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The twins are so cute😍
I was about to post but then I saw a spider was right next to me and i freaked out lmao

Q:Do you think the twins are cute?

I'm going to another hotel so left hope their wifi works 😂

Bonnie, Elena or Caroline?

My edit give credit
ic: tvdwitches

[6.01//6.09] ic:@tvdfridays ⠀⠀
— I wish I could make my pancakes like this but I'm allergic to blueberries rip
Q: Damon or Elena?

Make me choose: [Damon] or Stefan / [Damon] or Klaus
Mystic Falls' biggest flirt 😏❤️ (cr: vd-gifs/tumblr)

Q: Damon or Stefan?

My edit give credit

Thanks for 13.7k!!

Q: Who do you ship Elena with?

— Bonnie, Elena or Caroline?

Holland & Hoechlin 🍹
If you could have 1 character return for the end of the show who would you choose?

[1x10 & 5x04]
Kinda feel bad that I mostly post Delena, so here's Stelena💗 -
Do you like Stelena together? 👫


Oh hey look it's sam and Dean. Juuuust kidding it's Stefan.. #thevampirediaries #vampirediaries #tvd #supernatural #spn

💕💕💕 #Caroline #vampirediaries

[5x12; The Devil Inside]
—hey kids tysm i'm almost at 500! That's insane seeing as I gained over 100 followers in a day! 🌵ilysm and also if you want to do s4s dm me!
—qotp bamon or daroline?

[1-2 part]
(Stiles and Elena were familiar,but not much)
party? sounds great
but how things will develop?

#vampirediaries 😍 team Stefan or team Damon?

A somewhat more personable picture of me in the process of performing a tour. My sense of humor is on the dry side and veers towards the gallows, but if you like wordplay and wry asides you'll love me. I think I was describing all the ways there are to die in New Orleans when this shot was snapped. Once again, copyright Sidney Smith @hauntedhistorytours

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