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Live Now ! Aged wines from the terraces of #Valtellina. #Balgera super traditional Rosso 1999, #Valgella Superiore 2002 and Ca Fracia 2000. #ethereal #sublime

Glad to see Barbacan available in Boston! Thank you @matchvino . The Sega family owns 3 hectares in the historic center of Valgella, adjacent to the holdings of Renato Motali, Fratelli Bettini, Aldo Rainoldi, Balgera, and Fay. Barbacan's holdings near San Giacomo are among the closest to the Adda River of vineyards to be found in the Valtellina. I expected a lot of Mosel-y talk about the impact of the Adda on ripening of the grapes when I visited the Valtellina but did not hear all that much. My guess is that the Adda is a somewhat less impactful on Valtellina vineyards than the winds Breva and Tivano because the Adda is actually in many parts blocked by the trees from directly reflecting light on the vineyards. /
The Sol is vinified in steel, aged for a year in French oak and then spends 6 months in steel, 6 in glass. 2013, from what I gather, was an average/very good year. This wine, at 14% ABV, has some heft and combines Barolo-like qualities with the Alpine character of the Valtellina. Fully ripe rose petals and geranium, licorice, cardamom, dried cranberries and big cherries, and a faint touch of fertilizer. Valgella has a few distinct areas and so it's hard to generalize, but this wine seems to possess some of the approachability of historic Valgella. /
The wine opened up fairly quickly (relatively speaking) and I am very excited to see how the rest of the wine ages in the mid term and long term. It will be tough to exercise patience. /
#barbacan #sol #valgella #valtellina #valtellinasuperiore @barbacan_sa

Bianzone #valgella #docg

#asenseofplace So here we are talking after walking the vertiginous terrassed vigneyards of the #valgella sub zone in #Valtellina. Amazing! Matteo of #barbacan pulls out this book on toponymie. For Lombardia? Valtellina? No, just for our village Teglio! 300 pages. History of every place name/parcel/ terrace described. Connection to place runs so deep. Not any southern facing hillside. Respect.


....my first #chardonnay !!!!!! Single vineyard, 850m asl. #valgella #valtellina #altitude #sandrofaywine #alpiretiche #terrazzamenti

Cormeló is a beautiful red wine from Valtellina, mostly Chiavennasca - local name for Nebbiolo - with a 10% Merlot addition. It is hard to explain how Rivetti & Lauro winemakers captured the traditional essence and soul of the region in a non-traditional IGT blend. Superb and delightful Valtellina red.

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Sassella in Valtellina

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