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Appointment day!!^^
Nowadays weather is so super hot!! Make me bring 2 set of clothes out and change outfit at shopping bathroom. Lol~

Don't forget to drink more water everyone~
Eventhough money is great or important but have to take care health too!
You can't do both at the same time BUT here you able to do so. Cz money works hard automatically for me- 😁😁😁💰💰
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Goodmorning everyone~
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It will find its way back to you 💯 as long as you keep working towards your goals. Law of attraction 🙌🏼 via @bznesmn

Supply the hype people!

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You have to learn every day. Even if you feel like knowing a subject, become an expert. By becoming an expert, you will be able to share your experience with others. Become a better person every day. Never stagnate and fix you ever larger goals. You want to achieve your goals with me, click on the link in my bio.
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👸🏻I get asked 💬 a few of the same Questions❔about partnering up with me as an ✅Isagenix associate, So here are a few FAQs about joining my team: 👇🏻👇🏻
1. You want to know what happens if you don't sell ANYTHING as an associate?
▶Nothing!! ⭐️There are NO quotas!! 🙌🏼 #NoContracts
2. How much money 💸 will I LOSE when I start?
▶NONE, you get cellular cleansing nutrition 🌿 replacing your grocery bill for a whopping $3.03 a meal!! #ActuallySaving
3.Do I have to buy 💰inventory?
▶We don't carry 🙅🏼‍♂️INVENTORY!✌🏼️
4.I don't have any friends 👫...
▶️I started with 150 FB friends. I found a way to connect with thousands around the globe (we are open in 13 countries 🌎 🎯Are you teachable? 🙌🏻That's all you need!
5. 🙊I'm not a salesperson...
▶GOOD!! 👊🏼Not looking for one!! I want you to ❤️love these products and simply share them with your 👫friends & (new ones you will make too) family and get your products Paid for or make some extra 💰💰
6.What's the penalty if I quit?👀
▶There is NONE! (But you won't want to quit)
7. I won't know what to do or say? 🤔
▶️When I started I didn't either! I created a bootcamp system that gives your what to post while teaching you how to connect with people through 🌪Instagram and ☄️Facebook!
👸🏻Everyone that comes in after you goes under you...that's just how the #Binary system is set up and Y E S you 💰benefit from them! 🔥🔥🌳🌳🌳🌳 #GetInTheTree
💎Why wouldn't you take a small step & try!? What if you DO succeed!?🏆✈️💰🏖🏡 #NothingToLose
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🎉Today makes a year I started with my nutritional program. It has been by far one of the best decisions I've made. Not only have I lost 17 👙pounds and maintained but I have so much more energy 🏃🏻‍♀️then I did before. So for the people who say are you going to drink shakes all your life, I sure am!! Not only does it help me stay fit 💪🏼 but gives me all the nutrients I need. I'm also thankful for everyone who has trusted ❤️me in this journey and has joined me. It feels amazing to help my friends and family feel better then ever before!! This is by far the best 🎁 gift you can give yourself or someone you love. Thanks Sofia Vilares for introducing me to this awesome lifestyle!! 💖

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