#pdsteelpanther is finally mine!! Woo hoo!!! The key is to really get the lower leg butt cheek pushing into the pole. #polesplit #vaginaalert #cleosrocknpole #iworkedforthis #pole #poledancing @breannekemp @nadynemoldowan @fustiern


Queen Shit: VAGINA ALERT!!! 🚨😻VAGINA ALERT!!! 😻🚨 this post is for my ladies... aaaand any men who are invested in the health of their partner's vaginal health. If you have ANY gynecological issues, please watch these videos. I'm talking about Yoni Steaming. I began Yoni steaming at the very end of last year as a natural method to shrink my fibroids (which caused a miscarriage). I've been steaming a little over 4 months now and the success I've had is almost too good to be true. I can get really deep about this topic, but as an introduction, I'll keep it mostly on the surface. If you want to heal physically from womb trauma (miscarriage, fibroids, cysts, endometriosis, rape, painful periods, cramps... etc.) or just wanna keep your flower smelling fresh, feeling dewy, and tight aaaaand that pH on point 😜look into this. If on a deeper level you understand that as women, we carry an extra channel (our wombs) which house our emotions, creative juices, and energy and need blockages to be released, look into this. I want to help kill the stigma about vaginas. To be frank, they're fucking fantastic and none of us would be here without the use of one. Men brag about their penises all the time and our equipment is soooo much more dope simply because of the power it possesses #pussypower . So stop being afraid to talk about your vagina because so many women are suffering in silence and getting sliced open and having their reproductive organs removed and scarred because no one wants to talk about healing your vagina! Pussy. Snatch. Clam. Girlfriend. Lady place. Flower. Taco. Hotdog Bun. Nani. Tutu. Yanch. Vaj. Yoni. Whatever you call her-get comfortable with her and get to know her, because chances are, your coochie is mad at you, and you ain't eem know it 💅🏾💁🏾😻 Step ya pussy game up! #yonilove #yonisteam #yonihealing #herbs #vagina #vaginalove #happyvagina #happylife #vaginaalert #womenempowerment #powerofthePUSSY #releaseblockages #queening #queenshit #honestwomanhood #heal PLEASE feel free to start a dialogue and ask me questions!

There's a guy that's like 4 inches taller and at least 60 pounds heavier scared to fight me one on one and has to have other things before he said he was going to stab and shoot me and doesn't want to fight bare fist -_- #vaginaalert

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