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And true it may seem like a stretch
But it's thoughts like this that catch
My troubled head when you're away
When I am missing you to death

I like pics and all, but I miss strolling about without a phone. Not having the pressure to pick up or text back or BE somewhere, DOING something, always. Cheers to my Southern Mama, who, for the life of me, I cannot convince to toss the flip phone and get a smartphone. Maybe if I can convince myself that I don't need a gps on me always, I'll toss this computer in my pocket and do the same. And cheers to our dog, who ingests our adventures just fine without one... Thanks for the inspo, Kenai and Jimmy Logan... #loganlucky #missingtheolddays #hikeutah #hiking #phones #utah #hikerdog #backdog #2017 #foresthike #forest #utahforests

Just a little reminder from Hulu to stop and smell the wildflowers 🌸❤️
#ahikeaday #schnauzerlife #uintas #utahforests

This was the peaceful, spectacular view from the meadow hidden near Rock Canyon. This was to be the highlight of the night.
But see those two ladies on horseback and the dog with them? Going down, we're driving and see the brown horse galloping along without a rider. That's not good. It seemed interested in us so we pulled up beside it, slowed the car, and coaxed it to walk alongside us and eat some grass. A few seconds later the lady in the other horse comes up and catches it. Turns out the horse kicked the dog in the eye and stepped on it's leg. When the rider got off to tend to her dog, the brown horse ran off. Naughty! Fortunately we were able to take one rider and the dog in our car to a nearby pet urgent care, while the other walked the two horses down the mountain. It made for a late but adventuresome night ! (Here's hoping that poor dog didn't lose it's eye)


Mary O'Brien, Utah Forests Program Director for the Grand Canyon Trust, took a break from analyzing data with student researchers to talk with us outside her home in Castle Valley. .
"I grew up at a time when I thought that things could get better, environmentally and socially. I think young people like you are going to face things getting worse for the rest of your lives. I don’t know how I would’ve dealt with that. I certainly wouldn’t have given up. During the years when it seemed possible that there might be nuclear war between Russia and the U.S, this one man who was an anti-nuclear activist was asked ‘what would you do if you knew tomorrow nuclear war was going to start?’ and he said, ‘I’d plant a tree.’ I think that’s the only thing you can do. I think you know nuclear war is going to happen and not literally but climate losses are going to happen. It makes it harder for people to think about restoring something if they think climate change is going to get it anyways. I think of my grandson who is eleven, what’s he got to look forward to if he lives seventy years from now? How hot? How many species will be lost? How many coastal areas drowned? But as far as pessimism goes I just always feel like you’re either working for making things better or you’re not. And that’s not much of a choice." #upliftclimatestories #plateaubybike

|| Hiked Cecret Lake this morning, yes it's secret with a C ahaha ||

Camping with my beautiful girl is the best. #camping #labordayweekend #skyline #utahforests

Conifers and Manzanita #utahforests #plateaucountry #expiredfilm

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