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#UseYourVote 🇺🇸

It's your day and although I do care who you vote for (conservative please) it's more important that you're getting your pretty little butts out there today and get voting ☑️ #useyourvote

"Tho entertaining, our election isn't fictional. Ur vote matters. #useyourvote @rockthevote "

I exercised my constitutional right first thing this morning before leaving for Ibiza #UseYourVote #vote

Walking to the polling station knowing you're ready to make a change for your generation like... ✨✨✨ #ge2017 #harrystyles #generalelection #vote #useyourvote

More of a nightmare than a wet dream ! Let's #getthemout #useyourvote #lovewins

Go go go ✅ We voted before we went on holiday but I would be doing an 8 hour round trip to go home and vote today if we hadn't because it's SO important to use your vote ✌🏼💛 #forthemanynotthefew #vote #useyourvote

If you're a woman under 30 you're one of the demographics LEAST likely to vote today. WUT⁉️ To honour the women who risked their lives fighting for OUR right to vote PLEASE go out and vote today! Let's change this statistic 💪👊✍️ #shevotes #useyourvoice #useyourvote


V O I C E ➖ We stand for marriage equality. 💪🏽❤️💜💛Make sure you are enrolled to vote with your addresses updated by this Thursday. Your voice has the power to change the world. #loveislove 📷 via @jasminedowling.

When you accidentally appear to be using your child to make a political statement. Seriously though, the money as been spent on letting the public have their say, so update your details, look out for your forms in the post and make your voice heard, whatever your stance or even if you're on the fence, take the time to use your vote - after all you're lucky just to have it. #useyourvote #updateyourdetails #politicsisnotforchildren #rainbow #foxandfinch

Kieran is 27 and has lived experience of mental health problems. He's also passionate about ensuring everyone has the right to vote. "There are physical barriers to accessing information on the wards; there’s a lack of computers, not enough newspapers, and while the news might get stuck on in the evening, it might not. "Making sure that patients are aware that they do have the right to vote is really key. Everyone has the right to choose for themselves what they want and be encouraged to make those decisions, as otherwise we don’t really get a sense of where we want to be as a nation."

This, this, this 1000 TIMES THIS! I have said this before and I'll say it again, politics is not an abstract concept, politics is quite literally EVERYTHING. There is no opt out. Not everyone can become a politician overnight, but everyone can educate themselves about what is going on in the world, everyone can put their voices behind the causes they believe in, and everyone can stand up to be counted and vote as often as they can! Whether or not you find politics exciting or mind numbingly boring, we all need to get at least a little bit political. Your politics are synonymous with your morals and values, and the most powerful weapon we have to make changes! IT'S BORDERLINE AROUSING
#politics #privilege #useyourbrain #useyourvoice #useyourvote #politicalapathymakesmemad #politicsislifeyo

SO INCREDIBLY #PROUD of my friend (& fellow #cheesehead 🧀) @pkollman for his work as #CameraAssistant in #AlGore's @aninconvenienttruth . The #cinematography is disturbingly beautiful...leaving you with images that haunt yet inspire, and a heartbreaking message that still leaves you with a sense of hope.
Please go see this film, and join the fight! Our HOME depends on it🙏🌎❤️ And to you, VP Al Gore sir.. there is no way to #thankyou for the work you've dedicated your life too 🙏 You are the best #president that we never had the privallege of having... such lost opputrinies for #change, #love, #growth, and #understanding😔 ... on so many levels. Your #resilience sir is truly #inspirational#beinconvenient #climatechange #oneworld #useyourvoice #useyourvote #makeadifference #motherearth #weonlyhaveone

"We can't address the climate problem until we address the democracy problem." -AG @aninconvenienttruth #useyourvoice #useyourchoice #useyourvote #beinconvenient

Watching a live q&a with #algore before a special preview #theinconvenientsequel really provoked some thoughts and made me remember one of my last classes back at school: we were asked to write down an event we thought would have come true in 10 years time. One of my colleagues wrote: All glaciers will have melted.
This doesn't have to come true.
Let's all stand up to climate change, inform ourselves on why this is so important for our beautiful planet and our civilization. #useyourvote #useyourvoice #renewableenergy is available right now!

Fourteen days. That’s all Australians have been given to ensure your enrolment is up to date. This postal plebiscite belongs in the bin - and hopefully the pollies will keep fighting for that - but you need to be ready.

It only takes two minutes to check and update your enrolment and address details . Do it for love.

https://check.aec.gov.au/ #vote #equality #useyourvote #australia #disenfranchised #marriage #marriageforall #doitforlove #fourteen #fourteendays

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