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Monday 🚩❤️ #becreativeswallpapers by @wilsonkongadian ! Download our creative wallpapers on stories.becreatives.com 🚩💡

Arthur Ganson's Child Watching a Ball 👶🔵💕

by Ali Sayed
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***NOW LIVE*** [MY NEW PODCAST EPISODE] Charbel Zeaiter, Co-founder at @Academy_Xi on UX design processes, VR, AR and the future of design.
Please share @Charbelxcharbel’s wisdom with your community.
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Our CEO is finally back from 2 months of adventure in Portugal. Welcome back Kevin!


Az Cart v1.0 - Brand Manager UI

Brand manager adalah satu interface untuk mengurus brand produk yg ada dlam bisnes anda. Nampak mcm xdak function brandkn tpi sbnarnya brand main peranan juga dlam ecommerce website. Tujuan dia utk menarik minat cust yg minat brand trtentu supaya dia beli produk tu dri kita.

Brand ada logo so saya benarkn admin utk msukkan gmbr logo brand tu supaya org lbih kenal. And boleh diletakkan diinterface dpn sbgai Quick overview brand yg ada dlam website tu kpda cust yg view website tu.

Anyway interface ni ada complete set utk manage brand anda. Anda boleh tmbh, pdam, edit dan view brand yg ditmbh.

Feature untuk Az Cart v1.0 ni :-
- Mudah untuk tambah produk dalam catalog. Boleh juga set option untuk produk tu. Option produk yg boleh diset adalah color, size dan jenis list.
- Boleh manage gmbr yg diupload ke dlam server utk save storage.
- Boleh tgk produk yg customer order
- Senang nak tau produk yg kekurangan stok.
- Payment method yg avaible cod & manual banking
- Notification dalam sistem dan email
- Auto email invoice kpd cust yg order
- Boleh setup account username dan password sndiri
- Boleh report bug atau kerosakan sistem directly kepada saya melalui sistem ni

And so on yg maybe saya termiss. Anyway sapa2 yg nak preorder ecommerce website untuk bisnes anda boleh dm saya ye

We are currently expanding our team to support projects that focus on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
Want to join our growing team? Drop us a line and tell us what makes you who you are, what excites you, what inspires you, and what drives you.

Microsoft Fluent Design System showcased in the Mail app.

MD is dropping some knowledge on SAP #ClashOfCultures

E-commerce shop page. Follow me @theuininja and on dribbble (link on my bio) #ui #uicollections #dailyui #dailyuichallenge #uxdesign #webdesign #ecommerce #uxdesign #uxchoice #uzersco

Nu är äntligen Bannerbows nya webbsida lanserad!🖥🎉 Här får ni se ett litet klipp från laddningssidan😄____________________________________________________
In och upptäck på Bannerbow.se✨ @bannerbow

We are spending an afternoon learning at @tueindhoven. Attending the symposium: The Future of User Experience Design. #uxdesign #agencylife #userexperience #dutchdesign #eindhoven #tueindhoven #design #symposium

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