabs #JMastering

This is why we spent so much time on our open-faced, heavy-duty VLSM shockmount. You can get your Vanguard V13 right up on a source with no finagling. Thanks to @songwriters_and_gunfighters for the 📷 ! ---
Questions about our microphones? Give us a shout anytime - 909-920-5600 or bonjour@vanguardaudiolabs.com. -Derek

We're happy to announce that drummer extraordinaire David Palmer (Rod Stewart, Duran Duran, ABC) has joined the Vanguard family! After hearing our V13 Tube and V44S Stereo microphones on Dan Bailey's (@drichardbailey) recordings, David reached out to us and wanted a set of his own. Here's what he had to say about them:
"I’ve finally found my drum sound with a pair of V13s and a Stereo V44S. The mics have amazing clarity and detail ..They sound impeccable in my room!"
Thanks, David! If anyone is out in Las Vegas, catch David playing with Rod Stewart at Caesar's Palace starting on June 12!

Vanguard connoisseur & audio wizard Lucas Pimentel (Chris Duran, Gabriel Rocha, June21...) is working on our V1S+LOLLI multicapsule pencil system 🎙️🎙️ audio samples for your listening pleasure. Follow the link in our bio to learn more!
Repost @lukepimentel Microphone Monday! This @vanguardaudiolabs V1 is sweeter than a 🍭. Running the first tests on this thing and I can’t wait to share some files with y’all!

Microphone Monday! This @vanguardaudiolabs V1 is sweeter than a 🍭. Running the first tests on this thing and I can’t wait to share some files with y’all!

that's not how any of this works. @victoria.e.m thinks she's funny.

Oh, hi beautiful 😍 🎙️🎙️🎙️🎙️🎙️🎙️🎙️🎙️
The Vanguard V1+LOLLI Multi-Capsule FET Condenser System  comes with 5 capsules totalling 6 polar patterns. Follow the link in our bio to learn more! 🎙️🎙️🎙️🎙️🎙️🎙️🎙️🎙️

Looks familiar somehow? 😏 #V34C #LOLLI #chromeplating #vanguardaudiolabs

Our great friend Eric Meyer at The Noiz Faktory recording studio in Georgetown, TX with one of his Vanguard V13s. Eric owns a pair of our first-run V13s. "The V13 to me is what you get when you cross an original C12 with a ELA M 251. I have used it on a variety of sources ranging from vocals to acoustic instruments and it delivers the goods every time! The mic is so good - that's why I have a stereo pair." Check out his studio and book with him at thenoizfaktory.com and @thenoizfaktory! He has an incredible space and an awesome selection of gear, and the balcony photo is a grand tradition for every artist that records there.
One of our favorite things is hearing music made with our microphones. That's why we do this, after all! If you ever have tracks you'd like to brighten our day with, send us a link anytime! And if you have any questions about our gear, give us a holler - 909 920 5600 or derek@vanguardaudiolabs.com. Have a great Monday, folks, and go make some music! -DEREK

Proud to (literally) support Chicago Symphony Orchestra (@chicagosymphony) with our VSSM Heavy Duty Small Shockmounts.
The VSSM uses jet engine O-rings, not cheap elastic hairbands, to support your gear investment, and is diecast from solid zinc with a sure-grip high-impact ABS swivel. We even created a windowed design so you can access microphone switches without any repositioning. You can get them at any Vanguard retailer. They're the perfect shockmount solution for any small diaphragm mic - and even Royer ribbon microphones!

Oh hey there. Were you looking for the most versatile microphone system in all the land? Because it's here.

Our #V13 🎙️sitting pretty in José Diogo Neves' studio in Tallinn, Estonia. We've got these in stock - what do we have to do to get one in your studio? If you have any questions, give us a shout - 909-920-5600 or derek@vanguardaudiolabs.com.
#repost @josediogoneves Getting some audio samples of the #vanguardaudiolabsV13 from my recent recording sessions ready to send over to California for @vanguardaudiolabs! @msonicbaltic

Getting some audio samples of the @vanguardaudiolabs v13, from my recent recording sessions, ready to send over to California for @vanguardaudiolabs! @msonicbaltic

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