Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE TO TRAVEL!! ✈️🏝 What I DON’T love about traveling however is the packing, that is until a friend of mine suggested I try “suitcase organizers”. Honestly, I don’t know how I didn’t know about these sooner!! Lifesaver...seriously!

I got mine from @amazon but you get them at a variety of places. I like this set because it has microbial lining that prevents the “musty” smell suitcases get during their time in transit AND come with a variety of sizes for different garments. No joke, I was able to fit 5 outfits in ONE MEDIUM cube! 😱

Now I can pack for Punta until my little heart is content. 👠🧣👚👙👗 5 DAYS TIL VACAY! 🏝

#vacaycountdown #traveltips #keepitsimple

My heart burns for the city lights ✨ #vacaycountdown

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