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T I P S. F R O M. Y O U R. S E N I O R S📝

You realize as you go on in residency that every surgeon or physician you work with does things in a slightly different way. Whether this is their operative technique, their approach in a surgery, suturing style, or instrument choice - there are differences.
As a junior resident I started to take notes on how different attendings performed surgeries and made points on what specific things they did, so I can look back on these notes when I next operate with them. We switch rotations every 3 months as senior residents and you will forget certain tips or pearls the attendings give by the time you’re next in their operating room. Write these down so you can look back and reflect before surgeries with them.
Now as I’m nearly a year away from graduating plastic surgery residency, my notes are even more detailed, as soon I will be out in the world practicing independently. I jot the pearls of wisdom that my attending surgeons give me, as well as what instruments they use, and what exact sutures they use. These notes will be so beneficial when you’re on your own wondering what your instrument set should be, or what your boss did that used to make things look so amazing.
Over residency, you develop a technique that works for you- a hybrid of tips that you have been taught, taking away the best aspects of everyone who has taught you over the course of your residency. Hone in on these over the senior years, and think about what works for you.
It is never too late to learn new tips and tricks in the operating room, and keep asking yourself why the attending is doing that, and don’t be afraid to ask them the question “why?” This is how we learn, grow, and become the best surgeons or doctors we can be.👊🏽

Please feel free to message me regarding any questions regarding medical school, the match, residency applications, foreign graduates applying to the U.S., or residency in general

My dad's kidney is awake!! Oh happy day! What a blessing 😊😊. What a journey 😊😊
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Had a little endoscopy yesterday. No, they do not go through that end. And yes...I professed my love to all the doctors while on anesthesia. #sorrynotsorry #greysanatomy #gerd #badesophagus #uwmedicine #barretts #lungdisease

Just did a right heart cath with no drugs. Im Super Focused®. Got appointments all day. Including seeing transplant coordinator.
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ROOTS wishes to extend a huge thank you to the many outstanding people in the UW Department of Family Medicine, MedEx, and the Medical School who over the years have contributed their time, effort, and hard-earned cash to cook breakfast at the shelter.
A stellar example of how this whole neighborhood unites at ROOTS.


I can’t wait for our shenanigans in Seattle 🏥💉 #uwmedicine #wwami #fullhouse #medstudentlife

Sad #farewell to a great #friend and coworker, but such a fun night with some of our work #family! #Love you guys! #familywechoose #seattle #uwmedicine #malife

Spending this beautiful Friday studying. It's almost the end of week 2 of PA school. And holy moly, people weren't kidding when they stress the importance of time management. I have questioned whether or not I can do this at least three times the past two weeks. I know I can. Basically, you get enough material to answer 1000 questions, but only have the brain capacity and time to know enough information to answer 10 questions, and you get a 36 question test and you manage to get %90 and are supposed to be ok with it. How, I don't know. 🤷🏽‍♂️ the best part is, this is a review of A&P that I already took, but the program makes us review it. I think it's a combination of restarting school and getting used to reallocating my free time.
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All smiles this Friday as the Director of Antimicrobial Stewardship & the Director of Infection Prevention @seattlecca & @fredhutch speak with their new ID fellow, joining us this summer from @columbiamed! The IDS team looks forward to meeting our newest addition in person soon! #idfellowship #idfellow #fredhutch #scca #uwmedicine #seattle #pacificnorthwest

UW Medical School’s wellness council put on a 2nd barre-to-bar event here at #PBWA! #LTBing with peers followed by burritos and beer at @optimismbrewing sounds like the perfect way to decompress in med school! Go dawgs! 💜💛💜💛

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Northwest Recruiters meeting on trending technology. Besides the beautiful views and sun, I got to hangout with the UW recruiters! ☀️😃 #liketheolddays #seattle #recruiters #uwmedicine #nwra #candidateexperience #talentmanagement #columbiatower #pnw @beamery_hq

Happy National Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day from all of us RDNs at Harborview Medical Center. It’s also National Pi Day so naturally we will be celebrating with a pie potluck. #registereddietitian #uwmedicine #gofurtherwithfood

Happy National Athletic Training Month! Today I am taking over Washington State Athletic Trainers’ Association (WSATA) Instagram Story! Feel free to pop over to check out a day in the life of me. @wsata_d10 #athletictrainer #nata #wsata #uwmedicine #ratcityrollerderby #compassionatecareforall

M Y. F I R S T. D A Y😷

I started my intern year as a general surgery resident at Johns Hopkins. My first day at the downtown hospital begins. I walk onto the ward in my crisp white coat, shirt, tie and trousers. I felt that I should at least look the part. It was 3.50am (this is the time we would pre round on our patients). I found where the computer station was and took a seat. I introduced myself to the other intern, also his first day. The ward was super quiet and dark given how early it was, as the patients were asleep. Suddenly the alarm bells started ringing. I turned to look at my colleague, and said “what is going on?” We heard nurses running and shouting “DOCTORS, COME!!” It dawned on me that we were those doctors, so we ran too.
We got into the patients room with the patient bleeding out of his abdomen and actively dying with his significant other by the bedside crying. We called a code, and suddenly a ton of people appeared from nowhere. Lines were dropped in, the patient was intubated, blood was hung.. all within minutes. I had my hands on the patients abdomen to try and minimize the amount of blood pouring from the abdomen, while we resuscitated. After many units of blood were transfused and aggressive resuscitation, the patient didn’t make it.
We felt so defeated and I will never in my life forget that morning. I couldn’t believe what just happened. I walked back with my colleague to the computers and began pre rounding and running the numbers on our patients trying to focus on the task at hand, and momentarily put aside what had just happened. That was just the first morning. “Welcome to residency.”🏥

Please feel free to message me regarding any questions regarding medical school, the match, residency applications, foreign graduates applying to the U.S., or residency in general 📩

Surrounding Myself With Sister Sparkle✨I Believe in Heroes!We Are So Much Stronger Together💪Where there is Love ❤️There Are Miracles😇🍑😷🖕🙏🤞🍀😅!
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Thankful to be in fresh air in the Veteran Healing Garden on a gorgeous day. Chris is on the mend from a 37 yr old dormant bacteria called Pseudomonas that he contracted by stepping on a nail in 1981. It awoke in his metatarsal on March 1. After antibiotics and surgery yesterday, he’s feeling so much better. We are so thankful he’s finally out of constant pain! #uwmedicine #vapugetsound #psuedomonas

Oh Seattle, I have always loved you but now I am eternally grateful to be here celebratung my sister's sucesfull double lung transplant!! This is just the beginning of a long recovery but the slight squeeze of her hand and small blinks of her eyes when hearing my voice leave my heart so full and happy I could burst. #BrandieStrong #RoadToRecovery #ThankfulForDonors #DonorsSaveLives #UWMedicine

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