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Def would love to share with you guys, the yesterday released video of @utah_ether, which i found as one of the most influential graff videos so far. A suspect facing half an year of prison in AUS, further deportation and sentence of 5 years in US, who has the balls to stand his ground. Many people dare to paint graffiti, but not many of them have the balls to stand behind their actions. It takes a man to keep his mouth shut. As someone who have been betrayed by closest friends it fills my heart to see how Silence speaks louder than words. ✊
Go watch the video on YouTube
See the whole interview as installation at the #VIRALVANDALS exhibition at the @mu_artspace
And buy the zine, that holds the story of Utah & Ether’s “adventures” in AUS 👉 bio of @utah_ether
#NoComment #UtahEther

Same, right picture is a same piece that got crossed. #crossedbytoys #payback #king #same #utahether

N O K I E R❤️ #utahether


Street art sightings in Bangkok including @invaderwashere and a real beat up @utah_ether #spaceinvader #invader #utahether #graffiti #streetart #art #bangkok #vandalism

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