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I love love this photo! ❤

#austincarlile #valentinoarteaga

Evans artist @youngfuego and @omandm are giving away studio-used drumheads signed by the whole band. Head over to OFMICEANDMENOFFICIAL.COM for details! #TheAmpersand #drumfam #valentinoarteaga #evansdrumheads

Gear lined up & ready to go onstage!🤘🔥@youngfuego #DwDrums #ValentinoArteaga #CollectorsSeries #SlamDunkFestival

بند خوب و درامر خوب.Metal core هم هست
خوب ساز زدن همیشه اون نیست که blast beatو double bass تمپو ۲۴۰+ بزنه

🔥 Sick flick I took of @youngfuego while on the #FullCircleTour#OfMiceAndMen #OMandM #valentinoarteaga 📷

Idk what to caption so here's a cool Austin and Tino pic.
{#ofmiceandmen #austincarlile #valentinoarteaga #coldworld #omandm}


I am honestly so fucking happy yesterday was the last day of school. I don't have to worry about petty bitches making my life hell, or the drama I deal with. But I'm also kind of sad. I'm leaving my girlfriend for two months because of school ending. My 10th grade year was so depressing and I hope I never get like that again. But I fear I might because she's not gonna be here to hug me or tell me everything's okay. I hope everything will be okay and I won't go spiraling down that hole. I just miss her already.

I've seen that many people talk about the video, and they like it, but I'd like to know their opinion.
Personally, it's great! The sound and the lyrics are great, it's become my favorite ❤ #Ofmiceandmen #omandmen #Alanashby #Valentinoarteaga #philipmanansala #Aaronpauley #BackToMe

Is anyone else obsessed with dungeons & dragons? It's become a problem for me of buying too many miniatures. Personally I like playing as a Half-Elf, and as a Rogue or Druid. WHOOP IM NERDING OUT I'LL STOP

I love love this photo! ❤

#austincarlile #valentinoarteaga

BOY YOU CUTE 👏🏻 In a platonic way cause i feel the need to clarify i don't want to date austin 😂 He's all yours, I just wanna have stupid conversations with him

The power💥

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