Spending time with the globe #väntastanna at the @uppsalakonstmuseum today. The castle is hot and humid in the summer and the expanding woolen fibers needed the touch of some caring hands. #livingmaterials #wool #crochet

An energic human trying to stand extremely still in front of a camera. I seldom get caught without some kind of textile face disguise or body movement. But I wanted to get caught here, kind of almost face to face. I mostly exist in reality right now.
So: 'Hej!' This is me. Together with one of my textile artworks.
Not shy among warm hearted friends.
I've met uncountable of good people out here.
/ #elisabethbucht #garnapa

I'm entering the @uppsalakonstmuseum with my #monumentalcrocheting named #väntastanna - the exhibition 'Samling i förvandling' (theme: borders) opens on Saturday 27th of May at two o'clock.
In the picture: 'Welcome here, welcome home' in Farsi/Dari. To all beloved ones out there. I want you to stay right here. We need "us" and we know it. Everyone should know it.
We're the threads intertwined no matter origins or borders.
#amnestinu #bornherebycoincidence

Ten square meters of crocheted skin for a globe. I had it all between my fingers again today and I felt the energetic stillness of the preceding process leap through my body.
Good bye, the Uppsala Concert Hall! New adventures await. #väntastanna

My artwork #väntastanna will be at the @uppsalakonsertkongress for two more days. Next week it will move to the @uppsalakonstmuseum - who has bought the piece - and will be exhibited again at the Uppsala Art Museum later this year.
I don't know whether people visited or read the content of the work, but at least I tried to use my "15 minutes" to send out a message about the ongoing situation in #uppsala. Many people have been waiting here in insecurity for a (far too) long time now. It's time to act according to the motto of the town - "Welcome here Welcome home". It's time to be honest and act humane. Open our eyes, get out and meet one another. Sign the petition for amnesty of #vistårinteutmenvislutaraldrigkämpa.
Photo: @kurbitsmedia

Vänta stanna av Elisabeth Bucht, just nu och fram till söndag att se på UKK, sedan flyttar det till Uppsala konstmuseum. Globen består av virkade rundlar i ett mycket introkat och vackert nät, alla hör vi ihop och vi är alla del av samma helhet. En dag fylld av viktiga samtal om gemenskap, medmänsklighet och skapandets kraft att kommunicera utan ord. #väntastanna #textilkonst #virkning #ullgarn

Tack för idag Elisabeth! Här bredvid sitt verk som heter Vänta stanna, det är en kommentar till Uppsalas och Sveriges asylpolitik. Uppsalas slogan Välkommen hit välkommen hem är översatt på åtta språk på globens sockel och blir i sammanhanget något fadd i smaken. #väntastanna #textilkonst #virkning #ullgarn

I konserthusets entré hittar jag #väntastanna en skulptur av #garnapa, Elisabeth Bucht. #20170313 #konstinärmiljön #UKK #virkning #textilkonst #välkommenhitvälkommenhem

Nu har jag spanat in @garnapa s konstverk "Vänta stanna" på UKK. Mäktigt. #garnapa #väntastanna #ukk

#väntastanna in the morning light. My fingers made every single one of those loops. The knowledge makes me feel strong.
Thank you everyone who attended my textile workshop #gatanärvårtgalleri today.

Är du väl kommen hit, är du välkommen hem! Ordglob av Garnapa, Uppsala Sverige Jorden Universum! #garnapa #väntastanna #elisabethbucht #välkommenhitvälkommenhem #uppsala #uppsalakonsertochkongress

Skulpturen "Vänta Stanna" i motljus. @garnapa Elisabeth Buchts parafras på Uppsalas "Välkommen hit - välkommen hem" ställs ut i #uppsalakonsertochkongress i samarbete med #uppsalakonstmuseum till och med 19 mars. #väntastanna #textilkonst #fiberart

Thank you to everyone sending sweet thoughts and messages these last days!! My new artwork #väntastanna will stay at the @uppsalakonsertkongress until the 19th of March.
On Saturday you're welcome to this very space for the event called Market. I invite everyone of you to be part of my upcoming project #gatanärvårtgalleri (= "the street is our gallery"). On Saturday we'll make an unpredictable common textile piece here.
#väntastanna is a collaboration with @uppsalakonstmuseum and @uppsalakonsertkongress .
#gatanärvårtgalleri - starting in public 4/3 - will be a collaboration with #nämndenförhemslöjdsfrågor during 2017.

The two different projects are siblings, since I am their mother ;)

Världen snurrar vidare. Så fin installation @garnapa ! Gå till @uppsalakonsertkongress och se! #väntastanna

I look forward to this Wednesday: first painting with teenagers all morning, and at 13.00 the opening of #väntastanna at the Uppsala Concert Hall.
The Uppsala phrase "Welcome here welcome home" has been translated by asylum seeking friends. And the title "Vänta stanna" is a wordplay of mixed Swedish and Syrian Arabic. (You find more information about the context under my process pics below the hashtag #väntastanna)

Welcome to the opening of my artwork #väntastanna tomorrow Wednesday 1/3 at 13.00! At the @uppsalakonsertkongress in collaboration with @uppsalakonstmuseum.

Imorgon är det vernissage för @garnapa@uppsalakonsertkongress. I nästan tre veckor gör verket där ett gästspel och sen flyttar det hem till @uppsalakonstmuseum. Ni måste gå förbi och titta, skitbra helt enkelt✨#väntastanna#garnapa

På onsdag invigs textilskulpturen Vänta stanna av Elisabeth Bucht aka @garnapa i samarbete med @uppsalakonstmuseum - verket finns att beskåda hos oss fram t.o.m. 19/3!
#uppsalakonsertkongress #uppsala #uppsalakonstmuseum #garnapa #elisabethbucht #väntastanna #textilkonst #urbanknitting #yarnbomb

"The street is our gallery". All of my projects are connected - since they are born from the same hyperactive textile brain. This Wednesday - March 1 - at 1 PM you're welcome to the opening of my artwork #väntastanna at the @uppsalakonsertkongress (in collaboration with the @uppsalakonstmuseum). And this Saturday - March the 4th - you're welcome to be part of my first pop up workshop of my project #gatanärvårtgalleri (for which I recieved a scholarship from #nämndenförhemslöjdsfrågor recently). At an event called "Market" at the @uppsalakonsertkongress.
More information will come - I only wanted to share the dates - because I do hope to meet you there!

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