昨天下班後去逛了手工市場,基本上沒拍照片,因為很多想拍的攤是他們的自主設計,他們不希望被人隨便抄襲,所以我尊重他們的意見 ❤ .
可是這種 Kale Chips 我很推薦 😘 我朋友認為 Kale 的澀味太重,比苦瓜難吃,但我很愛這種味道 😆 有興趣的人可以嘗試自己做,Youtube 有各種示範 👍 我試玩過一次,搞了三四個小時烤了兩盤,量大概也就跟這包差不多... 😂 我嘴饞的時候不多,還是直接買成品算了 😅😜 (可是Kale Chips 的整體價錢的確很貴,我這包是 $9 CAD 😰 經常吃零食的人還是考慮自己做吧!😂)
I was in the @makeitshow yesterday, & did not take photo as I usually did for the sake of designers' creative ideas 😘 .
But I do recommend kale chips that you can find in any handmade/craft market 😉 You can choose to make it yourself if you have time and for an even more healthier version of it ❤ I'm just being lazy spending 3-4 hours making the amount I could finish in a day or two; & in fact, I don't take snack often 😅 So it doesn't hurt my wallet that much (but their general price is high though, the pack in this pic is $9 CAD 😂😭)
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Looking forward to this babes concert tonight in #vancouver ! Check out her page @kierah.violin.official for details for tickets or message me for link!
Makeup by: Moi! 💋

Just to show how big my nose actually is..... and my hair 😂 by gorgeous @lilasiahair 💓so much talent at @brushsalonyvr

Saturdays 🌿🧡🥑🍳 and my first pouched egg

Day364 & Day365. ✨The last two of my whole year of Moon Gate! Come to see me and these two cuties at PNE today? @makeitshow Vancouver ❤ #365art #vancouverartist #makeitvancouver #vancouverevent #giveaways #vancouverisland #arts_secret #watercolorblog #watercolorlandscape #水彩画 #vancouverisawesome

Day one for @cimpoegallery and I at @makeitshow vancouver!!! This original Wonder Woman painting is available for free in our raffle! Make sure to stop by! 😉 #makeit #makeitvanvouver #vancouverevent #vancouverisawesome #wonderwoman #raffle #popart

One more #detail photo before the weekend. This one is by @antartist! Check out the line work! All art showcased at the event is inspired by Sicily and our time at the residency at @granitimurales.

Special guest speaker for the Elevate Women event: Tina-Marie Springham. She will be joining us and elevating all of our presence in the Powerful Presence segment of the day!

Tina-Marie is an actress, singer, and 13 X winning body building figures champion. She knows a lot about stage presence. In addition she is a personal trainer, Posture and Posing coach and Confidence Coach.

She is going to rock your presence and we are so excited to have her share her extraordinary talent with us!

Don't miss out! Elevate Women Event is April 27th and Early Bird ends today! Link in Bio.

I will have 3 prints giveaway at PNE @makeitshow Vancouver this weekend! Come to say hi ! ❤❤❤day 363 #vancouverartist #makeitvancouver #vancouverevent #giveaways #vancouverisland #arts_secret #watercolorblog #watercolorlandscape #水彩画

Loving painting rainbow ribbon right meow. Here is a #detail of a #workinprogress piece for the upcoming @13feetofftheground group show happening at @luppolo_brewing. Show is from May 1st till June 30th with show opening on May 2nd 7pm till close. See you there?

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