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I will never be tolerant of allowing children to be susceptible to preventable disease. I'm pretty fucking intolerant when it comes to that. As an adult child of an antivaxxer mother let me tell you what your kids will say when they enter their twenties. Here's a hint: it isn't thank you. The answer is: I understand you did what you thought was best, but you're wrong and now that we know better we have to do better. Do you even realize how many shots I had to get in order to APPLY for nursing school?? #vaccinate #vaccinateyourkids #vaccinateyourfuckingkids #vaccinateyourchildren

made a cute mug today #vaccinateyourfuckingkids

Your a disappointment to the ranger god #wtf #beallyoucanbe #vaccinateyourfuckingkids #armystrong #hooah

Don't let this smile fool you she was very upset about her shots. #vaccinateyourfuckingkids #vaccine #notgettingpoliothough

Today's selfie is brought to you by anger over stupidity.
This is the face I make when my step kids keep getting sent to school sick. This is the face I make when it turns out the youngest has chicken pox. This is the face I make when it turns out he hasn't been vaccinated against chickenpox or had the MMR vaccine. This is the face I make when the person who didn't bother getting them vaccinated knows full well that their father has never been had chicken pox and cares more about making a point than about the health and safety of her fellow human beings.
Being a good parent is about putting your children's health and safety before pettiness and stupidity.
And of course there's no recourse for what amounts to an actual physical assault on my family.
But by all means, let's argue about hockey for the kids. That's what's REALLY important right?!?
#365dayselfieproject #theresnoaccountigformorons #ihatepeoplethatcaremoreaboutthemselvesthantheirchildren #givingyourkidafruitsmoothieintheirlunchdoesntmakeyouagoodparent #vaccinateyourfuckingkids


Dr. Offit! ♡
The only people who are allowed to say they've done research on vaccines are the professionals who ACTUALLY have. Not conspiracy theory science denying ignorant assholes.
#DrOffit #VaccinateYourFuckingKids #MedicalProfessional

Absolutely it is! Followed by "you're a SHEEP!" Yeah okay jackass, I'm the sheep... Coming from people who read biased garbage, Natural News, David Wolf and believe YouTube videos hold up as credible evidence... Yep, I'm the sheep! 🙄
#Science #DoYouEvenScience #VaccinateYourFuckingKids #DontCryWolfe #NaturalNonsense

But seriously...

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