Les cartes postales étranges: "La région est tranquille, nous nous reposons énormément".


these past few weeks have been an absolute bliss. for once i was able to hold not having a job for a little bit longer than a month. being able to focus all my attention on my projects, my practice and myself without dreading having to go to the job that pays your bills but nothing more. i am dying to get a job that is actually engaging, creative, open and that i love to go to every day. a place that works toward a just cause and doesn't exploit its workers. a place where it's not about selling stuff to survive but working with art and artists to advance the arts and humanity in the city. a place that is boiling with passion and good ideas. where people are committed to their endeavours and strive to make their workplace a space where projects come to life. couldn't we make all businesses like that if managers were not just managers but creative people that are worried about everything in the shop, not just about profits and numbers. we could also get rid of the managerial system now that we're at it and train everyone to make the most of their time in a company as opposed to just showing them the smallest piece of company possible so they can't claim better wages or justice. you are just an assistant, why would i pay more for the work that anyone else can do? because i am a human being that's why⠀

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To date no more than 550 humans have entered space, yet most of the world’s population can confidently describe Mars. This marks a standpoint in photography’s history as the universe has been created through the camera’s black hole.
The Space Aperture Institute (S.A.I.) addresses topics regarding outer space which are in need of public attention. Space is currently a niche area of scientific research and critique, yet space is the place that humanity is now expanding into and currently only a handful of the global population are creating that future.
While we are giddy with oversaturated images of space, talk of space tourism and the prospect of colonising mars, corporations are situating themselves in a very powerful place with technology, investment and self-appointed authority to have a monopoly over not only who can go to space but to the resources that will imminently be mined from space.
The first publication from the S.A.I., Ways of Seeing Outer Space, brings together approaches from academia, popular culture and media in order to map the ways in which space has been visualised and operationalised in contemporary culture. It is a call to arms to encourage the production of new narratives that can generate a collective, open sourced future for space and a global public.

Some more lifestyle for Les Mills fitness at their London HQ

Holiday homes, Selsey, April 2018. Almost all of the beachside holiday homes here started life as railway carriages in the 1920s, including the two shown here. Most, including the one on the right have since been extended and modified, but the home on the left remains almost unchanged.

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