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I was feeling a bit touristy coming back to SA.. But how cute is Bucee? 🌵

Flowers for her because it’s one of the hardest days of her life ❤️
Every year on my birthday I give my mom flowers to thank her for gifting me the most precious gift of all, my Life 💕 I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for her 😘
I wish I could make life better and easier for you Mommy.
你養我長大.我陪你變老. ~ You raised me to grow up. I’ll be with you as you grow old ❤️
These flowers were specially ordered through a good friend. Her husband put this together for me. Knowing it’s for my mom, you can tell how much care and thought he put into each selection. Thank you so much Alice and Patrick 😘 she loves it so much!

My French Toast VS. His French Toast 🍓 |
You know a place is good when their playlist includes Evanescence and when the waiter tells you to "Have an EGGS-cellent day" 🍳

A year ago today I received my first fruit flower bouquet.
I love fruits and I love flowers so it's two of my favorite things together.
I never found out who this thoughtful person was a year ago and it’s still a unresolved mystery to this day.
Thank you❤️
Thank you for remembering this day❤️❤️
Thank you for putting a smile on my face ❤️❤️❤️
I hope one day I get the chance to make you feel this way ❤️

The #burrito is huge @politoscafebc shown here with pork and topped with #piña 🍍 #diningwithderek

Made this yesterday morning when I was hungover. Looked in freezer and found peas and corn and had a couple cherry tomatoes from the other morning 😛 they told me to eat more when you’re hung over... nope. Doesn’t help 😕 oh yea... I drizzled a variety of hot sauce on this after this pic was taken 💪🏼

So conflicted when I can’t have richmond nightmarket takoyaki or be in Osaka to get some 😰

Sometimes #cookinglorna likes to make breakfast extra colorful.
This is what it looks like when she can’t sleep and roasts cherry tomatoes early in the morning❤️

She surprised me with flowers 💕 what a fun night last night celebrating with this cutie 😘 @hyingko. She’s super sweet, caring, and thoughtful. I love the way she can add new perspectives to my life ❤️
I rarely do dinners with wine pairings because I’m the typical Asian that usually caps out at like two glasses of wine.
Last night’s dinner had 7 different kinds of wine and the crazy thing was they refilled our glasses throughout the entire dinner! We were there for 4.5 hours!! I don’t remember ever consuming this much alcohol 😳
Last photo was captured by her 👍🏼 I always love it when we get quality time together. Love you 💕🌈

If you like a good #cheesesteak with #jalapeños, you just found it @politoscafebc 🥪 #diningwithderek

Warm house made #nachos chips FOR DAYS with fresh #picodegallo @politoscafebc 🤤 #diningwithderek

just look at this masterpiece 😮

For a limited time... One of the flavour inspirations brought back from our travels through India 🇮🇳☕️🍨Chai... Rich Darjeeling tea and aromatic spices in a creamy coconut milk base.

Toshi takeout 🍣 tonight ! 😋
Box sushi
2 EBI nigiri
2 Salmon Nigiri
2 Hamachi Nigiri
2 Toro Nigiri
2 Hotate
2 kampachi
dynamite And dragon roll
1 Agadashi tofu .
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Stop what you’re doing and get these #papusas in your face right now! @politoscafebc 🍽 #revuelta y #queso 🌮 #diningwithderek

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