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What what??? Graduation day?!? Can't believe I'm done! Loved the whole experience and meeting such amazing people throughout this whole process! #uxdi #uxdesign #uxdesigner #unicorn 🦄

‪learning from the best. Jesse James Garrett talks designing with intent and empathy as the foundation for all successful user experiences. ‬#uxdesign #UXDI #design

Class wouldn't be fun without you guys! Week 5/10 💪🏻#UXDI

If my business card says I'm a UX designer, then I think I'm legit y'all....!! 😱My freshly pressed UX cohort is having our portfolio show tonight from 6-8 at General Assembly- come check us out! The new site is jessielian.com - but as is true for all important things in life, it will be growing and changing on a weekly basis.. haha. Just putting my little seed of a soul out there. Good things. 🌱#uxdi #uxdesign #gaatlanta

My favorite review of the day. #generalassembly #uxdi #ux #apple #sketch

Slay all day! #UXDI #2MoreDaysToGo 🤓

User Experience Design student @grandmasterkell gets the creativity going by sketching in his @evernote app. "Hard to believe it's week 9 of my 10-week General Assembly #UXDI course. Looking back through all that we accomplished and feeling proud. My new portfolio drops next week!"
#LifeAtGA @ga_sf #ux

Projects are completed and it's Fri-YAY! #uxdi #LifeAtGA #ux


💜great job today guys!! #uxdi #generalassembly (photo credit @nanybay)

Kindle app presentation gone well with a fab team! 👍Now I can rest in ✌️ peace this weekend. Thanks to all who have given your time with user research interviews and usability tests!
#kindle #feature-integration #designer #processofuxdesign #becominguxdesigner #UXDI #publicpresentation #designcommunications

It's not goodbye, just see you later. Final stand-up for @ga_london UXDI 20, high up in the clouds @sg_skygarden 🌴🌤

How do you celebrate a successful client meeting? With cupcakes of course 🍰☕️🍪💁🏼

I couldn't believe that we passed 10 weeks in #ux #UXDI #uxteam #uxdesign. Now I proudly said that I'm UX designer. I'm a fighter.

Finally, we made it. We were ready for our clients.

A whiteboard filled with advice from one @ga_sf #UXDI cohort to another. Thank you to #UXDI34 for sharing your wisdom and encouragement with our young cohort. You guys rock.

That said, that is some odd advice about "interns" and "front lines"... we're going to need to get into that some more next week. ❤️

Day 3 of #UXDI at @ga_sf: when the students are asked to capture the essence of their Instructional Associate as a sketching exercise. All I can say is: "Draw me like one of your French girls." #honored

It's DAY 2 of #UXDI @ga_sf and my only goal today is to remember every student's name. That said, very proud of them for setting some ground rules for their assembled learning. We make this social contract to do right by each other, to watch out for each other, and to believe in each other as we navigate this journey in #UX #design.

Day 1 -- done and complete -- for these 31 burgeoning #UX #Designers from the latest @ga_sf #UXDI. Here I am creating a very meta experience, but also reminding folks that an important part of being a UX Designer is to document your experience and work.

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