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In order to give the talented @daveedgamboa the proper thanks he deserves for being so kind and generous, E and I braved the frigid rains of North Vancouver for one more #jumpstagram. (Seriously, it's pouring rain here and 48 F degrees, atrocious June weather, oh how I envy all you SoCal residents...) Thank you David for being a role model and inspiring kids and grown ups alike! :)

another #jumpstagram moment, brought to you by e

e is such a good sport, always willing to go along with my crazy ideas...

Went instagraming with these two awesome people today. @luc_invest and @dana_svenja. Some of the Corning #pilgramers. // #pilgramers_ny_corning

What a day I tell ya. My cousin and I, I believe did just about everything that day, except get into mischief, which is a plus for us. I've been asked, "How are you taking your jumping pics, camera or your phone?" Answer is, all on my mobile device. @croyable had a tutorial as how to capture #mobilemotion. When you go to take a picture, the square will autofocus on the particular area you're trying to take your pic. Tap and hold til the square blinks 3x and you see AE/AF lock. I had to learn I needed to capture the motion in the air, instead of a rapid fire effect. Hope this helps someone else as it has helped me. Can't thank you enough Eelco πŸ˜‰ #jumpstagram #zek #latergram

Central Park Jumpstigram

πŸƒ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Currently Happening. Happy Memorial Day #electricalsky #jumpstagram #jump #me

Because, who doesn't like a good jump shot?

Spread your wings and soar...

πŸƒ Quick Story: Ever since @croyable has given a tip as to how to capture a #mobilemotion I've been wanting to do it every chance I get. I told @chad_n_fokus that his Toms gave him an extra "umph" on his jump, mine did. On this particular day I went out on an #instajourney, not walk, with @evo117 and @jlomas3, all I can say is, they amazed me with what they did. There pics, coming soon. #jumpstagram #jump #momentsicherish

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