you know, at the beginning of 2017 I struggled to carry a gallon jug of water, I’m not joking. I couldn’t do a single pull up, even if I cheated and tried jumping into it, and I could only do the female version of push ups. Now I giggle at my not being able to lift a gallon of water. Now I can do about 2.5 pull ups(not super impressive but for my spaghetti arms it is), and I do not tire quickly from doing real push ups. But here is the reality of being a self taught pole dancer... It is not always pretty. Sometimes I don’t get the move I’m going for. Sometimes my shape is off. Sometimes I just don’t like the way my body looks in certain positions. Sometimes I have wardrobe malfunctions(oops). Sometimes my hands are too sweaty or I’ve trained too hard already and exhausted myself. Sometimes I push my body into doing things it’s not yet capable of. I fall A LOT. My body stays bruised with pole burn and impact injuries. But self teaching is SO rewarding. It makes my mind and my body synchronize, while I try to figure out what pose to get into next or where to put what limb. I’m still SUCH a beginner. But I am so humbled to be able say that everything I can do on this pole, I showed myself how to do (and maybe a few of my friends too😉).

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E per utilizzare il motto della scuola: “vietato dire non ce la faccio” 💪🏻 🦄🦋

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