Gujarati breakfast of champions 🇮🇳 I am a huge fan of spicy food! Gujarati breakfast won my heart yesterday when they gave me 3 dozen of these 🌶 Who else loves spicy food? #DavidGoesToIndia

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“I forgive you. There’s no way you could have known I’d turn out this awesome.”

Now Discovering Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada, with @jayrmcdonald.
Jasper National Park in the Canadian Rockies comprises a vast wilderness area of Alberta province defined by glaciers, lakes and peaks like 11,033-ft.-high Mt. Edith Cavell. "Nothing makes your heart race like seeing a new place for the very first time and discovering all of its wonders. I’ve lived in Alberta my whole life and never been out to Jasper before. I’ve been missing out on feeling like a kid again this whole time. Alone we live short rebellions of death, together we defy it." #thediscoverer #nowdiscovering

Disana aku merayakan ketakutanku dengan semarak .

Aku takut menjadi beku dan tiada, disana aku menari bersama dingin berselimut kabut .

Aku takut kesendirian yang tak masuk nalar, disana aku menikmati berkawan sepi .

Pun aku takut menjadi tersesat tak tentu arah, disana aku menemukan terang pada jalan pulang . .

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“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” ...
When I first decided to leave a career I had worked so hard to achieve, I didn’t blink at the loss of the thousands of hours of studying, the months spent indoors glued to textbooks, the stress and the misery of trying to grasp a field not of my choosing. Because even though some may consider all the blood, sweat, and tears a loss, I considered them a gain. Because without those experiences I would have never dared to embark on a journey that would forever change my life. And not that I had a plan. I just knew I had to take a step in another direction. 18 years later, I don’t regret a thing, and I learned not to be afraid when life takes you another course you hadn’t planned. .
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“There is nothing as powerful as mother’s love, and nothing as healing as a child’s soul.” Photo credit by @veve_hairdo

[🇫🇷] The #Louvre was originally a fortress before it became a museum. It turned from a fortress to a palace in late 16th century.

Following the completion of the Palace of Versailles, the French court shifted its base away from Paris and the Louvre, leaving the building unfinished and in eventual disrepair. Those buildings that remained open eventually played host to a series of cultural groups that included painters, sculptors and writers as members.
The Louvre first opened its doors on August 10, 1793, with an exhibit of more than 500 paintings and decorative arts, many of which had been confiscated from the royal family and French nobility.

It is estimated that the Louvre is so large that it will take about 100 days to cover each of the paintings. (only if we spent 30 seconds on each!) —————————————————-
#Paris #France .

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