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Foto #vadimtrunov

Smiling. Just digging it.
Image by #VadimTrunov

#VadimTrunov es un talentoso fotógrafo que le encanta la naturaleza en general, pero en especial los animales silvestres. Y en esta oportunidad nos presenta una buena variedad de hermosas fotos de ardillas jugando en la nieve. ¡Hermosas fotos! 😁

Russian Photographer Captures The Most Adorable Squirrel Photoshoot Ever
October 7, 2016 by Vanessa Yegres #vadimtrunov #photographer #squirrel
Nature photography has been taken to the next level by the wonderfully talented Vadim Trunov, a photographer based in Russia that dedicates his life and craft to capturing nature’s finest. Recently, Vadim took some incredible photos of two squirrels that look like they’re doing a photoshoot and the results are both beautiful and hilarious.
It might look like these furry friends are just playing around in the snow and trying to take pictures of each other but they’re actually fighting over some food because it gets harder for them to be fed during the winter! Whatever the case, there’s no denying Vadim has great talent and the pictures below prove it.
More info: Website – h/t: Daily Mail

Hilarious! Red squirrel and its little bird friend acting like they were taking pictures of each other

Russian photographer #VadimTrunov captured this hilarious moment when a red forest squirrel posed behind the frame of a tripod with both paws placed on the camera, ready to take the perfect shot for its little bird friend standing in front of the lens.

Other image in this stunning set show the animals swapping places, with the bird looks like the photographer with the fluffy squirrel as its subject. (Mail Online)

Seni fotografi yang unik, seakan - akan sang fotografer hbis ngobrol dan ngarahin ke tikus untuk berpose demikian, tapi saya sangat bingung bin terkagum bagaimana kedua tikus tersebut bisa ngerti dan paham apa yg diperintahkan oleh bang Vadim Trunov. Apa anda juga demikian?
Karya Vadim Trunov, fotografer asal Rusia

Sumur : http://vadimtrunov.35photo.ru/

#foto #fotografia #insta #vadimtrunov #35photo

#alicetroispoints #vadimtrunov #welcomefall🍁🍂 Como hacer de lo cotidiano algo divertido! 🐿🐿🐿


Inspired by the photo of #vadimtrunov 🎨

Bonne journée les igers 😍😉🔝📷#vadimtrunov superbe photo de ©Vadim Trunov

📷 Vadim Trunov #photography #vadimtrunov

Natural Beauty ~ Vadim Trunov photographer ~ https://500px.com/vadimtrunov ~ #vadimtrunov

Автор: © Вадим Трунов (35photo.ru/vadimtrunov)
#вадимтрунов #vadimtrunov #животные #зоо #животное #зверь #35photo

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