As most entrepreneurs know weekends don't really exist. So today I'm taking a spoonful of this to help get sh*t done! #braindust

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There’s generally two parts to wildlife photography. First you’ve got the search, and then you’ve got the waiting game while you watch patiently for that exceptional moment of behaviour that gives you a glimpse into the behaviour and personality of an animal. It’s not just about taking the first photo you can get and then moving on to the next thing. Patience. Anticipation. Planning. Lots of things going on! I don’t describe myself as a wildlife photographer because there are many arrows in my quiver, but I definitely feel that my work in this area is improving.

Happy Sunday! I will be spending my day organizing my goals for this week. What about you?

My mapping was 8/9/10/11/10/9/8 to achieve this round, natural shape! 🤩 we were transitioning shapes on this client who previously had more of a wing and I definitely love the look of this more 🙆🏻

Sunday Mood💫

My cancer journey has unlocked the don’t give a f...k option, levelled up so to speak, or also known as YOLO. Last tattoo for a while,5 in the last 4 months, but if I’ve learned anything about cancer, is it Deano wait for you to live your life, so living it I will be doing, and big love to all the others fighting and living every day ❤️❤️❤️ #bc #vancity #fitness #fitfam #vcrj #vancouver #fit #trainer #canfitpro #chemotherapy #cancer #vancitybuzz #weightlifting #transformation #gym #fitnesstrainer #stage4fitness #vancityhype #beastmode #personaltrainer #vancity #gym #athletictrainer #batman #joker #cancer #stage4cancer #appendixcancer #lymphoma #trashpolkatattoo

F E E L S 🌤

Love spending time #exploring places I’ve never been around where I live. If I can’t #vacay, I’ll #staycation ! #lol #views #amazingviews #milliondollarview

11:38PM 🕦

🔥Client Testimonial🔥

Here is some before/after progress with my rehab client @rbuchanann this change was made with only 10-15min of Manual Therapy🙌🏼 Her left shoulder was out of alignment (elevated and protracted) affecting surrounding muscles causing pain and instability. After our session I gave her homework to make sure it doesn’t go back to where it was before 🙏🏼 ————————————————————- “I finally booked an appointment to see Shawn at The Bar because my injuries that I haven't addressed properly for a long time started to impact my training. I have moderate scoliosis and have tried every type of therapy (ims, massage, chiro etc) and nothing so far has helped with the pain. Shawn got me in right away and was extremely thorough in his assessment and delivery of knowledge. My biggest problem area was my left shoulder and after only a few minutes of manual therapy at our first appointment, I walked away with noticeably less pain and tension in my shoulder. After only two appointments I feel the best I have felt in a long time and can’t wait to keep working towards being pain free for the first time ever!”

Vancouver alt-folk artist, friend and past Root Dweller performer @samlynchmusic has just released her breathtaking debut EP 'Light and Lines' on May 25 whilst on an extensive solo-tour of the East coast of Canada and the USA.
Her own bio....
Sam Lynch is a wanderer and a restless mind, who sings her heart onto her sleeve by way of reflective, honest lyrics, and a nuanced, emotionally transparent live performance. She stands armed with a guitar and a voice that carries echoes from decades passed, yet still commands space in the current tapestry, garnering her comparisons to the likes of Feist, Phoebe Bridgers and Margaret Glaspy. The stark honesty in Sam’s writing translates a sense of immediacy to her stories: some very personal and detailed, others more sweeping and symbolic. Sam seeks out the sweet spots where vulnerability and strength meet, and where guarded hearts find companionship.

In the months following the release of her debut single “Mess You Made” (which has since garnered over 150,000 digital streams) Sam has kept blissfully busy. Since June 2017, Sam has independently toured Western Canada (June/July 2017, with Emily Rowed and Cassidy Waring), as well as Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway (November/December 2017, with Alexandria Maillot and Laura Reznek), all while steadily building and expanding upon a loyal group of supporters, which includes both music lovers and industry peers alike.

Check out her EP on all music sites and new website!


Straight out of our very own mesquite-fired Josper oven! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Not sure what a Josper oven is? With only 6 in Canada, Atlas is fortunate enough to have its own! The oven operates solely on mesquite heat. Ultimately, bringing out the mesquite subtle flavour of our meat & vegetables.

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